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07-08-2008, 12:41
I recently finished reading Legion. I've read the rest of the HH series and found this one to be a breath of fresh air. I'll split this post into 2 sections. First, my observations of the book and second, questions I have about it that you chaps might be able to answer.

The first thing that took my by surprise was the fact that the book was written from the point of view of humble, meek humans and not through the helmet lenses of god-like Astartes. I enjoyed this as it set the feeling that the HH is not just a war amoungst the Astartes legions but amoungst the whole of humanity.

A common trademark of previous HH books was the compulsory 2 pages of description whenever a primarch entered the room. We've all read it.

"Angron entered the room, he dwarfed the towering Astartes. His eyes burned like incandescent coals blah blah blah blah."

I think in Legion, Alpharius (At least the one we are lead to believe...) was described as being taller/bigger then the others. That was it, no epic prose or passages describing his pauldrons. I liked this.

I'll have to admit that I didn't realize the relationship between Alpharius and Omegeon (sp) towards the end of the book. Once the bond between them was explained, *facepalm* ensued...How did I miss that?! It was a nice take on things though and broke free from the stale cast that most Primachs fit into...Plus it was something new (for me at least, I don't know if this fluff has been established anywhere else).

The Cabal/John Grammaticus. Again, a breath of fresh air. I must say I was somewhat blindsided again by the introduction of this group, clearly their powers of clairvoyance goes unmitigated and as such the harrowing choice must be made by Alpharius. Who to side with? Well, as was explained the choice isn't that easy. Thumbs up!


The Black cube. Either I missed a few pages or this item/spell/thing wasn't really explained. It has the power to deaden a world but where does it come from? A warp artifact? Who can possess it? etc.

Towards the beginning of the book a body was found in the desert and if I recall correctly it was biologically modified. What this an operative of the Alpha legion or did I misunderstand something?



Brother Loki
07-08-2008, 15:21
To answer your second question, yes, the body was an Alpha Legion operative, which was why they tricked Hurtado into taking it out into the desert. Whether he'd had the astartes-style organ implanted because of an injury or whether its just something the legion do was never really explained.