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Shield of Freedom
03-11-2005, 02:28
I'll be entering a leauge soon. It'll be at 2250 points. Almost all races will be present so I can really expect to need an "all-comers" army. I would like some constructive criticism on this army. If your opinion is "I would take a unit of X instead of unit Y that you chose" please also state a reason for that choice/change.

Bretonnian Lord (Joins the Grail Knights below)
-Grail Vow
-Gromril Great Helm
-Enchanted Shield
-Birth-sword of Carcassone
-Virtue of Discipline
-Barded Bretonnian Warhorse

Paladin Battle Standard Bearer (Joins the Knights of the Realm below)
-Banner of the Lady
-Virtue of Duty
-Barded Bretonnian Warhorse

Paladin (joins the Questing Knights below)
-Questing Vow
-Sword of the Quest
-Barded Bretonnian Warhorse

Damsel of the Lady (may join a unit but meant to be solo)
-Level 2 wizard
-Dispel Scroll (X2)

Damsel of the Lady (may join a unit but meant to be solo)
-Level 2 wizard
-Chalice of Malfleur
-Dispel Scroll

9 Knights Errant
-Standard, musician, and free champion
-Errantry Banner

8 Knights of The Realm
-Standard, musician, and free champion

10 Peasant Bowmen
-Standard, musician, champion

10 Peasant Bowmen
-Standard, musician, champion

8 Questing Knights
-Standard, musician, and free champion
-Valorous Standard

3 Pegasus Knights
-Standard, musician, and free champion

5 Grail Knights
-Standard, musician

The total comes to 2250 EVEN. What do you guys think, what am I lacking? What tactics should I look out for that my opponent might use against a list like this? What tactics do you recommend? I know I havn't mentioned my tactics but that's mostly because I want to see if your ideas end up being similar to mine.


03-11-2005, 23:23
i give it a 10. great army

04-11-2005, 01:13
I run a virtualy identical army to this (apart from the questing knights). If I were you I would drop something for a Pegasus for your Paladin. These guys are great and compliment your pegasus knights well. They can march block, destroy artillery, go after lone wizards, pick off small flanking units. I have never regreted taking one yet.


04-11-2005, 03:58
I must disagree with Kahadras on the issue of a pegasus pladin for bretonnians. I've experimented with one at length and in short found that he was a waste of points. In short anything he can do the pegasus knights can do better. Mine almost always ended up trudging around on foot and, in the end, I had to drop him. A pity since I'd converted my own and really liked him.

On your list, drop the command on the archers (maybe keep the musician but that's it) and make one unit skirmish. Drop the standard from the peg knights. Drop the Valourous standard. Personally I'd drop the damsels both down to Lv1 but I have a perverted love of scroll caddies. Spend the points on a few more troopers, mounted yeomen would be a VERY good idea.

It just seems to me now you have a small number of very powerful units, which for me is always risky. Just doing a rough head count I've got more knights than that at 2K, and that's with a 438pt lord in there too! Remember your guys might dish it out wonderfully, but they're still only T3, and any weapon that can take away that armour, bolt-throwers, cannons, stone throwers etc, is really going to hurt you, because your list has very little in terms of reservists.

A final note, I don't think your lord is killy enough, and a 0+ re-rollable save is overkill. I'd go for GGH and the Silver Lance, I adore that weapon.

Hope this was useful.

04-11-2005, 15:16
Good army but I'd lose the third paladin, drop the damsels to either both lvl 1 (you've got enough scrolls to nullify any enemy magic until you can get into combat) or one lvl 1 and take more infantry. Take more archers (and drop the command groups - if they get in combat they're toast, regardless of whether they have a standard and champion!).
With more infantry, possibly add a 20 strong unit of men at arms, you can use the refused flank quite easily - especially against larger armies. Horde all your knights on one flank, and concentrate on breaking through that side, whilst leaving your peasants to do as much damage as they can before dying. There aren't many opponents who could resist the combined lance charge of all those knights.

Shield of Freedom
04-11-2005, 17:45
Thank you all who have posted so far. I'll take all of your advice in consideration. Keep the posts comming.