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10-08-2008, 06:11
Hi all!

I'm contemplating a "good" army (having gone beyond evil with DE), and I'm considering dwarfs. I hate gunlines, so I've conjured up an infantry list. Please feel free to comment on how you'd think this list would work.

The plan is to have three central blocks of 25-man infantry (warriors-longbeards-warriors) so practically all three are immune to panic, as well as include an ABSB with the longbeards in the center, so that they can also re-roll break tests. The ABSB carries the strollaz rune so this center will advance in the beginning. This looks like a strong battle line. One flank will be covered by a unit of quarrelers, to harass flankers, and the other by two bolt throwers. Finally, a unit of quarreler rangers will set up preferrably in cover, and in one flank, and a unit of miners will pop up behind enemy lines.

The army concept is about a relatively young but numerous clan that has boldly set up its hold somewhere, seeking to grow in riches and fame, and it doesn't have access to the elite choices. Just plain ol'dwarves, ready to make their presence known. Therefore it relies heavily on the stalwart core choices.

Here it is:

Magnus McAngus (139pts)
[Thane; Great Weapon; Master Rune of Gromril; Master Rune of Spite]

Magnus is the proud leader of this dwarven host. He leads a unit of warriors, lending his strength and extraordinary resilience

Nalin (104pts)
[Runesmith; Great Weapon; Gromril Armor; Rune of Stone; Rune of Spellbreaking]

Nalin is a relatively young runesmith, and a close friend of Magnus. He leads the other band of warriors.

Gorath Rockhammer (145pts)
[Thane; ABSB; Strollaz's Rune; Gromril Armor; HW]

Gorath is the reckless Battle Standard Bearer and Magnus' champion. His age has not reduced his recklessness in any way, much to the dismay of the band of other longbeards he accompanies in battle.

Core Units:
Magnus' Lads (265pts)
[24 Warriors; HW&Shields; Full Command; Rune of Stoicism]

Nalin's Company (266pts)
[24 Warriors; HW&Shields; Full Command; Rune of Battle]

The Elder ones (313pts)
[24 Longbeards; HW&Shields; Full Command]

The Sharpshooters (169pts)
[12 Quarrelers; Shields; Full Command]

Guard one flank

The Explorers (235pts)
[15 Ranger Quarrelers; Full Command]

Special Choices:
The Twin Needles

Bolt Thrower (85pts)
[Engineer with Handgun; Flakkson's Rune of Seeking; Rune of Burning]

This bt specializes in flying stuff, but also hunts treemen and monsters with regeneration

Bolt Thrower (80pts)
[Engineer with Brace of Pistols; Flakkson's Rune of Seeking]

Just the flying stuff here

Grumbleduke's Mining Co. (190pts)
[15 Miners; Full Command]

Total 1992pts, 5 Dispel die, Model count:125 stunties.

And that would be all.

10-08-2008, 17:03
Where are the hammerers? The best infantry in the game IMO? :)

Dead Man Walking
11-08-2008, 03:06
3 blocks of dwarves make excellent defences for artillery lines, but they do not make excellent forces for tromping across the battlefield. You need 4-5 to make it safely across the table.

Your quarrelers are a waste of points, they cant move and shoot and you really need something marching along with your army. Quarrelers are probably the worst shooting unit dwarves can field.

A smart opponent will not allow you to set up rangers to any advantage on thier side of the table, that and they still cant march in terrain. If you cant set them up on your opponents end of the table then your just fielding an expensive unit of useless quarrelers.

You can either march with everything or march with 75% and 25% shooting, but you cant 50/50 it. It just doesnt work. The quarrelers will either march along and be expensive warriors who dont shoot or they shoot (badly) and cant help up where the fighting is thickest. Dwarves win by surviving the charge and then countercharging with another unit in the flanks.