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08-08-2008, 04:21
I'm knocking together another Rules Development army list and I'm a little bit stumped.
I'm not going to go into too much detail here for now other than to say I need some kick ass psychic powers for a colossally powerful human psyker (we're talking just shy of Alpha Level here), Chaos flavoured is nice but not essential (think Unleashed Daemonhost and you're in the right ballpark). I'm looking for ideas on ways to make a psyker more powerful without simply giving them multiple casts per turn.

The powers need to work within 40K standard rules (so no Apocalyptic barrages or Destroyer hits) and probably have A1 cool names, they can be brutal based shooting attacks or enhancments that require a Ld test to work or they can be simple innate abilities which hinder the enemy or enhance the psyker in some way.
Don't worry about balance for now:evilgrin:

Show me what you've got.

08-08-2008, 04:48
Aethyric Blast
The psyker summons a massive wave of swirling warp energy around himself and with a flick of his wrist sends it howling toward the enemy smashing them from their feet and flinging them through the air. Instead of firing a weapon the psyker may use the following power:
Draw a line from the psyker 24" long, any unit along that line is moved 2D6" in a random direction and are forced to Go to Ground. If they are moved into difficult terrain they must each take a Dangerous terrain test. If they land on another unit, place them 1" away from the edge in the direction they came. Both units Suffer 1D6 S5 hits and BOTH must Go to Ground.

Soul Shrive
Cackling souls, damned for eternity, materialise around the psyker's hands shrieking and gibbering before flying like a pack of vultures to feast on the souls of the enemy. Instead of firing a weapon the psyker may use the following power:
Any enemy unit within 3D6" is affected by this power. Each model in the unit takes a S8 AP1 hit Pinning attack. However, use the model's Leadership value instead of its toughness value to determine if wounds are caused (ie LD9 would be wounded on a 5+).

The Damned Veil
Summoning a shroud of darkness the psykers hides not only his soul, but his enemies as well causing them to falter and fall upon one another in confusion. Any enemy unit within 12" of the psyker must take a leadership test at the beginning of their following turn. Units that pass may act normally although they follow the rules for spotting in a night fight. If a unit fails and it decides to move, shoot, or assault it must roll a scatter dice before it does each of these. The arrow indicates the direction they will move (at full speed - no 1" moves!), shoot or assault. They will fire ALL their weapons at the closest unit along the direction they are firing, friend or foe. They will assault the closest unit along the direction they are assaulting working out combat as normal. If neither units are suffering from this ability in the next assault phase then they no longer count as being in combat and may act normally. A Hit roll means the psyker can choose the direction.

How's that?


08-08-2008, 10:54
Time bubble.
The psyker bends the streams of time itself to his will. A small part of reality blurs, as the time bubble slows down time. Anyone in the warped time zone seems to move with daunting speed.
May be cast on a single friendly unit within 12". That unit may take two turns in a row, i.e. move, shoot, close combat and then move, shoot and close combat again. If the unit charges, close combat will happen as usual, but if thw unit charges on their first movement, the enemy may not strike back in the 2nd close combat phase.

08-08-2008, 11:56
Warp Rift - The psyker tears a hole in space and time releasing floods of Psychic energy into the mortal realm. Daemons erupt from the rift and drag anything not from their realm into it. Thousands upon thousands of Daemons pour forth and almost nothing can stop the tirade. Through sheer numbers, everything any anything can be pulled into it, even the biggest of creatures and toughest of tanks. However, the Daemons are fearful of their arch enemies the Grey Knights and as such do not tread near them. Within seconds of appearing the daemons return to the rift with those unlucky enough to be captured.

Part 1: Place the small blast template anywhere on the table and roll 4d6 with the scatter dice. Move the template 4d6 in inches in the direction of the scatter dice.

Part 2: Measure 3d6" from the edge of the template. Any unit, friend or foe that has 1 model within the 3d6", must take a toughness test for every model in the unit. Any model that fails is removed from the table with no saves of any kind as it is sucked into the opened warp rift. Tanks take an penetrating hit with +1 to the dice damage roll. (only Daemons and Grey Knights are immune to the power. Models with psychic hoods, monstrous creatures and models immune to instant death all get treated like normal models[This includes the C'tan]).

If the psyker suffers Perils of the Warp while trying to use Warp Rift, place the small blast template on its head and use part 2.

Sorry about the wording of it all, my brains a bit slow today lol.

08-08-2008, 13:23
Another one:

Infernal Winds
Dark winds stream past the psyker, unnatural and debilitating. Any enemy unit wishing to assault the psyker or a unit they are with may only do so up to a distance equal to their Strength in inches, up to their normal maximum (ie an Imperial guardsman with S3 can only assault the psyker if they 3" or less away from them).

Traitor Shadow
Doubt flares in the minds of the enemy as the shadow of treachery crosses their comrades' faces. Pick a unit within 12". It immediately makes all its close combat attacks against itself (the maximum number with all special rules/equipment). Just treat the combat as any other, going in initiative order, etc.


08-08-2008, 14:32
Mind Crush
The psyker outstretches his arm as waves of invisible warp energy crush the minds of those in his path.

Resolve as a shooting attack as follows:
Range: Template, S: X, AP:1, Assault 1
Each model hit by the template must take a leadership check or be destroyed. No saves of any sort are allowed (even invulnerable save). An automatic glancing hit is inflicted on vehicles.

Unleash the Beast
The psyker uses the power of the warp to intensify his own power in combat!

The power is cast at the beginning of either player's turn. If succesfully cast, the model must immediately leave any unit it joins. If the model was within a transport, the transport takes a S6 hit to the rear armour with 2D6 armour penetration and the model disembarks immediately as it bashes it's way (or is forced out by it's allies) of the transport.

Until the end of turn, the model's attributes of S, T and A are increased to 6; the model gains Unit type: Beast, Monstrous Creature and gets Fearless, Feel No Pain and Rage and counts as armed with a single close combat weapon regardless of weapons it is normally armed with and may not shoot in the shooting phase.

08-08-2008, 23:21
Liking this lot so far, keep it up :D

It's probably not very fair to ask for Psychic powers without an idea of who's using them (other than a vague description) so here's the little blighter.

Ws| Bs| S| T| W| I| A| Ld| Sv+| Special Rules
2 | 2 | 3| 3| 3| 3| 3|10 | - | Psychic Apocalypse, Independent Character.

Psychic Apocalypse: The Emissary is off the scales of all known means of measuring psychic potential, able to control the actions of individuals a continent away or pluck battleships from orbit. There is no surer way of knowing the gods are on your side than witnessing the awesome powers of their manifest will........ Erm.......Ok, so I don't know what the Psychic Apocalypse rule actually is yet....

Here's a few ideas I had for some of his innate Talents (ones that don't require Ld tests to use:-
An Invulnerable Save and/or Cover Save (hardly original, I know).
Instant death resilience (Weapon strength has to be triple the guy's Toughness rather than double).
Ignore difficult and dangerous terrain (not hard when you are generally floating 6 foot above the ground).

See if that gets the synapses firing :)

Brownie points for the first person to work out what list I'm doing....

08-08-2008, 23:38
Why dont you make it so that he projects a psychic field. i.e. gives +1 to all friendly cover saves or invulnerable saves within 6" / 12".

09-08-2008, 08:56
Nightmare made Manifest
The Psyker channels the dark power of the warp into his body, filling his veins until he is fit to explode. With the power fuelling his body he becomes almost indestructible but at a terrible price. At the beginning of the turn the psyker may cast this power. Until the begining of the his following turn double all of his stats (this will affect his ability to suffer Instant Death). He counts as a Monstrous Creature and has the Eternal Warrior, Fearless, Rending, Feel No Pain, and Furious Charge special rules.

At the beginning of his next turn he loses one wound with no saves of any kind allowed as the power starts to destroy his body. If this kills him any model within 3D6" suffers a S6 AP3 hit as the warp energy spills out in a roiling wave of death.


09-08-2008, 09:32

A unit affected by mirrorfield is allowed one additional 4+ save against any shooting attacks, taken before any other saves the unit may take. If the save is successful the attack automatically hits the shooting unit instead. (this could be either a power directed against a single unit, or affecting every unit within 6" when cast)

09-08-2008, 14:12
Cataclysmic Suicide - The psyker decides that the battle is all but lost and as a last resort decides to release all the bound energy within himself. As he raises his head the energy inside him pours out, decimating everything within his vicinity. After all the energy is released, he falls unconscious to the floor.

This power can be used at any time during the using players turn and requires the Psyker to be at full wounds. Every model between 12" and 6" of the Psyker takes a Strength 6 AP3 hit. Vehicles hit roll on the damage table straight away with -1 to the result(if open topped add that modifier). Every model less than 6" away from the Psyker takes a Strength 10 AP1 hit. This hit ignores invulnerable saves. Vehicles hit roll on the damage table straight away with +1 to the result(if open topped add that modifier). Models inside vehicles also take the appropriate damage, seperate to that of the vehicle as the energy moves freely through solid objects.

Once the power is used the Psyker is removed from the table and the opponant receives kill points equal to the Psykers total wounds. If kill points are not being used, the enemy counts as having +1 objective (this cannot be lost in any way)

10-08-2008, 01:11
It's slowly getting more destructive :evilgrin:, Liking the self harm/suicide powers too.

10-08-2008, 04:20
Would a teleport type power work? Maybe with a scatter and deamons that materialize along with anything teleported, going bezerk and attacking at random, or bringing along part of a warp-faring ship or hapless crew.

Or maybe somthing for tanks where the psyker summons a deamon into the veary metal of the tank and lets it work its magic.

Here is one... (I would like to call it "So you want to see what its like?" or "What the Imperium doesnt want you to know about." but cool name is included)

"The Horror."
The psyker reaches out with his mind and forcefully pries open those around him. Using himself as a conduit, he then floods there veary exsistance with the warp, making them part of it for only the breifest time, then leaving them to dwell on it.

All units (Icluding the psyker casting )within 4d6 must take a leadership test (Not sure how to do it on vehicles). For all those that fail, the owning player rolls a d6 and consults the chart below.
5-6: The effecteis are shaken, but shrug it off as if it were a bad dream. They are at -1 LD for the next turn.
3-4: The subjects is visibly horrified and disturbed, curling into a fetal position and crying (or the equivilent of an alein race). they are pinned for the next turn
1-2: The anguish and suffering that the victoms feel is so great that they atract denizenz of he warp. They suffer a perils of the warp effect and are pinned for the next turn.


10-08-2008, 12:55
Crushing Despair.
The psyker sucks the rationale from every being within the area, reducing even the most well trained warriors to paranoid wrecks. -2Ld to all models on the board for the rest of the player turn. Fearless models lose their fearlessness, but do not suffer the Ld penalty.

Reality Tear. The Psyker makes a slashing gesture in the air, which rips the dimension in much the same manner as a distort cannon. Range 24". Draw a straight line 12" long (which must be entirely within the 24" range). Any model touched by the line is wounded on a 2+, with instant death on a 6. Vehicles glanced on 2+ penetrated on 4+, AP1. Does not require LOS

Force Lightning. (it had to be done(Do i get brownie points for this one)). The Psyker summons crackling arcs of lightning from his fingertips, searing and buning all in its path. Does not require LOS
Range template. S6 AP3, pinning. Ignores invulnerable saves.

10-08-2008, 13:31

Burying himself deep into the enemy's psyche, the psyker Krakatoa could control each and every muscle in the individual's body, right down to the heart, muscles, and capillaries. Many an enemy and friend alike could be turned against their families, or controlled like mere puppets, for whatever sick and twisted gods Krakatoa pursued.

During the turn this power is successfully activated, you may make an extra turn with one LD8 or less model or Independent Character within line of sight of the psyker. (That model may move, shoot, and assault as normal.) Models affected by Dominion may leave squad coherency, and lose all benefits of such formations if they do.


Blood Flourish

A truly strong devotee of Khorne can learn to harness their rage and battle prowess into an ethereal melee storm, conjuring blades of raw strength from the air, to reign more death down upon their foes in glories combat.

This power can only be used in the Assault Phase, before any combat takes place. One unit or Independent Character or mechanised unit in an assault with the psyker attacks itself in close combat, using it's maximum number of attacks (in the case of weapon options.) If the unit takes 25% casualties, it must take a rout check, deduct the number of wounds inflicted from the highest available Leadership. The Psyker and any accompanying unit may not pursue.


Am re-writing to tie in with a character, will update soon.

10-08-2008, 15:57

The Psyker rips a hole through reality, creating a path directly into the warp, allowing pure Chaos to manifest.

Place a token within 3" of the Psyker. At the start of every player turn, you may spawn up to 80pts of models taken directly from the Daemons of Chaos codex at this Rift. They are not bound by the usual unit size restrictions, and Daemons from different entries may be combined into 1 squad. Eg- you could summon 2 Screamers, 2 Bloodletters and a Nurgling Base. These models are treated as though they have just been summoned and may not assault this turn, but may run or shoot as normal.
If you wish, you may 'bank' your points and keep them from turn to turn in order to summon some really nasty gribblies!
Models may not draw line of sight through the Rift.

Avatar of Chaos

The Psyker channels pure warp energy through his body, allowing the mightiest of Daemons to possess his twisted flesh.

While in effect, the Psyker may move as either Jump Infantry or a Beast. He gains +D6 Attacks, +4S, + 3WS and +2 Initiative, but suffers a -3Ld penalty. He recieves a 3+ Invulnerable save, Feel no Pain, Fearless and Rage. He counts as a Monstrous Creature in combat and ignores Invulnerable saves as well. All Psychic tests taken this turn are automatically passed, and cannot be cancelled by a Psychic Hood, Runes etc.
The Psyker may not use any weapons while this is in effect- he fights with a single Close Combat weapon, and whatever Psychic powers are available to him.
However, you must take a Leadership test at the end of your turn. If you pass, you may stay possessed and keep all your abilities, or cancel the power and lose the stat changes. If you fail the Leadership test, your opponent may control the model during his turn! If he was part of a unit then he automatically assaults it this turn.

11-08-2008, 11:02
Apocalyptic plague.
The psyker draws on the very essence of chaos and the lowest insticts in all living things to create a horrible plague that spreads throughout the battlefield.

Instead of firing a weapon, the psyke places the ordnance template anywhere within 36" (or insert appropriate range, perhaps it should be shorter). All models touched by the template suffers a plague attack with no saves allowed. (invulnerable saves may still be taken). The attack has a strength of 9 and instead of toughness, the targets leadership is used. (a model with ld 9 is affected on 4+). A model affected by the plague will run in a random direction at the start of the controlling players movement phase. It will run 6+1d6", ignores difficult terrain and counts as having fleet. The victim may not use shooting attacks, but if entering into base-to-base contact with another model, friend or foe, it counts as having charged, and will fight in hth-combat as usual.

When a plague victim dies, place the small blast template over it, and any model touched by the template suffers a plague attack as described above.

12-08-2008, 15:04
Mind Bending
Calling upon the fell powers of the warp, the psyker reaches into the minds of his enemies, dominating and bending them to his unbreakable will.
This power is used at the begining of the movement phase. Each enemy unit that the psyker has line of sight to must take an immediate leadership test at their basic leadership. Any units that fail the test can be controlled by the psyker untill the end of the turn. These units may move, shoot at, and assault other friendly units. At the end of the turn, if friendly units are locked in assault they immediately break off and each may make a single consolidate move. Units controlled by this power become fearless during the turn it is in effect.

Soul Shards
The psyker has learned to split his soul and empower these shards with warp energy manifesting powerful avatars of his will.

This power may be used at the begining of the turn. Immediately deepstrike D6+1 'Soul Shards' onto the battlefield. These soul shards can move and assault in the turn that they deep strike into play, operate independantly, and are worth no Kill points if killed and have the following profile:
Ws| Bs| S| T| W| I| A| Ld| Sv+|
3 | 3 | 3| 3| 1| 3| 3| 9 | Special |

Once per turn the soul shards may use one of the following powers:

1. Warp Tap: Warp energy fills the shard's spectral form making it able to easily flay the bodies of its enemies - The Soul Shard doubles its WS, S, I, and A.
2. Soul Flare: Drawing energy from the warp, the shard burns with a blinding light in the minds of its enemies - Chose one enemy unit within 12" of the soul shard. This unit has its WS, BS and I reduced to 1 for the remainder of the turn.
3. Posession: The shard enters the body of another, using it as a tool of destruction. Choose one enemy model within 12". This model immediately makes one shooting or round of attacks in close combat. the model may shoot at friendly models and if part of the unit, may attack the other members.

Soul shards have no physical body and as such can't be hurt by normal means. If a shard takes any amount of wounds from a single source (shooting or in CC) make a LD test. if passed, the wounds are ignored. if failed the shard is removed from play.

The process of splitting one's soul is traumatic and requires extreme will power to maintain control. Each time this power is used, reduce the LD of the psyker and the soul shards created by 1.

13-08-2008, 13:55
Pariah's Wreathe
So far removed from the materium, sympathy and emotion, the bearer feels not pain, nor anguish and sorrow; to the point where bullets, death, or the ground itself will no longer embrace the twisted form of the Emissary, unable to bear the corpulent and withering presence of its unhallowed mind.
The emissary has a 3+ Invulnerable save, Feels No Pain, and is not automatically slain by a wound from a weapon of strength more than twice his toughness (however he is instantly slain as normal by a strike more than triple his toughness, e.g. a Strength 10 weapon). If a weapon would ever deal more than one wound to the Emissary from a single to-wound roll, that weapon causes a single wound instead. In addition, the Emissary moves in a manner that ignores difficult and dangerous terrain as the ground itself shuns him.

Master of Puppets
Its twisted foresight gifting it a blood-clouded view of the future, the Emissary can detect an enemy's intentions long before their weapons are brought to bear, and counteract them in the bloodiest way possible.
As a shot is fired, the Emissary rips its scarred hands through time itself pulling its would-be assailant in front of him to take the brunt of the shot from its own weapon.
Whenever an opposing model or unit fires at the Emissary, each roll to hit that comes up as a 5 or 6 is resolved against the firing unit or model instead of the Emissary.

Once per turn, the Emissary may use a single one of the following Psychic powers.

The emissary speaks a single unspeakable word, wracking him with arcane power, shattering teeth and gushing blood from his maniacally twisted mouth; a word that undermines the faith and resolve of every opposing foe, as they are visited with visions of their societies' ultimate demise, and their own bloody deaths at the hands of chaos.
All enemy units within 12'' of the Emissary go to ground.

Termination Wave
His eyes ablaze with uncontrolled power, the Emissary crosses his arms in front of his face, drawing the powers of the warp into his form until it blazes with unholy fire so bright all cannot bear to look upon it. For a moment, time stands still before the Emissary sweeps his arms out and releases the stored energies in a devastating blast obliterating flesh, steel, earth and the fabric of reality itself. Wracked by the power of his unholy gods, the Emissary's flesh bleeds a constant stream of warp energy from unholy runes that carve themselves painfully upon his flesh as the emissary writhes in blissful agony.
Centre the ordnance template on the Emissary. Remove each other model and piece of scenery wholly or partially under the template from the game. The Emissary takes one wound with no saves or Feels no Pain rolls of any kind being made.

EDIT: Yay first post _"

13-08-2008, 14:30
Ride the Lightning
This is cast in the movement phase instead of the normal move. On a successful cast, nominate a direction and move the psyker up to 36" in a straight line, ignoring terrain and units but not ending this move in impassable terrain. Each non vehicle unit that the psyker passes over suffer D6 S5 AP2 hits. Any vehicles hit take a single penetration roll of 5+2D6 against the rear armour.

17-08-2008, 14:21
Slowly getting more complicated ;)

Telekenisis Burst

Shakes the enemy cover and fires debris over enemies within.

- Target a peice of area terrain, all units within take a wound on the roll of whatever the cover save is, armour saves allowed but not cover saves.

*throw* (better name needed)

- Target an enemy unit in LOS, move the unit 2D6 using a scatter die to determine direction. The unit takes a strength hit equal to the amount of inches moved (11 and 12 count as S10). Cannot be used on monsterous creatures of units with a majority of 2+ sv.

17-08-2008, 16:00
Napalm Destruction

Any terrain within 24" of the Psyker becomes aflame. The effects are as follows:

-Any models in/or moving through the terrain take a Strength 4 AP 3 hit
-All terrain blocks LoS in the enemies follow shooting phase as the flames are roaring
-Once the enemies turn has ended, remove all jungle, forest and building terrain that is made of wood. Any brick, concrete or steel buildings become ruins with only 1 floor(this includes bunkers and the like). All other terrain such as rock formations, hill etc stay as they are not flammable enough to burn away.

As so much energy is required, the Psyker may only use this power when at his starting wounds total.

I really like this idea. I got inspired by the thought of a Bright Wizard just setting everything on fire lol.

25-08-2008, 07:03
Mass Mutation

Turn an entire unit into chaos spawn. Works on either friend or foe.

26-08-2008, 17:05
I like that power, however there should be a limit to the number of models you can transform. Can you imagine using that on a full unit of grots, thats 33 spawn lol. Should be limited to a certain number and also need to roll an additional dice for it to happen.

26-08-2008, 17:16
How about range 6", affects 2d6 models, toughness test, can only affect each model once.

26-08-2008, 18:42
Toughness test would be the way to go. Or maybe a ld-test, but I think toughness would be better. (One can't transform more than a certain amount of flesh).

26-08-2008, 19:06
Vortex - the psyker focus his energies inwards, drawing energy from his surroundings and plunging it into the warp, drawing the source of the energy with it.

Take Ld test. Used once per game. Place the ordnance template over the psyker, with the hole over the model's head. All models touched by the template are removed on a 4+, no saves of any kind allowed. Models with pysker hoods (et al) may take a 6+ save. Vehicles take d3 penetrating hits, monstrous creatures lose d6 wounds. Once all effected models are removed, roll for Ld tests as usual. At the end, the pysker must be moved to the edge of the template, although this may be any edge.

Gate - the psyker steps out of reality and slips through the tides of the warp to his destination.

No test required for the psyker. The psyker is removed from the table, and may re-appear anywhere on the table as a reserve, except the roll starts at 3+ and the psyker may act as normal when he appears. The psyker may attempt to take a unit with him. Take a Ld test. If passed, then the unit uses the same rules as the psyker. If failed, the unit takes d6 wounds, armour saves as normal

Wish - closing his eyes, the psyker creates a dream, and that dream is made reality.

Take a Ld test. If passed, any one unit of the field may be fully restored to all models as at the start of the game. Monstrous creatures regain all lost wounds. Vehicles become fully working as of the start of the game.
Alternatively, one destroyed unit maybe brought back to the table. infantry/beasts maybe deployed using deepstrike. monstrous creatures and vehicles enter from any table edge. infantry/beats get d6 wounds worth of models, monstrous creatures get d3 wounds, vehicles may only move upto 6" per turn.

The Great Leveller (this will need some work but I am hoping you get the jist). Once per game. cannot be used if the psyker has moved, is in combat or has been attacked in his turn for any reason.
Take a Ld test. If passed all units within 3 x 2d6" are affected. All special rules are nullified until the psykers following turn, includes USRs. Vehicles and symbiotes are unaffected. Friendly units are affected.

More to follow.

26-08-2008, 20:28
Ultimate power.
Used like a normal psychic power.
If the psychic-test is successful, the psyker may use two more psychic powers this turn.
If it fails, the psyker suffers perils of the warp, regardless of the actual number rolled.
This power may be used more than once per turn, but each time this is used the psyker gets -1 on the psychic test. This modifier is cumilative.
(I think that this modifier should stay over turns, so the Xth time it is used in the game, the psyker gets -(X-1) to his roll, regardles of in which turn it was used. Otherwise it will get too good I think.)

26-08-2008, 23:43
Some of these suggested powers are looking the same lol, just smaller/weaker or bigger/stronger lol

27-08-2008, 08:46

The psyker stops time for a a few seconds allowing him to perform actions while everyone else is effectively paralyzed.

At the beginning of the turn, the psyker can attempt to cast ZA WARUDO. If successful, the controlling player immediately gains another turn but may only use the psyker. Any effects, both opponent and otherwise that last a turn or more last an additional turn if they are in effect.

During this bonus turn, the psyker may not cast ZA WARUDO but may use any of his other powers, move, shoot and assault as normal.

During this assault turn, opponents may not fight back or make their response move, and count as inactive (may not attack back, are hit automatically in assault). After attacks have been dealt do not take a leadership test of suffer no retreat after wounds are calculated, the winner may not attempt to sweeping advance. The Psyker may choose to flee from the assault at the end of the turn, and the enemy may not sweeping advance or consolidate, but remain exactly in the position they were in if not slain.

23-11-2008, 05:48
Wow, I like how you have two Metallica song powers in there. "ride the lightning" and "Master of Puppets"