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11-08-2008, 10:52
Hi me and my freind are currently thinking of making a fantasy skirmish game called Blades and Bones or B&B. Having seeing some of the great things people come up with here I was goign to let people put their rules, armies, backround ideas up here and ill put the best ones in our game..:p

Just so people know what the world is like. Humans are preety much extinct after most being killed in the great battle for aravian AKA the world or joining the forces of Akbaralan.

Elves Dwarfs exsist with Elves loosing numbers while Dwarfs are taking some of their old strongholds back.

Orcs don't exist but goblins do and are the masterminds of making a half man half goblin creature called ?

Halflings are the last remaning of the human like races and live on a huge island in the middle of no where.

11-08-2008, 11:10
A few questions before starting to throw ideas around:
I would like a little more information on what kind of game it is supposed to be. Is it supposed to be complex or simple?
If it is complex, will the complexity come from an advanced system or many special rules? Will it be big on realism or will it be more heroic?
What would be the general model count on each side?
How do you want the focus to be on shooting vs. melee?

11-08-2008, 21:14

1. simple
3. no more than 30 miniatures on each side
4. both equaly.

12-08-2008, 19:48
Here is a simple shooting 'to hit'mechanic you may want to use.

Inspired by the BB throw range template.
I think I have found a simple way of implementing a more graduated 'ballistic skill' and 'distance modifiers' mechanic.
40ks BS system polorised skills a little too much for my likeing.

My idea is to use 'range bands'.
Mark off equal distances on a 'measuring stick.'(Or just measure with a tape measure.)
Measure between the shooter and the target, count the 'range bands', this is the score the firer has to roll equal to or over to score a hit.
EG 6" range band,
Distance .Roll to hit.
Up to 12".2+(2 range bands.)
12 to 18".3+( 3 range bands.)
18 to 24" 4+(4range bands)
24 to 30 5+(5 range bands)
30 to 36" 6+(6 range bands.)

We could then give each 'BS' a 'range band size.'
BS 2, 5 "
BS 3, 6"
BS 4, 7"
BS 5, 8"

This way at short ranges the hit roll is low for all shooters,but at longer distances the chances to to hit of lower BS drop of quickly.
BS 5.
up to 16 " 2+.
16 to 24" 3+
24ot 32 " 4+
32" to 40" 5+
40" to 48" 6+

BS 2
Up to 10 " 2+
10 to 15" 3+
15 to 20" 4+
20 to 25 " 5+
25 to 30 " 6+.

Positive modifiers simply add to the to hit roll dice result.
Negative modifiers simply add to the to hit score requirement.

What do you think?

13-08-2008, 06:00
Great idea thanks for the post.

With the mesurment you showed is that in inches or centimeters as I will be putting it in cm seeing it would be easier for alot of people down in Australia where I am..

I made the profile system last night comments welcome.

M movement
CC close combat
R ranged
D defence
A attack
W wounds
C courage
M/? magic Magic will be brocken into the level and then how many spells like M 2/1.

Heroes will also have two other things on their profiles

HP hero points: can be used like Might in LOTR but unlike Might were you can use might to bump your roll from a 4 to 5 using one point you can only re roll.

F fate works the same as LOTR fate.

Simon Sez
13-08-2008, 12:17
Careful young padawan, or drawn into copying, you will be!

Building off Bathfinders questions, how long would you want a typical B&B game to last?

13-08-2008, 21:33
Let me think um about an hour but no more than and hour and a half.