View Full Version : Dreadnoughts movement.

Chaos Mortal
08-08-2008, 15:51
Hey guys,

just wandering how dreadnoughts move?

slow like bemoths or can they jump or run relatively fast?

More specificly how would a world bearers dreadnought move?

Thanks, Chaos Mortal

08-08-2008, 16:01
word bearers or world eaters?
i'll assume the latter. since it's chaos they have a tendency to go mad, and WE probably more often...

dreads kind of move ponderously, steady waddling motion. check out dawn of war vids.
though it really depnds on the shape/structure of the dreadnoughts legs.

heretics bane
08-08-2008, 16:27
Well they more than likely the way they move in the DOW kinda abit of a "hard man" walk with tall steps and a shifty top half cuase of the box like design of the sarcaphagous(sp?)

08-08-2008, 17:57
Although there is the example in the Armegeddon novel with the Black Templar dreadnought that tippy-toed through an ork base...

That example aside, I agree, it would be a lumbering, top-heavy type of walk, with a possibility of a lumbering head-long run straight ahead at full steam.

Lord Damocles
08-08-2008, 18:22
Apparently, Dreadnoughts move like this (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=UID6LEzvRRo) (from 30 seconds onwards)

08-08-2008, 18:38
Or this - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=WRyOH9avLS4&feature=related :)