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07-08-2008, 19:14
(Please don't read if you'd like to avoid spoilers on these two Black Library titles.)

I noticed in White Dwarf that "Angels of Darkness" has been reprinted. This book by Gav Thorpe, together with "Descent of Angels", gives a fairly broad picture of what happened to split up the Dark Angels Legion.

In "Angels of Darkness", Astelan claims that Lion El'Jonson was always extremely paranoid. That was from his point of view. Perhaps, instead, El'Jonson became that way after Luther tried to have him killed?

This would make sense, from a psychological point of view. Luther was El'Jonson's most trusted friend and brother. To see Luther betray him must have had a massive effect on El'Jonson's psyche. Luther was the knight who found El'Jonson in the forest, and had him raised in a human household. So there are fatherly ties and as well brotherly ties, and all of that was thrown away because Luther became so jealous.

So, Astelan's claim that there was a schism between the Terran-raised Dark Angels Legion and the Dark Angels raised on Caliban is a bit suspect. El'Jonson would have trusted the Terran Dark Angels more than his own Caliban brothers; after all, he banished the entirely of Luther's chapter/company/whatever to Caliban after the Sarosh campaign.

Then there's the fact that the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves made the longest warp jump ever after learning about the betrayal of Horus and his assault on Terra. Both the Dark Angels and Space Wolves fleets traveled as quickly as possible from Segmentum Obscurus. There is no way El'Jonson could have bided his time to see who emerged victorious-- there was simply no time to wait! He was alongside the most bitterly rival Legion, and if the Space Wolves sensed any hesitation, they would have addressed the issue.

Another possibility is the presence of Dark Angels more loyal to Luther than the Lion among the Legion. Traitors like Astelan would easily believe such lies to justify their actions. Who else could have warned Luther that the Legion was returning to Caliban? (As soon as the Legion's vessels entered low orbit, they were pummeled by defense lasers.)

Then there's the actions of the Fallen against the Chapter Keep on Piscina IV. So what if Boreas' men were in on the paranoia; that's nothing to killing aspirants and sabotaging the Keep, leaving millions of civilians defenseless.

Please discuss-- I'd like to get your take!

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07-08-2008, 19:19
All I know is that reading Descent of Angels is when I realized the Black Library was going to milk this Horus Heresy series to its most damned frontier. I feel that after Fulgrim it really lost direction. Descent of Angels was also the worst written of the bunch, so I hesitate to draw any lasting canonical conclusions from it.