View Full Version : 40K Kill Points Guard and Nids

11-08-2008, 13:12
I'm not against scrapping kill points, but something has to make them more reasonable for each army. To that end I propose this rule.

Meat Grinder: Many forces use expendable troops where massive losses are expected. Such losses are tactically insignificant compared to the loss of elite units.

A unit with the Meat Grinder Rule gives 1 KP for the first unit killed. After that, 2 units with Meat Grinder give 1 KP.

Applies to: Imperial Guard Platoons. Consripts. (any other Guard troop choices?) Tyranid Gaunts, Hormagaunts, Ripper Swarms.

(Incidently, Tyranid Spore Mines, and Tau drones released from vehicles should be worth 0 KP).


11-08-2008, 15:01
The only army who deserves this rule is Guardsmen. Just to fill the required force organisation chart slots(1 HQ, 2 Troops), is a minimum of 7 Kill Points when Nids and the rest are 3. To give Nids this rule would be really unfair.

11-08-2008, 16:18
ditto. Guard should be done by platoon rather than squad. Taking any bonus off nids makes them too powerful. Consider it that killing squads of gaunts is a bonus to the opponent, rather than any detriment to the nids.