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05-08-2008, 01:51
I dont play Dark elves, but i thought id try compiling an army. First go!

2250 Points

Lord + Hydra blade + Potion Str + Reverse ward + Manticore + hvy + shield + Cloak (goes hunting for hard units with low static comb res)

Sorc + Disp + Disp

Sorc + Disp

22 Dark elf Warriors. Shield. Command. Assassin with 5-7A + Killing blow

22 Dark elf Warriors. Shield. Command. Assassin with 5-7A + Killing blow

22 Dark elf Warriors. Shield. Command. Assassin with 5-7A + Killing blow

10 Rptr Xbow

5 Dark riders + musician



So we have 6 models with upto 7 attacks each. Anti-magic. 3 RnF units (each with ASF rerolling 5-7 WS9 S4 KB Attacks - not many units in the game can take these units on!), a bit of bowfire, 3 large terror units that are hard to kill, a harassing Dark rider unit and a Flying maniac to take on knights and other hard hitting low static Combat res units.

I dont really find the Delf Special units that spectacular. Hydras belong in the stupid "Tomb Scorpion" bargain bin. And Assassins are way way powerful and too good to pass up.

One of the biggest problems i see with Delf is Anti-magic, which is way too expensive. But they do have excellent offensive magic for any points they commit to it.

Im quite a fan of Delves book as I see alot of emphasis on the core troops and i think more armies should follow suite.

05-08-2008, 04:09
U can take rune of khain more then once?

Also, you have too much magic defence. id drop 1 mage 4 a BSB (ASF spear men with banner of murder could actually hurt quite a bit.)
even if u don't take a BSB, u should get murder on 1 unit of spear men, as it will help the assassin a lot 2.

05-08-2008, 04:26
Im not sure about Rune of Khain, but Army Builder allows it :P

Its only 4 dispel dice and 3 scrolls. Id still get murdered by 10+ PD armies.

They dont have any fancy anti-magic items and their mages are expensive!

Im not a fan of high/dark elven BSBs, ive killed so many of them carrying Unbreakable banners and what not. I think theyre more of a liability. Plus just with the Assassin there its enough to attack back ASF with massive force (5-7 WS9 reroll attack KB attacks!). He would be enough to kill any human size character fighting the unit or enought to clear out just about any RnF unit in the game. heck he hits harder than nearly all lords in the game.

05-08-2008, 06:58
I would try your lord with Crimson Death, Armor of Darkness, and Ring of Darkness. Even though you do get str.7 for one turn, the extra attacks from the Hydra blade are worthless if you don't have the strength to back them up all the time. The ring is there to keep your manticore alive from shooting, plus it is nearly the same as having a ward save when opponents w6 or less will need a 5+ to hit you in cc. On your Assassins, find some way to give them all black lotus poison, I can't tell you how pleasurable it was to see a roll of a 1 turn into a killing blow, it's such an awesome combo. Everything else looks solid.