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11-08-2008, 09:54
Ok so I'm doing the 3rd company of my own chapter I made up. I know it is fairly common for companies to have their own dreadnoughts so i'm gonna be including two or three of those.

However is it documented anywhere as to if entire companies are ever deployed as a whole? I know its a datasheet in apoc so probably does occur.

Also what level of support vehicles from the chapter are assigned to a battle company? Like an average. I'm just wondering how many predators, vindicators and the like to include with the force.

11-08-2008, 10:05
I believe Vindicators and Predators are doled out to each company at the will of the Master of the Forge who looks at its current assignment to see whats best needed. If your company needs it, likely the Master of the Forge has supplied you with the tanks you would need. Woe betide you if you return without some of his charges however ;)

Yes, companies are often deployed on their own as a whole, its one of the best fighting units the chapter has to offer, being its battle companies due to their flexibility. You are well on the right track with your chapter =)

11-08-2008, 11:19
Its interesting, Because if you go down the battle company route you almost inflict this regimented organisational structure on your self. However most 'vanilla' marine lists consists of a mix of units from terminators to scouts and various vehicles.

I can remember reading fluff which lays down how these mixmash formations are brought together. Why would 5 terminators from the 1st company be deployed with sections of the 3rd company and some scouts from the 10th, and so on. The 8th and 9th companies are infact entirly devistator/assault, I doubt they get deployed as an entire force, more likly get assigned to various forces as needed, but how?

11-08-2008, 11:49
The 5 members of the 1st Co are deployed in support of the 20-30 members of the battle company. The scouts provide intel and can outflank the enemy, so would be quite a regular deployment.

The 8th and 9th are deployed where and when required. If the 2nd is facing heavy armour, such that their own fire support is insufficient, then some members of the 9th will deploy as well. When close quarter fighting is expected, extra assault marines are deployed as needed. They would never be deployed by themselves, unless it was the absolute last resort.

Also, members of the 6-7th Co re-enforce the battle companies, joining squads when casualties occur, and crewing vehicles which aren't part of the battle company. Members of the assault company may be deployed as bikers, or landspeeder crews.

11-08-2008, 16:50
In game terms to alleviate this question that has bugged me for eons (bout a month) of playing my ultramarines force. I like foot slogging armies meaning I HATE vehicles if the don’t have at least one armor 14 on them. Preds suck oh, hi Tau Rail Cannon what’s that you want to shoot my Vindicator first turn go ahead. They’re free paints to the enemy IMO. Thus I only field a land raider If I’m going to termies and that’s on a rare day. My friends and I usually play 3000+ point games so I can almost field an entire Battle company. But what if I want an extra dev squad, well my 3rd company has only 2 so tuff right no, I just have all my auxiliaries painted the reserve company colors.

11-08-2008, 17:25
All armored support, with the exception of the 1st Company transport Land Raiders, are part of the pure Codex Chapter's general motor pool and the companies can draw from it as the mission warrents (see Codex Marines, color section regarding Ultramarine TO&E). The far end of the spectrum comes from the Space Wolves who make each Great Company completely independant from the others, requiring that each maintain their own fleets, armored support, support, and recruitment. Between these two extremes lay many other Chapters who tweak the Codex TO&E according to their own tastes, such as the Dark Angels and their successor Chapters who maintain a recon 2nd Company almost exclusively of landspeeders and bikers. Other Chapters may wish for each company to maintain their own armored support or divide the terminators and scouts evenly. It all comes down to how much that Chapter chooses to thumb their nose at the Codex Astates (or in the Space Wolves' case Guilliman himself).

11-08-2008, 18:25
whoa, what a great idea. Mod the fluff so each company keeps its own pool of armour! great idea. Infact my army needs some fluff to make it more than just a bog standard codex chapter!

11-08-2008, 18:56
whoa, what a great idea. Mod the fluff so each company keeps its own pool of armour! great idea. Infact my army needs some fluff to make it more than just a bog standard codex chapter!

That's only one of the ways in which my Chapter deviates :p
My Chapter has nigh-on Crusade Companies, which operate independantly for up to decades at a time, and so the Techmarine in charge is almost on a level with most Chapters' Master of the Forge, because he's keeping his charges in battle condition throughout campaigns with little to no support from the remainder of the Chapter. They really learn how to deal with their vehicles.