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04-08-2008, 05:11
Inquisition Black Ark/ Black Ship - What is that?

I remember that Inquisition would round up rogue psychics to bring them back to Terra for the Emperor daily "meals". Anybody have more detail info on the adventures of those Inquisitions? Any info would be great. The only fluff I have is a one liner that they take them on a black ship/ark to terra and that is all.

I would like to know who are the rogue psychics are and are they put on the ship by force like slaves?

What sect of the Inquisition would it be? I kind of want to make an army list for them. I'm guessing it would be Witch hunter codex, but not sure.

Lastly, I would guess that there would be Inquisition post adman on all kinds for planets to search for those psychic or they would have bounty on psychics kind of like the our old days slavers in Africa. The Black ship would just come and buy the psychics from those bounty hunters. Again, I have no clue at all.


04-08-2008, 06:09
as far as im allowed to tell you heres how it goes

black ships are sent out by the inquisition to capture dangerous psykers or just psykers who havent been trained to be useful for the imperium. (mind you an untrained psyker can destroy a world due to his mind being a warp gate.)

they are taken with brutal force. anyone who is found useful is trained and put through a painful bonding ritual which gives them some of the emperors power.

the ships are crewed by the silent sisters who make the psykers powerless. however there is the case of the sisters. give me a sec im gonna try to find a link to a good story.

ah yes apex sisters


04-08-2008, 06:52
The League of Blackships is one arm of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, the organisation responsible for collecting psykers so they can be put to work for the Imperium. The fleets of Blackships move back and forth through the Imperium on years- or decades-long routes that loop out and back to Terra, stopping at planets to collect each world's tithe of psykers. On the ships the psykers are brutally tested and classified: some are earmarked for Soul Binding and service as Astropaths, the strongest are set aside for training by the Scholastia Psykana for roles as Primaris psykers. Most are set to be fed into the Golden Throne and stripped of their lives and energies to fuel it. Some shipments may even contain a psyker strong and controlled enough to be taken into the Inquisition or the Astartes.

Because the operations of the Blackships are so tied up with those of the Inquisition, (particularly the Ordo Hereticus who will often hitch rides on Blackships as they comb the worlds along its route for evidence of witchcraft), the term "Black Ship" has caught on to describe any dedicated Inquisition vessel, since the Inquisition does maintain a very small fleet of highly specialised craft for its own uses.

05-08-2008, 00:44
i dont remember the source but if i remember correctly sometimes they go into the eye of terror. those that return return with a hardened resolve to see the destruction of chaos

05-08-2008, 00:56
I'm not so sure that you're remembering it correctly.

05-08-2008, 01:38
the novel Eye of Terror has a ship that goes into the Eye of terror, there has also been a couple of pieces of random fluff which has had ships going into the Eye of Terror.

Usually no-one survives, they usually goes insane. Only three indivduals I know about (all from Eye of Terror) have survived. One was a navigator, one a rouge trader and one was a pre-heresy Dark Angel.

05-08-2008, 01:56
Oh man, I remember that "novel". IMO, it was one of the worst produced by the BL. To me it appeared to be a collection of disjointed ramblings.

Back on topic. There is a description of a black ship in "Galaxy In Flames", u should check it out if interested

05-08-2008, 02:17
I good place to find a solid description of what it is like on a blck ship is Draco. The book is a little dry and strange but there is a Squat and a Callidus assassin so you can't so wrong!

05-08-2008, 02:39
As has been suggested, there's two types of black ships.

Those that travel world to world and collect psykers are actually not inquisitorial ships, though they ofter work closely with the Inquisition. Those used by the Inquisition are similar in capability to a Space Marine strike cruiser, kinda. The stats put out for them on the specialist site puts them as the happy medium between a strike cruiser and a Battle Barge.

05-08-2008, 03:04
Draco (formerlly titled "Inquisitor") was written in the early 90's before most of the new fluff we know was written.

05-08-2008, 04:58
the novel Eye of Terror has a ship that goes into the Eye of terror

That was a null ship, not quite the same thing.

05-08-2008, 05:38
Thank you all for answering my questions.

So the blackship just travel in route and collect the psykers from each post with in the planet. I guess an army list of them wouldn't work cuz they wouldn't really see combat on the table top. They are more of a Adman and transporter to me.


05-08-2008, 11:14
Draco (formerlly titled "Inquisitor") was written in the early 90's before most of the new fluff we know was written.

it is still one of the best series of books that details how the Inquisition works...
if you use it inconjunction with the Abnett books a clear image of the; structure, modus operandi, methos, ethos , and logi of the inquisition can be formed.
Ordo Hereticus and Xenos form the majority of the Inquisition and are essentially Inquisitors who specialise in a given area but DO NOT have the authority to contermand the orders/operations of a fellow inquisitor unlike the Ordo Malleus who are the SECRET INQUISITION.
Ordo Malleus Inquisitors look like inquisitors until they dispplay their electro-tatoo of the deamon that is on their face. They have the power to change/stop Inquisitors from other orders. THe function of the Ordo MAlleus was to police imperial organisations (including the Inquisition) and also fight the deamonic. It just happens that the Hereticus haver taken it upon themselves to police the Imperium... something that wasn't their original purpose.

The Inquisition war series helps to show us the layers of power within the Inquisition and its secret power levels where else The Abnett books show more of how a visible inquisitor works and the galactic political order of the Inquisition.

They add to each other. just because something is old and written before newer stuff doen't mean it is irrelevant... if that was the case then we would throw out all the inquisition source material as it is all over what 5 years and has seen two versions of the rules comeout with out an update.

05-08-2008, 13:04
I guess an army list of them wouldn't work cuz they wouldn't really see combat on the table top. They are more of a Adman and transporter to me.

I wouldn't say that at all. The Blackships have to carry a security complement that can not only control and contain the psykers they are carrying, but also hunt out, suppress and capture or kill any psykers who resist their tithing, not to mention defending themselves against all kinds of aggressors who might want to seize the Blackship, seize or destroy its cargo, or interfere in the operations of the crew for any number of reasons. Many Blackships carry Adepta Sororitas complements for security (see Faith and Fire) and the ones that don't must have highly capable armsmen of their own. There's every reason to think that the Blackships have to be prepared to defend themselves or exert force to ensure they complete their mission.

I think that an Imperial army themed around the Maste of an Adeptus Blackship, his bodyguard, his Sergeant-at-Arms leading a contingent of armed ratings, accompanied by a Sister Superior and her Sorororitas squad, supported by vehicles brought down from the ship and decked out in sinister dark paint schemes and flying the green banners of the Telepathica, would be a very cool concept.

05-08-2008, 13:09
Actually, Policing the Imperium was the original purpose of the Ordos Hereticus. It was founded for that purpose following the Age of Apostacy, to keep things like the reign of blood from happening again.

Also, I don't think the Ordos Malleus is neccessarily a "Secret" inquisition, they ust don't advertise their Ordos. Every inquisitor is theorectiaclly capable of dealing with any problem that arises. The Ordos are just what a particular inquisitor has chosen to specialize themselves in. I imagine the Ordos Malleus has a little more authority than the others, purely due to the fact that every inquisitor realizes the dire nature of a daemonic incursion, and so will bow to a Malleus request if they get one.

For example, inquisitor Ravenor is of the Ordos Xenos, yet for the entire Ravenor trilogy his main targets are a Heretic and a Daemon.

05-08-2008, 13:59
ok so Feor what about Ordo Hydra.

The Ordos were circles within the Inquisition who were like minded.
Originaly the Inquisition was
The Inquisition - Its purpose to maintain the purity of the Imperium (in all its facets)
The Ordo Malleus - a secret circle within the Inquisition with the purpose of policing the Inquisition as well as combating the Deamonic.

later on we see the Inquisition form into what can be seen as three arms.
Hereticus - policing populace and rounding up pychers
Xenos - combating aliens

Hereticus and Xenos formed out of the majority of the Inquisition... if you like the General Inquisition broke into two main factions... this happens after Vandire

in regarding the duties and who they fight... All Inquisitors have a sacred duty to combat the thrinity of evil... the Heretic,xenos and the daemonic... hence the names of the Ordos and I know that they each have their own headquarters on certain fortress planets but in theory a Malleus Inquisitor is ment to keep his malleus credentials a secret.

Hell originaly only a malleus inquisitor could order exterminatus.

does Eisenhorn (a Xenos inquisitor Lord) ever order a exterminatus ... no he isn't authorised
does Ravenor (also a xeno)... no same reason

in fact the only recorded instance I have ever seen is Draco (a Inquisitor lord of the Ordo Malleus) and he did it to destroy a Genestealer cult and as such was invited in to join the Ordo Hyrda (whos mission was to contrrol the People of the Imperium through a warp entity and as such defeat chaos).

its only resently that Ordo Malleus Inquisitors have been seen publicly saying who they are.... this is not due to their mission but their philosophy... it is the philosophies (school of though) that define what actions/missions an Inquisitor might take.

Also not to think about... if you are an apprentice to an Inquisitor you will join the Ordo they are from... lets take for example Ravenor... his mentor was Eisenhorn... Both are from Ordo Xeno even though the vast majority of their work deals with what Ordo Hereticus says is their mandate.

if i sound rambling im sorry
I just find it really annoying when people just say... "oh its old and as such is wrong"
a better idea would be if people accepted both the old and the new and melded them both together. My views are my view based upon what I have read... they may differ from yours but hey its an imaginary game and the authors are know for not doing theor research into established lore... Take the Golden throne for instance... it is now ment to be a webway conrol node WTF... Its a life preserver made after the Heresy. now if I applied the principle I said then I would get... It was made as a control node for the human webway and was later adapted into a life preserver after the heresy.

05-08-2008, 14:24
There is a fantastic short story called 'Seed of Doubt' written by Neil McIntosh which featured in the anthology 'Deathwing'; first published in the early 90's then reprinted later by the Black Library.

The story is all about an Inquisitor (and his team) who is in charge of a black ship, although it begins with the ship being destroyed in orbit. Only the Inquisitor and a handful of survivors make it to the surface where they find more horrors await.

It was written before the Adeptus Sororitas were introduced to the background so they don't feature. But there are squats, in the original version at least.

I cannot recommend the story, and the anthology 'Deathwing', highly enough. Simply brilliant.
Anyone looking for it needs to go to ebay though.

05-08-2008, 14:57
as far as i'm concerned, the eisenhorn and draco series are both amazing, other than the horus heresy novels, my favorite storylines out of all the books GW has produced.