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03-11-2005, 12:02
Ok, I've always loved and adored the Aenarion character and his history, especially in reguards to the so-called Lords of Aenarion. So, seeing as there seems to be a redux in DOW at the moment, which I also love, I figure the two go together quite well. For those who don't know the history, I'll present that first, then the rules for these awesome warriors of death.

There are those of High Elven birth that still wander the lands of the Old World battling against the ancient evils that they have forever opposed. Many of them are exiles from Ulthuan and they trace their families back to the realm of Tiranoc, which was sunken during the Sundering and the great battles with the Dark Elves. Of these folk, who call themselves the Dispossessed, there are few who would consider themselves worthy to be Lords over people with such noble blood. However, the exiles do owe allegiance and fealty to a few select individuals, the Lords of Aenarion who can trace their lineage to the first Phoenix King himself.
Unlike Human and Dwarf Lords, the Lords of Aenarion lay no claim to a particular territory or title. They do not need to argue their rank with each other and their station in the hierarchy of the Elves is shown by their demeanour and appearance. They are the fairest Elves in the Old World and are of such nobility of blood that there is a palpable aura of greatness that surrounds them. The Lords of Aenarion are divided in purpose. Some wish to claim back what is theirs from the Dwarfs, seeking out ancient Elven treasures that have been leant to the Dwarfs for safe keeping and lost or stolen. They hope to use these regained treasures to forge a new life back on Ulthuan. Others are more militant and wish to return to Ulthuan and one of their number take his rightful place as the Phoenix King of the Elves. The High Elves of Ulthuan are very wary of the Lords of Aenarion, and treat them with the utmost respect, though they are never happy if one of the Lords decides to leave the Old World to visit Ulthuan.
The sympathies in Ulthuan are divided, some believing that the time of Aenarion has passed and so the Ascendancy of other houses is true and proper. Others feel for the Dispossessed, having lost much themselves over the millennia. What neither side wishes for is another Sundering, with the Lords of Aenarion fighting against the Elves of Ulthuan for rightful reign. That would be a killing blow to the Elves as a race, and would spell the end of their time in this world.
As descendants of Aenarion they are also known as the Thiakhaine, meaning 'Cursed of Khaine'. Some of them are possessed by part of Khaine's spirit, that was unleashed when Aenarion wielded the Sword of Khaine. They are known by the other races of the world as Revenant Knights. A Revenant is one who returns from a long absence, and is usually applied to spectres, Wights and similar creatures of a magical nature that have risen from the grave. To Dwarfs and Humans the Lords of Aenarion are indeed mystical, they move with unparalleled grace, disappear into the mountains and wildernesses for years and then suddenly return, in battle they are awesome warriors.
The Lords of Aenarion despise all evil and chaotic creatures and take every opportunity to hunt them down. The Lords of Aenarion sometimes travel far abroad to Albion, the Southlands, Araby or even Cathay. There are none that can bar the way of the Lords of Aenarion, and all creatures of evil disposition flee from their path or die. Many of the Lords of Aenarion even make forays deep into Naggaroth itself. They steal into camps and slaughter the Dark Elves in their sleep. They appear at some landing site after the Dark Elves return from raiding Ulthuan and dispatch the battle- and travel-weary army with only a few followers. They are the bane of the Dark Elves and their hatred for them is unparalleled by any other enmity in the world.
The Lords of Aenarion do not carry the Curse of Khaine easily, and they are constantly driven to action and war, there is not time for them to make peace or to appreciate the finer things of life like comfort and family. They appear as cold and hard living statues that can only sense life and see the world through a red haze. They never remove their armour except under the most private of conditions, and once they draw their weapons they cannot sheath them until they have drawn blood. In many backwards and poor parts of the Empire there are villages with shrines dedicated to the Lords of Aenarion, as the simple folk see the incarnation of Khaine passing through like a thunderbolt, on some deadly and urgent errand.
To the Lords of Aenarion life seems bland and colourless except when they are in battle. They cannot walk through a market and appreciate the smells and tastes, or the playful melodies of music that drifts on the air during a festival. They eat for sustenance and do not enjoy their food, they drink only to quench their thirst, and they only marry to provide themselves with an heir. They cannot love, they can only hate. They cannot defend, they can only attack. They cannot retreat, they must go onwards forever.
The worst aspect of the curse of Khaine it the self-awareness that it leaves the Lord of Aenarion with. The Curse of Khaine grows stronger, especially in the Elves of the Dispossessed, as the Lord of Aenarion gets older. In fleeting lucid moments he can remember what it was like to laugh, and enjoy life. He remembers the warmth of sunshine on his face and the crisp smell of spring. Some of the Lords of Aenarion quest for an ending to the Curse, delving within the deep forgotten dungeons and Dwarf-holds. They search for some item that will nullify the Curse, or a lost shrine that will ease the burden on their soul. This group of Lords of Aenarion constantly return to the Shrines of Asuryan in the Elven quarters of the Old World, praying for deliverance from the darker half of the spirit. Others just seek death, like the Slayer cult of the Dwarfs. They march off to the Chaos Wastes and never return, or they use stealth to get into Naggaroth and declare their hatred in the blood stained Temple of Khaine.
Others, more deeply affected by the Curse, wholly embrace the lifestyle they have been dealt by fate, and revel in the rush of glory while in battle. They visit the few shrines to Khaine that are in the Old World, places which are abhorred and shunned by all other folk. To the High Elves Khaine is not a pleasant god, no matter how necessary. They must fight the evil of the world and therefore they need a spiritual anchor to guide them through their warrior lives. The Lords of Aenarion tend the shrines and offer up prayers to give them greater prowess in battle. They meditate within the shrine and allow the essence of Khaine to flood their mind and body. When they are finished they shut off the power raging within them, ready to unleash it during the next battle. Lords of Aenarion wholly dedicated to Khaine are some of the most awesome fighters in the world, but their lack of control makes them almost as dangerous to allies as they are to the enemy. They lose all morality, and some even embrace the dark lifestyles that they so passionately hated once before. They are true masters of death.
Worshipped by some, despised by many, feared by most, Lords of Aenarion always make an impact when they arrive in a settlement. Their armour is burnished to a glistening shine, their height making them shine head and shoulders over the highest Human. Their arrogance and harsh words anger many, and they are unrepentant if they deal brutally with people of lesser breeding. Even the few High Elves who live in the larger towns and cities do not wholly trust the Lords of Aenarion; they know nothing about their designs or whom they consider their enemies.

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03-11-2005, 12:02
+++ Lord of Aenarion +++

The Lord of Aenarion can be fielded in a Empire, Dwarf, High Elf, or Wood Elf army. He counts as one Hero and one Rare choice. He must be fielded exactly as described here and may not be given any additional equipment.

5 7 6 4 3 3 8 4 9

Points: 400

Weapons: The Lord of Aenarion wields his own finely crafted elven blade and is armed with perfectly balanced throwing knives.

Armour: The Lord of Aenarion wears the Armour of the Phoenix.

Equipment: The Lord of Aenarion carrys the Tailsman of Khaine.


Armour of the Phoenix:
The actual Phoenix armour is worn by the most infamous of all Aenarions children, Lord Tyrion. However, all of Aenarions decendents honour their blood line by forging this fine suit of elven armour.

The Armour of the Phoenix grants the wearer a 3+ armour save, as well as making him immune to all fire-based attacks.

Tailsman of Khaine:
This sword-shaped tailsman hangs around the Lord of Aenarions neck, a constant reminder to himself and all around him that he may never escape the curse of the blood god.

The Tailsman of Khaine grants the Lord of Aenarion Magic Restience 1, as well as a 5+ Ward Save.


Aura of the Cursed:
Anyone who looks upon the proud form of the Lord of Aenarion can see the power he commands, and those even partially adept in the winds of magic can see his aura flowing around his body.

The unnerving presence of the Lord of Aenarion reduces the Ld of all models within 8" by -1. In addition, all attacks made by the Lord of Aenarion count as magical.

Battle Trance:
The Curse of Khaine turns the Lord of Aenarion into an awesome Warrior, making him faster and stronger than normal. However, while in such a frenzy the Lord of Aenarion finds it hard to tell friend from foe, and needs to make a strong effort to come out of his battle-trance.

At the start of any turn, the Lord of Aenarion may allow his Battle Trance ro overcome him. If he does this, it has the following effects that last for the remainder of the battle.

The Lord of Aenarion becomes subject to frenzy and does not lose his frenzy, even if beaten in combat.

The Lord of Aenarion adds +2WS, +1S, +2T and +2I.

He may re-roll any leadership tests he is required to take (for spells, Break tests, etc).

If the Lord of Aenarion is within 6" of a friendly unit and not in close combat with the enemy in any Close Combat Phase (including your opponent's) roll a D6. On a roll of a 3+ he restrains his Battle frenzied state for the while. On a 2 or less he must instantly charge the friendly unit, working out one round of attacks against them, resolved as if he was charging. The other unit will strike back assuming anyone survives in base contact after the Lord of Aenarions attack. No combat results are caculated and both models will act normally from the moment the attacks are finished.

perfectly formed and balanced throwing knives are concealled upon the clothes and robes of the Lord of Aenarion, allowing him to unleash a flurry of death at those who would approach him.

The Lord of Aenarion may throw as many knives as he has attacks per turn. Each has a range of 8" and a Strength of 4. All shots must be targeted towards the same unit.

03-11-2005, 16:46
Huh? Your fluff says "They are the bane of the Dark Elves and their hatred for them is unparalleled by any other enmity in the world."

How can they be allied to Dark Elves? And would a Dwarf army with the current fluff trust an Elf ?

On the rules, if he is within a unit, does he have to attack the unit he is within? Does he have to attack another nearby unit? Does this unit have to be within his LOS (which would be 90 degrees while within the unit).

Shurikens are pretty dodgy as well IMO (unless you are a ninja)...why not throwing knives or a bow?

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03-11-2005, 18:14
Well noticed on the Dark Elf!! I have a few characters written on word and took that line from one of my other guys, and didn't erase the Dark Elf part. Thanks!

Dwarf-wise, seeing as the Dragon Lord DOW character is available to dwaves, I can't see why the Lord of Aenarion wouldn't be available to them.

If he was in a unit, I'm pretty confident they'd be within 6" of him. Just a thought. And out of a unit, being a single character would mean 360 degree LOS.

Good call on the Shurikens though, throwing knives makes infinitly more sense.

04-11-2005, 22:38
I love the overall idea and may use the concept as a Lord choice when I get around to the as-yet-unamed elven alies list. Aside from what's already been said, your treatment of it looks good (though not really suitable for the purposes of my project).

My only objection (if you can call it that) is the use of a high level character as a Rare/Hero choice. I've never been a fan of this trend in DoW character-units, so it's really just a personal preference thing, but I would much rather see the character as you've presented it listed as a 0-1 Lord choice. But again, that's just me. I also think that Truthsayers/Dark Emissaries should be 0-1 Lord choices and that Arsanil the Dragon Lord should be a character that takes up an extra hero slot rather than a Rare choice. Ok, enough ranting... :p

18-11-2005, 19:59
Nothing quite like digging up an old warhammer quest character.

El Diablo

27-11-2005, 08:12
Isn't Aenarion only supposed to have only three decedants (Malikith Tyrion Teclis) I keep hearing different opinions on it.

05-12-2005, 18:24
More than 3, their is the current everqueen(and every other everqueen save the first, who was his wife) as well, not to mention there might be a few cousins of Tyrion and Teclis you never hear about.