View Full Version : Fighting Lizardmen with High Elves

07-08-2008, 17:57
So I need some advice for a friend. I play Lizardmen and I consistently kick his butt. My army is a combination of Cavalry and big beasts with a couple units of regular saurus with HW+S.

I was curious what units the HE can use that really cut up tough units, because as it is, his rubber spears aren't working.


Bretonnian Lord
07-08-2008, 18:10
Swordmasters? Dragon Princes? Star Dragons? RBTs?

Spears, even with 3 ranks, will be ineffective against T4 Saurus warriors. Swordmasters on the other hand can cut through Lizards like there's no tomorrow, and Dragon Princes can outcharge anything the Lizards have. RBTs will help take down big monsters/whittle down units, and a Star Dragon can do pretty much anything. High Elves get extra special and rare choices- tell your friend to use them!

07-08-2008, 23:06
Yeah with the High Elf list you should never be taking more than two units of archers or spearmen.

Swordmasters are great for fighting Saurus as are White Lions. Shadow Warriors wreck Skinks. Phoenix Guard can accept a Charge from about any unit in the game also. Chariots and Dragon Princes give you hard hitting maneuverability. Bolt throwers are also great against Large Targets and ranked Saurus.

Character wise I would look at going Magic Heavy and looking at the Lore of Death and going for Pit of Shades to take out big monsters. If facing he may want to do a Star Dragon plus Null Crystal or Lore of Death plus Book of Hoeth.