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02-11-2005, 23:29
Do they have names, histories, fixed wargear etc? Some players in my local group have converted models that are instantly recognizable.

My Chaos Lord has a name, history, even rivalries with various other marine chapter masters, ork warlords, and one severely pissy hive tyrant. He only fights in larger battles (2000+ pts) and has several chaos lts. that I use in smaller battles, all of which are named and have histories of their own.

Others in the local group have no unique characters, even though they may field the same model with the same wargear all the time. A Space Wolf player I play regularly always fields the same Wolflord with the same gear every game, but thinks that naming the model and giving it a history is a "pathetic waste of time."

Do you have your own unique characters in your army, do they affect how you play?

And last but not least, who are they?

Khaine's Messenger
02-11-2005, 23:52
Usually, inventing a personal history for a model is a sign that the model is doomed to my shelf, so I rarely bother nowadays to give my units or commanders any individuating information. It makes me feel a little less responsible for rationalizing how they get resuscitated for the next bout after having their chests surgically removed by an earthshaker cannon or massed volley fire from starcannons! ;)

And since my opponents have rarely if ever bothered to talk shop about background, we've never bothered to contribute to each others' stock information. Although after getting his **** vaporized by the aforementioned starcannons, my Iron Father certainly does have more bionics...I'm trying to find the right model for his "upgraded" version.

Red Corsair
03-11-2005, 14:02
Usually after a glorius action a model will get a name, and that'll sort of be the basis of his/her history. I almost always use the same wargear on a character model anyhow (WYSIWG, or however that goes). Sometimes thay just get named when painted , but usually after a memorable game. It's not only limted to character models, squad/unit leaders, and going back to an old sold off Dwarf army, I had a catapult crew man named "Gunter".
The back drop for "Gunter": Undead everywhere, last man on the table, banshee wailing for all she was worth inches away, for 3 turns at that point (At the Banshees' arrival she initially didn't do a thing, leading to the quip "Gunter, what was that? Don't know, must be the wind." Hence he was named), And my opponent offered me the chance to cede the game, to which i replied, "Surrender?! I just loaded this thing!" (catapult), and bam! Dead skeletons everywhere! (In one regiment anyways!) Anyways, Out numbered by dozens, he died shortly there after, but was forever named.

Usually I play 40k, so I have lots of named models, However the above is just one example of a glorious last stand, that generally grants a model a name. Names are generally comical, running the Gamut from "Samuel L. Jackson" (Iron hands' iron Father), to "Ragnar Black Fang" (Ork War Lord In mega armor and yes he's painted like a space wolf),To "Bubbles" (Tau Shas'ui (usually I call them "Sushi's"). Rarely do any get "serious" type of names.

Red Corsair
03-11-2005, 14:07
Wow! I hadn't realized that I haven't posted anything since Portent died. Gotta get a quote too itseems.

03-11-2005, 14:16
well, my characters never seem to survive a battle long enough to gain any sort of reputation, rather i find that its the odd, veteran sergeant or lucky tank that gains a reputation for being

a: a lucky git (armour saves etc)
b: a really good shot (against the odds)
c: some other really lucky incident

03-11-2005, 14:28
My characters are always named, in addtion I name anything (squad members, vet sergeants, individual soilders)that is part of a herocoic action and I also name anything that messes up entirely.

03-11-2005, 14:53
I love inventing names and histories for my characters. My Lost Craftworld Eldar army has a whole bunch of 'em, from Eldreth K'saani the Witchseer (her unusual midnight-black skin marking her out amongst the pale Eldar race for great and terrible things) to the hilariously inept D-Cannon Man (the lone crewman forced to lug the cannon about and fend off everything from Terminator Chaplains to Kroot while his partner stands proudly on the firing platform and does all the fun shooty stuff).

My 'Nids don't have names, obviously, but they do accumulate trophies on their bases - one of my Hive Tyrants is knee-deep in skulls by now and the other one's got nothing but green flock...

My small but growing Chaos force is thus far led by Lieutenant Melketh Coldmane, Servant of the Nihilist, gifted with the good looks and charm of a daemonette, laughing off demolisher shells in her WHFB Slaaneshi Champion armour and wielding her trademark lightning claws nicked from a Japanese Five Star Stories mecha.

Of late I'm getting into Necromunda and the whole 'individual gang member' thing has me in total fluff-writing bliss... now I'm afraid to take my Eschers onto the battlefield in case someone dies and I have to invent a new character to replace her :cries:

03-11-2005, 15:39
All characters and squads named, I don't usually give them any detailed background but if they do something really, really good I tend to give them some background and keep record of their heroics in the future

03-11-2005, 17:24
I almost always make names and histories for my characters. Almost always.

And they still march up the field to die! Just because I've given them a name and history, doesn't mean I don't use them ;)

03-11-2005, 19:24
one of my favourite characters is warboss Dregkan.

Dregkan started of as an unnamed ork warboss with a power claw and slugga. He was an ancillary warboss to the great and mighty Dakkagor Grimskraga Gitburna, overfiend of the cerberus sector, plague of the Zanad marches, and tyrant of the fields of Jagga. I'd wheel him out for small games with a five strong retinue and race around in a truck.

The guy was unkillable. He'd go through space marine retinues like candyfloss, decapitating chapter masters as he went. In one multiplayer game he killed 2 space marine commanders and a necron lord, and in the game immediatly after that, stomped the necron into the ground AGAIN.
Thats when he got his bosspole. Its covered in trophies: the salamander librarian, the spacewolf lord, the two necron lords, the darkangel chapter master. Cause he also killed tanks (alot) he was named Dregkan: armour cutter. Hes covered in bionics and now has a chainaxe the size of a space marine, and in my most recent game he was one of the only surviving units of a goff warband defending a town against the armoured company, having created a roadblock by jumping out and hacking up a leman russ while some burnas did the one next to it, closing of the entire left flank to armoured vehicles.

The guys a goddamned ork hero!

03-11-2005, 19:55
Terrordar of the Word Bearers.

Then there is Vitus, The Juggernaut.

Terrordar has killed more things then I cna count, in one cast, 1/3 of a 2000 pts list. He has cut down every unit I can think of off hand, once even felling a wounded Nightbringer. All foes who came before him, FELL before him. He was in dozens upon dozens of games. I used him well over two years, even prior to the new Codex release. He wasn't the toughest, but I used him properly, and in the right circumstances, he was truly a sight to behold as he came in, savaging enemies with his power fist, and summoning down Blood Letters shortly after.

Terrordar, Aposite of the Word Bearers, champion of the Chaos Gods. Able to shatter almost all foes.

03-11-2005, 20:13
Of course I have named my leaders. In my 13th Company, every squad leader is a hero, and named appropriately. My Wolf Lord, Thorval Silvermoon, is based on a RPG character, with sword and large round shield (Frost Blade and Storm Shield). The other characters have their fixed equipment. Occasionally something changes, though. A weapon swap here and there, but they stay the same. I had two very similar Bike Champions, one with a power weapon, the other with a thunder hammer...


Ivan Stupidor
03-11-2005, 20:39
I find I create more characters than I know what to do with. Most of them are only quickly-sketched conversion ideas (and some of them haven't even gotten that far; there is a distinct lack of suitable female models, I find), but then you get someone like Commissar Trask or Lieutenant Cyr, who do just fine with their stock models (Commissar with Powerfist and Cadian Lt. with Cap and Powerfist), thank-you-very-much.

Nothing like surviving going toe-to-toe with the Nightbringer (Trask) or punching out Devilfishes three games in a row (Cyr) to make a name stick in my head.

03-11-2005, 20:43
yes i always name my characters, and they also have fixed wargear.

My most famous one must be my Iron Warrior Warsmith, Melan. This guy is a killing machine! once he charged a squad of 6 GK terminators (led by a GK grand master) alone. two turns later and they where all dead, while Melan hadn't even lost a single wound!

then he was killed by three guardsmen within rapid fire, but the legend was made ;)

03-11-2005, 20:58
Two Legends in fact.

The Chaos Lord who can slaughter the strongest the Imperium has to offer, and be slaughtered by the weakest ;D

03-11-2005, 21:44
I have faimet the ghast, my night lords chaos lord, who is currently weilding the a power axe(formerly beloning to an ork character.) which he wrenched from the dying hands of the dragons of the storm chaper master. and a plasma pistol. He was used his first battle a day or so ago, agasint my old diy space marine chapter(with a friend playing them) and ending up killing the chapter master in assult, hench Faimet actully having his axe, the chapter master's hand still attached lol.

the other character and vechile that got regonition in that battle was the fw door'd rhino now named deathwinger, which killed a three scouts on tank shock and the champion of the second squad of csm, Ma'rath, who felled nine marines over the course of the battle in the course of shooting and assult.

03-11-2005, 21:53
Being more obsessed with Kill Team and roleplaying more than tabletop 40K, my answer is "always."

For me, half the fun is figuring out a rich background that can really bring a figure to life. I usually do this in conjunction with kit-bashing the figurine, and find that they cross-germinate. I'll get an idea for the background from the figure project and vice versa :D

04-11-2005, 08:24
I don't just stick with names. When I start a new army I write a lot of background for it, and then attempts to cut it down to an interesting story no more than a couple of pages long. In fact I am looking for feedback on my newly started blood axes fluff here http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15752 (shameless I know :angel: )

As for wargear I rarely change anything but details (did he remember his frag grenades today?) and the equipment is never contradicting my fluff. My Iron Warrior Lord for instance doesn't have a single daemonic gift, as he hasn't really fought for the chaos gods as much as for himself (hence no rewards).


04-11-2005, 08:28
I name all my Space Marine models each one has his name written on his armor.

I only give back ground for characters and character are the only ones that get last names. Perhaps my most famous Character Is Brother General Darian Constantine of the Angels of Sorrow 3rd Company he carries his lightning claw and storm Bolter. Hes a hell of a fighter and has taken on quite alot of stuff from Dreadnoughts to daemon princes. Although last game i played he was brutally injured by a Tau Gun Drone :D

04-11-2005, 10:44
I have a Scout Squad that in my first game won close combat against a Genestealer Squad and a Carnifex at the same time. Im thinking of naming them but haven't been able to decide on names yet, im also considering to have them promoted to be my Tyrannic War Vets squad that i haven't used yet.

04-11-2005, 11:01
I name most characters and vehicles and write plenty of background for each army. Models might evenget a change of wargear due to events in the game or the evolving fluff in our gaming group.

For example, an Eldar buddy of mine wanted to have a Wraithlord with a Swoopig Hawk exarch and a Daemon inside, battling for control. So we played a game, and his soon-to-be-dead Exarch charged my Daemon Prince. The Exarch was promptly cut down, but his soulstone sucked the Daemon from my Prince's Dark Balde into itself along with the Eldar's soul. So now I field my Prince without a Daemon Weapon.

The funny thing is, I managed to recover the soulstone before the Eldar got to it, and in a later game it was taken from me by some Dark Angels. Now my Eldar buddy has to chase them down if he wants to make his Wraithlord :D

04-11-2005, 11:14
I have embarked on a campaign to, at very least, name all of my squads and write a spot of background for my finished army. The naming bit is done, the other half...

I remain convinced that having more inducted Guard would make life easier. 4/3/8/31st Mord. is much easier than Squad DeMarco, by His mercy of the Order of the Bloody Rose.

04-11-2005, 12:43
I mostly play Inquisitor - giving characters a rich background and history is half the fun!


04-11-2005, 13:59
Playing 13th Co. aswell, I named my pack leaders and heroes and have converted up other heroes aswell (2 rune priests, 1 tall and thin, 1 short and fat.:) ) Which leads me on to my findings.
I'm often tempted to name all my marines, seeing as I have a model count of about 50 guys.

However, I find its sometimes better not to name your basic troops. I quite like having someone called "that dude with the cool helmet who took on half a squad of nobs and won".
That dosn't mean I don't give them background. Said helmet dude is now earmarked as an apprentice wolf priest.

Anyone else find this true?

04-11-2005, 14:36
I name all squad/mob Leaders, and usually special-weapons-guys and assorted lucky gits...

Army leaders and appropriately heroic individuals get fully fleshed-out backgrounds, often reflected by in-game performances
(I've lost count of the number of times my Warboss Urkfang and the Slugga-boy Nob Gashrek have chewed their way through abolutely anything, even when they are the last Greenskins alive on the table...)

04-11-2005, 14:37
yeah, all my characters have names and backgounds

04-11-2005, 15:02
Not yet... They will have, in time. Only my Dark Eldar army has a semblance of story.

I'd choose never to name the grunts nor anything. Instead I'd name only the commanders and, when a model did particulary well, that given model. (aswell as a mention of what it did).

04-11-2005, 15:02
i tried naming most of my imperial guard after rats or friends of rats.

after lieutenant rizzo, roland and freya...i ran out of inspiration :(

but i give my guard commander bionics, just to show how blown up he was once (converted from stracken!). in honesty, i think bionics is a total waste of points!

04-11-2005, 16:08
I usually name my HQ choices, and use them every battle. Namath in the Leader of the Crimson Tide Chapter of space marines, with his faithful sidekick Shula the Chaplain. Sergeants that perform far and above the average will usually be given veteran status for the next battle, and aquire wargear as they proceed. The model gets converted, or sometimes swapped out for a newer model as I go along.

A few friends and I always name one vet squad leader after ourselves. My namesake has slowly graduated from a sgt in charge of a 5 man scout squad to a full-blown vet in charge of a 10 man assault squad. As he progressed, he killed an Eldar Avatar, thus gaining a cape with eldar runes across it. He killed a thunder-hammer weilding Salamander Chaplain, and thus he now has a Thunderhammer. After terrible battle with two Carnifexes (in which he was apparently slain by the second 'fex after dispatching the first one) he was given bionics.

It's stupid, but it also brings a lot of fun into the game when named characters manage to run into each other on the battlefield.

04-11-2005, 16:14
My characters have names and histories now. I always assume that if they are casualties in a battle that they were wounded and not killed unless it's a story sort of thing to kill them. If they die, their model gets chopped and reconverted into a new person, unless I can't bear to part with it.

Both my Chaos army (Warp Ghosts) and my Space Marine army (Excruciatiors) are this way.

Wolflord Havoc
04-11-2005, 16:35
I do name my characters - but don't often go to the length of a History or keep the model called the same!!!

However that being said my first Space Wolf Terminator (an assault cannon and chain fist armed space Wolf Terminator bodied figure) has always been called 'Gunnar'. He has seen it all, Avatars, Deamon Princes, Genestealers, Ork Hordes, Chaos marine champions and even the odd Dark Angel Leader.....and has killed them all...smote them down with sustained bursts of Assault cannon fire back in the days when you rolled 3 heavy weapon 'Burst' dice too see if you hit once twice three times or jammed with each shot!!

He is also one of the few models that I have painted my self - and it is only because of my superstition that I allow him in the army (the rest of which has been painted by 3 different and much better painters than my self).

However I have decided that he deserves a makeover and he is the first of my new pastic/Forgeworld resin terminators to be built.

I can only hope that the old gunnars luck continues in the new one!!!!

General Samuel of the 101
04-11-2005, 20:20
My imperial General has met everything Tyrants Chaos lords Space marines Chaplains
he and his faitful Command Squad has faced it all
it basically myself in the battlefield(same name and all)
has the same equipment(Trade mark Master Craft Power Wep.,Bolt pistol,Carapace armour,Medallion Crimson,Bionics and surveyor)
for me putting history in the army is very important

05-11-2005, 00:12
My Chaos Lord became fixed when he killed a Hive Tyrant and a Carnifex in the same game. I decided the model was my new general and immediately began converting him. This has caused the occassional problem, the model is a Grey Knight that I made the general cause I thought it looked cool. I was a noob and didn't know about the whole Grey Knight thing.

Once I found out, I made that part of his history, and Draxas the Fallen has gone on to kill all comers. He recently became a DP, still wielding the broken haft of his force weapon.

When I could ally with Orks I had a Ogryn (lord, I forget what they're called) leader-type guy that served as a body guard. I keep meaning to bring Bloodclot back but have had trouble working out the rules.

I used to name one random AC after me, but they kept dying, so I stopped.

Other Lt.s are Garmr the Master of the Hounds, Scalathrax, Sorcerer Tyrant of Morde Hold.

05-11-2005, 00:59
I generally start out with a basic concept inspired by something or other(in the case of my latest army, an AdMech force, the Hoff's superb models and all the great AdMech artwork out there), move on to the modelling phase, in which I often convert things which never end up getting used, build a list and name characters last.

I stick to naming characters and squad leaders first, as well as vehicles, with any particularly heroic normal blokes getting a name when I can think of one. Background wise I generally make up a background for the entire force, so only those models in my army which feature in the main background get their own. Usually the HQ, some members of his retinue, perhaps the leader of an elite unit etc.

Most of my armies are based around Guard in some form or another, so attempting to name all the models would probably drive me insane :p

05-11-2005, 08:58
Well... Not a character per-say.

But my Predator Annihilator, my first combat Tank, has a name. Old Faithfull. Whatever tank he shoots at, he destroys, be it with the Lascannons, or the Hunter Killer. Hammerheads, Predators, Land Raiders... Whichever. If any, thats "my" character.

Whom has been phased out in favour of a couple of cheaper Destructors...

05-11-2005, 12:15
I painted my entire cadian army as troopers from the Mel Brooks movie "Spaceballs" and so I had to make two commander figures that are now named "President Scroob" and "Darth Helmet". Other than that, I usually dont bother with naming my figures.