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09-08-2008, 16:06
I've found in my rulebook under page 124:

M33:Blade of Eternity:
The cruiser "Blade of Eternity" returned 20.000 years after its start from the warp

Did this vessel really begin his journey in : M33 - M20 = M13 !
This would be beforethe dark age of technology ( M18-23).:eek:

Is there any reference to the entrys on page 124?

09-08-2008, 16:23
DAoT starts M18? I always thought it was more like circa M7... It could just be another slip up. There's been plenty. And if thats all it says, perhaps Blade Of Eternity was actually a Xenos vessel... Though that would be grasping at straws.

Joe Kutz
09-08-2008, 16:35
According to Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned - humans first started experimenting with the warp in the 3rd millennium.

While the ship might have been launched before the Dark Age of Technology - it certainly would have been possible given the 14 thousand years of warp knowledge that existed before hand.

09-08-2008, 16:58
If the "Blade of Eternity" is a human vessel and returns to home,would it not
add many information about the time before DAoT and AoS to whom ever
gets to enter it? Maybe it is not destroyed when returning into realspace ?
The Ad Mech could have gathered many lost Technology from it.:cool:

40k starts at: M18 and ends at M41
Actual rulebook= DaoT 5000 years,AoS 7000 years,Imperium 11000 years;
Not used = 18000 years. Did they begin at 0 A.D ?

09-08-2008, 20:59
I chalked it up to GW gaffing up. Not like that hasn't happened before.

As for a time line of warp travel. The Navigators apparently emerged some point during, or a bit before the DAoT. Nevertheless, Warp drives were invented even before the Navigators, and could be used by using extremely short, calculated jumps. So it's possible that a M13 warp capable ship reappeared. Though it would be several things. A) There would be no STC has the Imperium knew it, since those were developed in DAoT and B)Pre-Heresy is a ridiculous understatement.