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06-08-2008, 15:43
Ok, with the new Space Marine Codex and AoBR coming out VERY soon, I was thinking about starting to use my painting skills to make some extra cash. I have discovered a friend who has that "Deathwing Terminators" army box that has 100 Terminators, 3 Land Raiders and 3 Characters, which he is willing to sell for a little off of retail. I am wanting to know, from you warseers, if you think that this would be a good venture. I am an accomplished painter, but as we all know if the demand isn't there, I will have wasted a ton of time and money on something that won't get me anywhere. My idea is to sell on a "need this" basis and basically take orders for army colors. If you were in the market for terminators, would this idea attract you? Please let me know, and understand you're just giving me advice, not a potential sales list. Thanks!