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04-08-2008, 12:51
I am starting to put together an Ultramarines 1st company army after a LONG break from 40k, and I was wondering.... what is the precise organisation of the 1st company? I know that it is the veteran company, but how many terminators, veterans, chaplains, apothecaries, dreadnoughts, L.R.'s, and so on. What are the numbers on them? Also, what kind of Land Raiders does the 1st company employ, and who commands it? Thanks!

Leftenant Gashrog
04-08-2008, 13:36
I don't believe theres an exact breakdown of the companies composition NOW, however at the time of the Battle of Macragge (as in, before they got wiped out there) the composition was:

1x Brother-Captain Invictus
1x Magister Primus
2x Chaplain
1x Apothecary
1x Company Standard Bearer
8x Veteran Sergeants
87x Veteran Marines
74x Suits of Terminator Armour
3x Dreadnoughts
18x Rhinos
7x Land Raiders

At the time it would have referred to regular Land Raiders, since GW hadn't invented the Crusader yet, whether they retconned it is anyones guess.

The current commander is Brother-Captain Agemman, but I don't believe theres a breakdown anywhere of the current composition of the company, though I believe there may be some fluff somewhere stating that a Predator has been made an honourary part of the company.

04-08-2008, 13:42
Thanks! That's good info. Would the captain and Chaplains be wearing Terminator Armor, Artificer Armor, or just regular Power armor? And who/what is Magister Primus, and what is his role in the company?

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
04-08-2008, 22:12
I believe the command staff would wear Terminator armor, per usual. Magister Primus, if I recall correctly, is the honorary title of the Chief Librarian.

04-08-2008, 22:39
I thumbed through the new Apocalypse Reloaded book the other day in a store and noted one of the formations being the 1st Company. If you get a chance, you may want to refer to this.

It does refer to the new types of veterens which are due out with the new marine codex soon.

05-08-2008, 02:29
Back in UK WD#195 , GW had every store in the UK paint a squad or two of ultramarines to build the entire chapter for games day display in 1995. The feature article displayed the entire chapter, in 2 2-page spreads. See attached pic. Basically half the first company is Terminator, other half Power armor. Article says the first company can field ten power armor squads or 20 terminator squads.

05-08-2008, 12:45
I believe the command staff would wear Terminator armor, per usual. Magister Primus, if I recall correctly, is the honorary title of the Chief Librarian.

Alright, so does that include the Apothecary wearing terminator armor? Is that even possible? If Magister Primus is the Chief Librarian, does that mean that Tigirius is attached to the first company (in the case of the Ultramarines)?

Rico- Thanks! I will def. be looking through that book to get a little more in depth on this stuff.

captain ceaser
07-08-2008, 12:16
Numbers are unreliable on how squads are organised within the 1st company. Generally it is accepted that it would be 50/50 temies/ power armour however different sources will tell you it can be 100% termies. Also be aware that power armoured vets were only organised as tac squads now they have assault squads aswell so the codex astartes has changed somewhat. I would imagine the officers taking to the field as either power armoured or termies as the battlefield situation determines but termie does seem more likely.

P.S Captain Invictus is dead he was killed in the tyrannic war. Captain Agemann now leads the 1st company

Magistar primus? Never heard of that but sounds like an admin role carried out by a chapter serf to me and It isnt the chief librarian as his title is - chief librarian :)

08-08-2008, 17:03
Magister means 'Master of' e.g. Magister Militum means Master of the Soldiers in Latin.

It has however been co-opted by alot of fantasy writers as being something sorcerous - since it look likes it shares a root with magic.

Magister Primus just means Master of the First, which makes sense in relation to the company we're discussing here. As such I would be surprised if it referred to a Librarian, especially since I've never seen any other references to such a title within the Ultramarines.

Leftenant Gashrog - have you got a source for your breakdown of forces?

Leftenant Gashrog
08-08-2008, 17:42
Leftenant Gashrog - have you got a source for your breakdown of forces?

The 3rd edition Space Marine Codex, actually now I look at it I note that although Magister Primus was listed on the second line it didnt have a number in front of it unlike all the subsequent entries, so its probably just a title held by Captain Invictus (it also lists Regent of Ultramar after Invictus' name on the line above)

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