View Full Version : 3000 points. ogres vs tomb kings

08-08-2008, 03:02
Hi. I'm gonna play a 3000 pts with my ogres vs a friends tomb kings and I could use some help.

I was planning on using something like this

Tyrand w/ heavy armour and siegebreaker
Butcher w/ 2x dispell scrolls
Butcher w/ 2x dispell scrolls
brusier w/ heavy armour and Iron fist.

2x3 bulls with Iron fist, light armour and full command

2x4 Ironguts, full command.

3x lead belchers

scrap launcher

2x gorgers (donīt have more than 2 models, would have taken more otherwise)

2x maneaters with heavy armour and greatweapon

slave giant.

Anyone got any tips how to beat Tomb Kings?

08-08-2008, 03:22
Do you know a brief outline of what your oppenent is taking?

I'm no Orger tactian by any means, i don't even own the army book. But wouldn't a slaughter master be a better choice than Skrag in this situation? As you only have two gorgers, and from what i can remember the slaughter master almost does everything Skrag can do except for the Gorger bonuses which wouldn't do you a great deal of good in this case.

08-08-2008, 03:59
might be better with a slaughtermaster, but if I donīt use skrag I wonīt have 3000 points. this is like every model I have, and I donīt have time to buy and paint new ones before the game.