View Full Version : Animosity/Waagh!

Grom Hellscream
08-08-2008, 20:56
when you declare the Waagh! do ALL units in your army (regardless of whether they suffer from animosity or not) roll on the table?

IE i declare waagh!, do my chariots roll to see if they charge? how about my trolls? what about units with less than US5?

Gazak Blacktoof
08-08-2008, 21:12
No. Calling a waagh only results in bonuses to animosity tests and damage to units that roll a 1 when rolling for animosity.

09-08-2008, 09:54
Only units that test for animosity take the roll, exactly as normal, but with modifiers.

Also, all black orc units, single black orcs (and their mount) and the general and his unit automatically go.

That's about it. Trolls and units with less then US5 don't go, except if the general is in their unit. Chariots only go if they are the mount of either the general or a black orc character.