View Full Version : 1500 partially effective shooting orcs and gobs

Grom Hellscream
06-08-2008, 19:01
I want some feedback on this one, so thanks:

Black orc big boss, boar, heavy armor, akkrit ax
Black orc big boss, BSB, best basha, kickin boots, heavy armor
NG shawman, staff of sneaky stealin

4x 5 wolfies w/ shortbows
18 arrer boyz
20 NGs with shortbows
25 orcs, shields, full command (BSB)

10 Black orcs, shields, Banner, Musician, + waagh! banner
1 spear chukka
1 orc chariot

4 Trolls (general)

yeah, so orc shooting sucks right? the idea is to kill 1-2 models from blocks before entering CC to modify their static CR.
depending on how this goes (and how many small units the Wolfies have to stop) the Waagh! should be called turn 2-3. Black orcs with the Waagh Banner will move a total of 8" + 2d6" that turn (10-20" with an average of 15"), they chill on 1 flank and act as cav
trolls with General on other flank ripping it up.
boyz up the gut with the BSB and a probable waagh! getting them a charge on a block - avg combat res of 10 if they still have 3 ranks.

the battle should be over after that....right?

06-08-2008, 19:22
I'd think that your main issue is going to be armies that shoot and/or magic harder, e.g. half the armies you'll likely encounter. Also, anyone with ASF, plus quite a few cavalry units, will have 10 Black orcs for lunch.

I like the general idea a lot, but I am afraid you have too many points invested in your characters to pull it off. Perhaps risk going without the shaman, so you can buff up some black orcs, and maybe add another chukka?