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23-04-2005, 18:37
Welcome one and all, new and old, veterns and gnarled maniacs who keep reappearing in my RPGs..........

I see the title of this reincarnation of the Traitor of the Inquisition RPG as two things, one as the actual storyline, but the second as an idea that this RPG is about new beginings of the Traitor storyline.

So for those who recall this RPG, this is the first time Incendium will make the appearance then it will proceed down my usual maniac storyline.

Now this RPG will be three things, close combat orientated, short firefights and will generate suspense. I recomend paying attention to my posts, but as usual I will post a summary.

So here is the limitations:
-No Space Marines, Temple Assassins, or Grey Knights
-0-1 on the Secondary Inquisitor Position
-0-1 on Pariahs
-0-2 on Psykers

Right I have overall say on characters ok? No more than 3 weapons, and no more than 1 two handed weapons, unless I give permission. Be easy with psychic powers, so stick to Imperial powers alright?

Heres the Plot:

Half a centuary prior to the Eye of Terror, an entire sector was emerged into the Warpstorm named INC-X59A, what brought about these events is under much scutiny. It all started when Inquisitor Incendium brought forth a party of mysterious individuals and landed on the planet known as Grantis Prime, a Hive world.

Upon this planet a cult was brewing and becoming dangerous, Incendium was sent to seek and destroy.

Inquisitor Incendium
Rank: Inquisitor
Ordo: Hereticus
Belief: Radical Xanthite
Weapons: Bolt Pistol, Plasma pistol, and a Power Sword
Armour: Carapace armour on chest and legs, flak on arms.
Background: Incendium was once an Imperial Commisar who was the last one alive of his entire regiment after they went traitor. Incendium had personally slain the entire regiment by destroying its Troop transport's engines and steering into a sun. He was found by Inquisitor Samtis, a radical, and took him into his entourage as an Interagator. Incendium rose to the rank of Inquisitor after rooting out a heretic cult who murdered his Lord and killed every single one with his impressive pistol shots and swordmanship. Incendium has a rouge appearance and can easily blend into the darkness after one look. He has been trained extensively in sword fighting and dueling with pistols.

Appearance:6'1 ft high, lanky but musclular, long cloak, black and no mask or bionics, close cropped brown hair and a steely blue gaze.

Right...time to pass on the word..........

23-04-2005, 19:59
Any chance of taking the role of an Interrogator?

23-04-2005, 21:13
Hey Slaz

Is it okay if I do a mercenary ex-guard character? If it is then Yorah will make a return.

cheers Scotty

Grand Warlord
23-04-2005, 22:56
I would like to reprise as Inquisitor Andrew if that is ok for 2nd Inqius. Position, will post later..

24-04-2005, 02:51
Can Sol come back, if so, he'll be up later

24-04-2005, 07:53

Can I join as a pysker with the Telekinesis discipline? I'll start thinking up his backround. :)

24-04-2005, 10:45
Right everyone has confirmation to begin character development :D. Scotty-Why not make this Yorah's first 'career' as before he went to Jenkin's side? Just a small hint as after this RPG settles down, well............

Well five people already, I am pleased :). Welcome back to the RPG zone.........

24-04-2005, 11:16
Good Idea Slaz,

Okay here goes,

Scott Yorah

Bs-4 Ws-4 S-3 T-3 W-2 A-2 Sv-4+

Equipment: Las pistol, Chain Sword, hip flask ;)

Background: Ex-imperial guard sergeant turned Mercenary. Left the 32nd Tesna drop troops after during a battle his whole platoon got wiped out, him being the only survivor. In a fit of sorrow and anger got himself drunk to the eyeballs and stole a space marine rhino, while its occupants were off fighting, and took it on a joy ride. Has been on the run ever since.

woooo!! Lets get this started.

24-04-2005, 11:28
I'm in as the Eldar Rogue, profile to follow shortly. He is not aligned with any eldar factions, and is more closely related to a Corsair.

Edit: Sorry for the brevity, watching lesbians go at it has a sort of distracting effect on me.

Y'nal Firri'leth


Y'nal always knew he was bound for greater things. He knew he had to make his own choices. However, the Seers did not find it so. They told him he must accept his fate, must keep his feelings in check, must do all for the good of the Craftworld. This wasn't good enough for Y'nal. He decided to escape. Breaking into the Crystal Dome of the Seers, he ran amok causing much to distract the Craftworld from his true plans. Along the way, he aquired a set of Seer stones, and his trademark wargear. After his madcap rampage, he hijacked a small fighter and dissapeared into the webway.

Y'nal is ghostly thin. He averages around 6'4" of the Imperial measuring scale, yet only approaches 100 of their pounds. He is bedecked in swathes of silk, affecting a sort of rennaisance style. He wears overly baggy, sashed shirts, with slit sleeves. His clothing is made of the finest cloth, which has all sorts of checks, swirls, spots, and other patterns covering it in a garish riot of color. The colors and patterns seem to change depending on his mood and the angle of viewing. He has long, ghost white hair that is tied back in a ponytail down to his shoulder blades. He often wears a rebreather mask on his face to disguise his features. Y'nal also has a pouched sash he wears, which appears to be similar to a bandolier. It looks to be plain brown leather. His sash has interesting properties. No matter what he keeps inside it, it never seems to get bigger. (Think the eldar warband in the Kill Team section of the new rule book)

Power Cutlass

Seer Stones - Y'nal can not accurately use these, as he was not trained as a seer. However he can make....educated guesses.

Archeotech Shuriken Pistol - Similar in design and execution to the common Shuriken pistol in use today, except it uses pre-fall technology to increase range and accuracy. Y'nall aquired this on one of his exploits

Miraculous sash - Great for hiding things! Made by the Portable Hole company ;)

I had a much better writeup, but I seem to have lost it and teh pron is calling me.

24-04-2005, 11:45
Rogue Trader Johnathon Keats
Weapons: Fractrix Pattern assault Laser, with underslung grenade launcher, Twin cylinder bolt pistol, Powerfist

Equipment/Armour: reinfroced carapace armour, Meltabombs, frag grenades, Rage Injector, psi tracker

Background: Johnathon has never been one for subtlety, as he grew up, he was always getting in fights, and in conflict with others, using his muscles before thinking, but as he grew up, he developed a keen intellect and eventually was taken on as an acolyte to a rogue trader in the Maelstrom. When his mentor died, he was left in charge of the fleet, and left instantly to the halo of the galaxy, in his first year in charge, he had gained more profits then his mentor had in his entire life, and the fleet had expanded 200%. It was also in the halo that he found his young acolyte, the son of the two nobles that owed him more then they could afford to pay.

Appearance: Johnathon is tall, standing over 6feet tall in a suit of ornamental black carapace armour, that has been reinforced with extra ceramite. The suit has an intricate inlay of burnt green adamantium. He refuses to wear the helmet, unless in dire circumstances, choosing instead a small rebreather pack thats hidden inside his armour. He has red eyes, from excessive use of the drug rage, its also removed all colour from his skin, making him a ghostly white and his lips lack all colour as well and his hair has fallen out. Above his left eye is three adamantium studs, though it is unsure what purpose these serve.

24-04-2005, 12:08
and hers my NPC Character

Rogue Trader Acolyte Callick Sol
Age: 19
Weapons:Bolt Pistol with silencer and scope,Monofilament power blade, collapsable needle sniper rifle
Equipment/Armour: Flak Armour, Refractor Field, teleport homer, fusion cutter, meltabombs, synskin

Background: Sol was always a quick kid, very sneaky and very corious, he'd always get in trouble for sneaking into the local PDF's base, and at one stage was forced to spend time in the white shields. Eventually he was caught stealing from a rogue trader who had was docked on planet. His parents, unable to pay the debts, were forced to give him up to the rogue. Sol never regretted joining up with Keats, and the two of them have made an excellent partnership.Sol uses his cunning to get into places where his mentors brute force cant.

Appearance: up later

24-04-2005, 12:33
Ahh, it's nice to be back. I think I'll keep Salrian and Kerin on the shelf for the time being, and turn a new character loose here...

Apprentice Tech-Magos Wilheilm Malahide.

Malahide is a young Tech-Magos, only about 350 standard years old, and he's recently been sent on his first unsupervised assignment. Needless to say, he's rather excited to be out in the field.
Described by his tutors as häving a "2.6 gigahertz mouth operating with a 1.6 gigahertz processor", he's remarkably talkative and friendly for a Tech-Magos, often thinking out loud. Most disconcerting to strangers is his tendancy to lapse into binary code if he gets too excited. The vast majority of his body is bionic, with the exception of his brain, giving him great strength and resiliance to heat, cold and poison, but a unfortunate weakness to corrosives and EMP interfearance. It's also quite difficult to tell what he's thinking from facial expression, as he doesn't reall have much of a face to speak of - a couple of optical pickups and a speaker patch peer out from under his hood, augmented by a sophisticated analysis package that constantly moniters the environment around him. His usual attire is stained and greasy, white and red work robes, but he does keep one clean set around for special occasions.
He can see in both normal and themoptic vision modes, and his eyes have a built in motion predictor. He carries a melta pistol which he's constantly tinkering with, a couple of spare ammo cylanders, and a large chain-axe. Mechadendrites allow him to interface with computer equipment and starships as well.

Grand Warlord
24-04-2005, 13:45
Inquisitor Lord Andrew Maltigue of the Ordo Domitianus:
Faction: Pathos. [Puritan, Istvaanian/Monodominant].

Ws-91 Bs-85 S-62 T-70 I-90 Wp-98 Sg-83 Nv-88 Ld-85 Spd-6

Speical Abilites:
Ambidextrous, Deadeye Shot, Deflect Shot, Force of Will, and Leader.

Psychic Powers:
Demoralise, Enforce Will, Telepathy, and Terrify.
Interrogation. [RPG Only]

Emperor’s Justice:
...............Master Crafted Bolt Pistol: (x4 Rlds, Kraken Penetrator Rounds).
Divine Sanction:
...............Master Crafted Plasma Pistol.
Master Crafted Power Falchion.
x2 Armored Gauntlets.
x2 Frag Grenades.
x2 Krak Grenades.
Ornate Carapace Armor (6):
...............Ceramite and Reflective Properties.
Thick Robes (2):
Closed Helmet (6):
...............Full-Auto Sense.
Advanced Bionic Eye:
...............Bio-Scanner Auspex
De-Tox Injector:
...............x10 Doses.
Psychic Hood.


(Dr.Doom style...oh yes.)

24-04-2005, 17:02
Renegade Pysker Helos Terezin

Helos began exhibiting powers at the age of sixteen and only escaped the black ships because of Inquisitor Kobelnitz. Kobelnitz taught how Helos how to strengthen his powers, but in his madness risked power over protection. Helos’s power grew daily and soon he was able to throw victims through walls with a bat of the eye. However, the amount of power Helos used attracted malevolent entities in the warp as blood attracts sharks. The cataclysm happened just as Kobelnitz and his warband of six had cornered Eldar pirates deep in the under-hive of Hive World Chabard. The pirates were hiding behind a wall of sheet-metal and Kobelnitz ordered Helos to tear it apart. When Helos summoned all his strength, the barrier between to warp and the material universe began to tear just as the metal wall crumpled. Suddenly daemons, nightmarish incantations of the warp were all around them! Kobelnitz shot the first one down, but they continued to pour through the tear. Glimpsing into the madness of the warp, Helos panicked and fled. However, two doglike creatures were at his heals. In desperation, Helos collapsed the ceiling, sealing off the Inquisitor and his party to their fate.

Helos managed to escape and bought his way off the planet as soon as possible. Although capable of great psychic power, Helos has so far contended himself to only machine empathy and Telekinesis of small objects. He does not know if any of his party survived and lives in constant fear of discovery. The warp attack severely hurt his appearance and his hair is naturally white although he is only twenty-two years old. Also his face is covered with burns and scars. Helo is able to make money easily by using his powers and when in a civil environments he applies hair coloring and makeup that hide his disfigurements well. When in combat, he uses his hideous appearance to his advantage. In combat Helos usually fights by throwing objects at the enemy with his Telekinesis. Although he prefers to use objects in the area for dramatic effect, he carries over two hundred metal stars on his person which he can fling at tremendous velocities. They do not have the power to punch through carapace and power armor, but make short work of flesh and flack armor. Helos also carries two hand-flamers which he seldom uses but religiously carries out of fear for another daemon attack. In close proximity he has problems manipulating objects and is forced to use the hand-flamers. Although he loves the Emperor, he considers himself dammed and tries to live for himself. Appearance and manners are very important to him, and he is well dressed and well spoken. He carries on him the inquisitorial seal of Kobelnitz, but only uses it when in dire need, because he does not know whether other inquisitors realize that Kobelnitz is dead yet, if he is dead, and perhaps if Kobelnitz lives he could trace Helos through his use of the seal. Helos is dressed in a civilian suit in the style of the idle upper class and has no military markings. He wears a high quality stylish green trench coat in which he conceals his hand flamers. The thin metal disks are hidden all throughout his person. He can afford luxery goods and is not squeamish about ruining his clothes when in combat. This often creates a Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde transition as his makeup and hair coloring dissipate in combat and his clothes are torn to shreds.

26-04-2005, 20:03
Well I grew quite fond of this character before portent died so I'm gonna give him a makeover. Guess who changed their name to M@L@L? *cough* Inquisitor Darc *cough*:D

Name:- Angrus Raul

Occupation:- Pariah Death cultist (The souless cult of Iritio Prime)

Age:- 23

Sex:- Male

Weapons:- Samurai style power sword, and twin stub guns with extra clips, laser sights and silencers

Wargear:- Psy tracker auspex (wrist mounted) and infra vision eye graft

Armour:- Flak vest covering chest and torso and ablative padding covering all locations except head

Appearance:- Angrus wears a black combat fatgues and a dark red flak vest. Over this, he wears a long, black leather jacket with dark red internal lining. He is a tall and dark sninned, well muscled yet lithe. His head is shaved and he often wears a set of goggles to protect his augmented eyes.

Background:- Although his appearance marks him out as mere hired muscle, the truth is far more disturbing. Born on Iritio Prime, Angrus was inducted into the souless cult at an early age, as was the fate of all untouchables on Iritio Prime. The souless recruit only untouchables into their ranks and considering the somewhat above average amount of untouchables born on Iritio, there was hardly ever a shortage of recruits.

The souless are trained in the hunting and elimination of daemonancers and other worshippers of the ruinos powers on Iritio. They are also a very useful anti psyker weapon and their hatred for the warp spawned magics of the psychic has made psykers their favoured prey. It is rumoured that some within the souless cult are able to use their unique abilities to drain the very life from a psyker.

Angrus was noticed by Inquisitor Incendium three years ago when he was on Iritio investigating reports of a psyker cult. Angrus was amongst the three assassins requisitioned by Incendium for the mission. The other two assassins perished when the psyker cult was found, torn to shreds by heavy fire. But Angrus escaped fatal injury, personally butchering the cult leaders elite bodyguard and using his talents to drain the magus' life.

Since that time, Angrus has been working as Incendiums prime candidate for infiltration, assassination and undercover field work. Incendium has had untouchables from his staff train Angrus in the use of his talents and his abilities are almost equal to those of Culexus temple operatives.

Hope this is okay Slazton. He's pretty much the same old Angrus with different weapons and background.

26-04-2005, 22:10
Hey Inquisitor darc,

good to see you found the new portent

Looking foward to rpging (is that a word?) with you again.

Also slaz I was wondering if we are going to do the pvp fights like the last rpg? Cause they were really cool. MAybe Yorah will have more luck this time :p


27-04-2005, 13:33
Myep, i need to think of a new character....ahh i have one

Incendiums a radical right, so he wouldn't mind working with an escaped con? I have a plan forming.

28-04-2005, 08:24
Well I don't think Incendium would mind having an escaped con as long as Incendium would have due cause to be hiring the man Riddy ;).

Ah Darc and his wierd obession with Malal, you do know his fluff is considered dead ;)?

No, I am afraid I might steer clear of PvP fights, but I might include them, mostly as training or dueling etc.

Right I am very tired and need to get to University, so if the people without characters cna hurry up and post, much obliged.

28-04-2005, 16:47
Well, here we go again:

Gyr Corvus, Crusader

Race: Human, Male
Allegiance: Imperial
Age: 26 Terran years
Appearance: 5' 10" in height, with fairly long brown hair and green eyes, Gyr is of medium build. He wears a hooded black cloak over his silver armour and red robe.

Equipment: Silver Carapace armour, Suppression shield, Bastard sword, Mk IX Godwyn-pattern Bolter/Incinerator Combi-weapon

Background: Born on the world of Halkonia, Gyr was instructed from an early age in the intricacies of the Imperial Creed, growing up in a warrior-temple and dreamed of becoming a priest. These dreams were shatterred, however, when he was conscripted into the Halkonian 17th to fight off an ork invasion. Gyr became well known amoungst the regiment's veterans for his piety, faith, and exceptional skills with a blade (as well as his total lack of shooting accuracy). His mentor was an Inquisitor Druznig of the Ordo Hereticus, who met the young Gyr during the battles with the Orks. The Witch Hunter took the pious young soldier on as an apprenctice and honed his fighting skills until Gyr was a masterful swordsman (though Druznig long despaired of making him an even halfway decent marksman.) Druznig's death at the hands of Lord Skorthius of the Word Bearers, Gyr vowed to hunt down the traitor Space Marine. His travels across the galaxy (in vain) brought him to the side of Inquisitor Incendium...

28-04-2005, 20:19
Good to be back Scotty. Shame Angrus and Yorah won't be kicking each others asses this time round. :D

Slazton: I can't help it, I gotta thing for anti heroes. And what could be better than a chaos god who hates his mates? ;)

28-04-2005, 21:35
Ok...here goes.

Name: Freya Astador
Rank: Interrogator
Belief: Xanthite
Weapons: Las pistol and Chain Axe (though I can just make it a Power Axe if you won't let me have one...just a chain axe would suit the character better in my veiw)
Armour: Usually an armoured body glove, but sometimes carapace armour.

Background: A native fenrisian, Freya was shunned from her tribe at an early age for her feral nature and slightly distrubing powers.
Believing her to be cursed, her nomadic tribe cast her out at the age of 15 on the wastes of Asahiem to die but Freya defied their wishes for her death and survived in the snow.
At the age of 20, she was found in a cave by a group of an Inquisitors entourage on a sweep of the area following heavy Choatic activity from the Eye of Terror. Although the Space Wolves had authority over the planet, the Inquisition was still allowed, all be it rather reluctantly to investigate the planet for any taint of Chaos.
They were just going to kill her, thinking she was Chaos tainted, especially when she crushed one of the groups heart in his chest with her mind. But the Inquisitor slightly impressed by her feral courage when so out-matched.
So, out of curiosity Incendium decided he would see if he could use her and so decided to take her with him to see if she was trainable.
And despite everything, she was a fast learner...due to her need to survive, yet she still seems quite feral. She left her tribe name and took Astador when she was gifted the rank of Interrogator to show that she had left her old life behind and was dedicated to the course and her master.

Appearence: about 5' 7, long blonde hair worn pulled back and plaited down the back of her head with pale grey eyes and two claw mark scars on her left cheek. Slightly enlongated canines that look rather like fangs
Wears dark coloured clothes with a long leather coat over the top.

Personality: She is extremely hostile and suspicious to all outsiders, although she still is slight distrustful of the other members of the Inquisitors retinue. She looks up to the Inquisitor and is loyal to him.
In battle, she is almost taken over by blood lust and at times even tries to rend and tear her enemies to pieces with her bare hands.
Yet she can be methodical in her work, but its a cold calculated method she uses which lacks grace.
Quick to anger and dangerous as she does have the power to crush a persons heart in their chest

Grand Warlord
28-04-2005, 21:59
Dont i get any bodygaurds? lol

29-04-2005, 01:04
do you deserve them GW:p

02-05-2005, 16:29

When are we going to get the show on the road, baecause, I don't know about you, but I am raring to go. :D


Grand Warlord
02-05-2005, 21:41
OK, I am going to revamp Andrew I didnt mean to make him so powerful, sorry all.. please forgive me.

03-05-2005, 00:26
yeh lets get this show on the road:D

03-05-2005, 17:49
Hold up, dont be starting without me.

Name: Serj Malkian
Rank: Escaped Con
Weapons: Whatever he can get his hands on, currently he is carrying a bolt pistol and a heavy iron pole.
Armour: Again, being an economical man, anything he can get his hands on although currently he has a flak jacket.

Background: Serj was born on a backwater hive planet far away from imperial rule, his mother was a ganger and his father was the leader of the Outlaws, the most notorious gang in the whole sector, it was said that if you had enough money, the outlaws could get you anything. Through his teenage years Serj grew up on a diet of violence and when his father was killed Serj took up his place as gang leader, defeating all his rivals within the gang easily. For the next four years Serj was sighted on many different planets in the sector and made many, many enemies. Eventually the rival gangs formed up aginst their common enemy and the outlaws were attacked with great force across the sector. Only Serj, along with his mother and four other gangers made it out of the sector in one of the Outlaws many ships. They fled for months, landing on many planets and committing a long string of crimes. There was a price on their heads by this point and after almost a year they were tracked down and imprisoned by a Bounty hunter known as Johann Black, infamous in several areas of space. (heehee) However his prison term was cut short when his mother was killed and Serj escaped, none know how but he managed to cross fourteen sectors before being tracked down, again by Johann, but this time he was tracked for a different reason, an inquisitor required his skills, who and why he didn't know. All he knew was this was his chance.

Appearance: Standing a mighty 7'3" of solid, corded muscle, Serj is not someone to mess with. His body is covered in many tattoos, most gang markings but a few strange, such as the imperial aquilla across his shoulder blades. His pale skin and black hair give him the look of someone who has live their life away form sunlight and his unsettling jade eyes are said to be implants, giving him perfect vision even in the dark.

Personality: Although his apperance may be daunting, Serj is infact very loving and trusting and possesing of a great mind. Having grown up with both parents and especially his mother, he has leart the value of trusting people although if you betray this trust or harm someone he trusts you will probably end up as a pool on the floor.

Skills: Able to use almost any piece of machinery, or any weapon, given enough time, he is also capable of great stealth given his size and is a master of h2h combat in enclosed spaces, having grown up in an underhive gang.

03-05-2005, 22:05
Sorry about this guys, I did post the thread and stuff, but the server crashed a few nights ago:(

Alrighty then, I'll get the main link (http://www.portent.net/forums/showthread.php?p=27886#post27886) up and off we go ok?

Commander X
24-05-2005, 14:39
Alright then, the long awaited profile:

Name: Oblidion(suprise :p )
Age: (38-3)35
Powers: Anything and everything that passes my possibility- and Slaztons not-overpowerdness-test(in that order)
Rank:Abrite at the moment

Appearance: Black cloaked individual with a staff. The staff has an imperial eagle holding a ruby on top. He will not show his face to anyone, and on his left hand is a metal glove.

Background: He has not yet killed a certain psyker, so has not yet been transferred to the control of the Inquisition. So far he has been a very righteous person and a good Abrite.

(OT:Now I have to go to the dentist, I'll post in the story as soon as I get back.)

06-06-2005, 12:25
Any chance I could get back?

Name; Jaeger (BOO!)
Sex; Male
Age; 38
Rank; Veteran Sergeant
Class; Armoured Fist

Equipment; Jaeger has two Power Swords stolen from an old friend, Wagner, after he had killed him in single Combat when Chaos threatened to take a planet from Imperium control. He has a Carapace breast plate, legs and arms, and a replaced hand after loosing his in a battle against a Khornate Space Marine.

Appearance; Covered in scars, grey eyed and blonde haired, Jaeger's rough life has left him a ruined body from war. Despite this, he is still healthy, despite his face having almost twenty four scars on it.

History; See Inquisition Data Files. Other than that, Jaeger is always on call for the Inquisition, and would gladly give his life for Inquisitor Incendium.

07-06-2005, 13:19
At the moment Darmort we are too far into the RPG to bring anyone into the RPG full steam, so wait it out ok? Sorry about this, but I ma already at the last two hapters, so you will not get to play long. Jaeger can come in at the next Episode ok?

07-06-2005, 13:25
Okay, thanks Slazton. (Speed it up then!)

Commander X
07-06-2005, 20:09
Hmm, it will hard for you to join if Incendium is about to blow his own brains out :p

07-06-2005, 20:21
Well it is the 41st Millennium. They'll probably be able to give him a new one.

07-06-2005, 20:41
Or he rolls a 1 on his 'To Hit' roll

07-06-2005, 20:45
Bah! Any excuse to get out of having your brains splatters across the deck!

Just be glad I have a shread of humanity left inside of me.

07-06-2005, 20:52
Ah Xhalax shared a kiss with a character, maybe she is not as full of rage as we thought ;)

*dodges flying implements*

07-06-2005, 22:55
No Freya shared the kiss. Not me. 'tis physically impossible for me to do that with a figment of someone imagination.


Grand Warlord
08-06-2005, 00:37
X.X lol

+has no real comment other than the above...+

12-07-2005, 21:15
Well, seeing as I haven't posted in ages, I want to know.

Has anyone roleplayed Y'nal in ages? Or did he return to the webway/die?

I've got an idea for a character I want to bring in, when the time is right. Slaz please get back to me.

12-07-2005, 21:23
Y'nal slipped away after we defeated the Tzeentch Lord

12-07-2005, 21:46
New Contestant....FIGHT!

Abraham XIX

Abraham is an Arco-Flagellant of the Penitus model. He has been extensively modified, with injectors, dataports, bionic patching, and the like. His arms have totally been replaced with bionic enhancements, as well as his entire skeletal structure being reinforced to withstand his dark purpose. Abraham's skin is mottled and grey, unhealthy from the rigors the Ordo Hereticus have put his body through. Stimm-injectors and monitoring devices cluster upon his back like vile barnacles. He has an exposed steel spinal column running the length of his back, reinforcement upon his frail organic body. He wears a half shroud upon his face. It looks similar to an Executioners mask, leaving his ragged jaw exposed. His teeth are foul and rotten, his mouth damaged beyond belief from the fury he contains. Upon the center of the mask is the =][= logo of the Inquisition. Both eyes stare dead out of the mask from behind glowing ruby bionic eyes. He has an advanced battle computer in his brain, and can be programmed to follow out commands. He only listens to his handlers or the Inquisitor.

Abraham is equipped with modular Bionic arms, available to be swapped out in preparation for a mission. He usually wields twin power claws or twin eviscerators, but has been known to serve as a heavy weapons platform for Heavy Flamers and the like, where he can close and use his terror inducing appearance to be of most use. Abraham's throat has been replaced with a vox-unit, so that his insane howls can strike fear into the hearts of his foe.

12-07-2005, 21:51
Works for me and just some one thinks I am recruiting at the moment, this is closed from here on in