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The Venerable Archmage
04-08-2008, 13:58
Hello there Warseers. I have a friend who's interested in getting into 40k, and looking through the rulebook, she decided she liked the Revilers paint scheme. I don't know much about them, although I said I'd see what I could find out. Lexicanum doesn't seem terribly enlightening, so perhaps there's not much information on them. Anyone know?

Leftenant Gashrog
04-08-2008, 14:35
There isn't really much on them, just scattered snippits:

They are a codex chapter who denote company by the colour of a stripe on their helmet (Insignium Astartes).

Between 204.m41 and 224.m41 they participated (along with the Raven Guard, Eagle Warriors and Marauders) in a successful crusade to retake the Zephy subsector from Orks (Swordwind suppliment for EPIC).

They possess at least one Land Speeder Tempest - 2nd vehicle of the 5th company (Imperial Armour volume 2)

They make some use of camoflage - the 6th company used camoflaged (albeit 2-tone grey) drop pods during the drop onto the Plain of Azoth (Imperial Armour volume 2)

Currently attached to the 2nd Company is a Predator Annihilator called Endurus which earn't an Aquila adornment for its participation in the Molov Massacre (Imperial Armour volume 2)