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02-11-2005, 16:30
I was wondering what known chapters are there that have been condemned by the high lords of terra, as traitors, yet they arn't necessarily Chaos? Chapters like the Soul Drinkers, that on a personal level, wan't to serve the Emperor, but the High Lords and administration have exiled them. Another example could be Legion of the Damned, or the 13th Company.


02-11-2005, 16:48
There are actually two levels of excommunication, IIRC:

Being declared Extremis Diabolus means that although you might still be serving the Emperor in your own way, your activities are considered too 'dangerous' to be allowed. I believe that on cessation of these activities and the undertaking of apropriate penance, it can be revoked.

Excommunicate Traitoris is for those who are beyond such things, and openly consort with forces inimical to the Imperium, seeking to bring down the Imperium itself. These are considered people that can not be saved by penance or repentance, and will be activelyt hunted and destroyed in order to protect the Imperium. Assisting an ExcomTrait being is punishable by being declared Extremis diabolus or excommunicae yourself. So don't do it.

02-11-2005, 16:53
Is there a list somewhere, that shows which chapters fall underneath each catagory, and do you feel you could represent an Extremis Diabolus force with a Chaos roster, with very little or no demonic themes/wargear?

02-11-2005, 16:58
There are a few in the chais space marines codex, such as The Pyre for instance, there isn't much fluff for them. Another is the Red Corsairs.

02-11-2005, 17:18
Are the chapters of the Cursed Founding also considered sxcommunitcated?
The Lamenters are "okay" again to the Imperium IIRC, the Minotaurs have always been...
What about the Black Dragons or the Flame Falcons?

02-11-2005, 17:42
relictors are one of them. They were attacked by the grey knights I read

lion el'jonson
02-11-2005, 17:50
Next to nothing is known of the Flame Falcons Chapter, for they were declared Excommunicate within a century of their inception.

as for the black dragons they have not be sentenced Excommunicate but are being closly watched due to the abnormally large ammount of the Ossmodula zygote anomilies of the Black Dragons which functions in an abnormal way causing the growth of bony crests on the head, and blade-like protuberances from the forearm and elbow. Like the Death Company of the Blood Angels, warriors inflicted with such abnormal developments are formed into a separate fighting unit.
The gene seed they send back to mars for the Adeptus Mechanicus to monitor the health of each Space Marine chapter, and store gene-seed with a view to founding new chapters.
even when the Chapter has submitted genetic data, its veracity has often been considered suspect as each sample provided has passed the most stringent genetic purity checks without fail. Without being able to prove anything, many Adepts believe that the Black Dragons submit genetic material culled from other sources.
if it is found that they are not compling with Imperial edict they maybe sentenced excommunacte