View Full Version : 2.5k Waagh! of Death

Grom Hellscream
08-08-2008, 20:51
i've been looking at 7th ed. O+G armies on here for a while... this is what i've come up with. feedback please

Blorc warboss, Best boss' hat, kickin boots, best basha, enchanted shield Wyvern.
Blorc big boss, basha's bloodaxe, heavy armor, shield
Blorc big boss, BSB, mork's spirit totem, boar, heavy armor
Night Gob Shawman, Staff stealin

30 orcs 2HW, Full command
30 orcs, Shields, full command
5 wolf boys, spears, musician
5 wolf boys, spears, musician
5 wolf boys, short bows, musician
5 wolf boys, short bows, musician
40 Night goblins, musician, nets, 3 fanatics
20 night goblins, short bows

1 orc chariot
1 orc chariot
10 black orc boys, banner, musician, shields, waagh! banner
1 spear chukka w/ bully

4 river trolls

total 2500 exactly

they deploy in checkered formation (orc, then gob, then orc, etc.)
trolls take 1 flank, big gob unit takes the other. (with spear wolfs to assist)
the center is the 2 orc blocks with the 2 wolfs with bows to draw charges, etc., and chariot support (on the outside so they could feasibility hit the flanks too).

warboss lends Ld to those who need it, but the army should waagh! turn 2-3 and get into CC so the warboss does that too.

if any changes are made - it'd be to take out the bloodax and give that blorc the akkrit ax and put him on a boar (and stick him with the trolls to free up my general), with the 9 pnts saved i'd prolly get a banner for my big gobbo unit (ahh! gobs with banners!?)

some feedback would be great. i'll be laying down the hoard law against some lizzies with this list soon.