View Full Version : Are you holding out for AoBR?

11-08-2008, 14:00
I'm just wondering how many people bought the hardback rulebook and how many are holding out for the AoBR set?

I bought the book but am now wishing I'd waited for the box set with all the lovely figures :(

11-08-2008, 14:06
Well I've got the book and I've got 2 copies of AOBR on order...............and I haven't actually played since 1st edition:D I bought the book because I like to have a good read, and I'm getting the AOBR sets for the cheap models.

11-08-2008, 14:08
Yeah...I enjoyed reading the background stuff but after I read it I thought...'Hmm...now I have a large heavy book to lug to games...'

Brother Loki
11-08-2008, 14:12
I bought the hardback rulebook. However I really want the small rulebook from AoBR set for going to events (much lighter and more convenient), so I'll probably order that from a bitz site if I can.

11-08-2008, 14:19
I am most definitely holding out for AoBR.

I love the fluff and all that, but I am not quite ready to invest in a $50 rulebook if I don't find the rules good enough to play regularly.

AoBR will be a set that many people will buy in multiples. This will translate to a large surplus of the mini rulebooks to be found abroad. Which means I can get a mini rulebook for a song.

If I do happen to play the game more often than my other games, then I will buy the hardback.

Green Shoes
11-08-2008, 14:23
I also got the hardback copy and two AoBR sets, but that doesn't put me off at all. I will just keep the large copy at home next to my desk for referencing when on the intertubes, and I will sell off one copy of the AoBR version. Considering I will probably be getting more AoBR boxes in the future, I can afford to be a little willy-nilly with the rulebooks. Who knows, maybe I'll keep one copy of the rules in every room of my house, with the hardback in the bathroom for toilet reading. :D

11-08-2008, 14:28
I bought the rulebook and do not regret it at all.
Of course, I will also be going in with a buddy to get the box set too. Painted up as "grey knights", those marines will make a daemonhunter army when combined with my gaurd.

archangels uk
11-08-2008, 14:31
Well I've got the book and I've got 2 copies of AOBR on order...............and I haven't actually played since 1st edition:D I bought the book because I like to have a good read, and I'm getting the AOBR sets for the cheap models.

I am with this man, not played since the 2nd ed, but i usually get quite a few 40k books to read and those are usually the rule sets codexs etc

I am going to get two copies of AoBR just for the marines, lot cheaper then buying them seperate, then sell all the orks and one copy of the books in the boxset

11-08-2008, 14:35
I'm waiting on the box set.

11-08-2008, 14:37
i waited i gave up i bought the rulebook i looked at the pictures and know i have ordered the box set

11-08-2008, 14:39
I wish they would do the mini rule books, cus i like the fluff,but id rather just pay a fiver for the rules.


Chaplain Nikolai
11-08-2008, 14:42
I got the hardback for the fluff, but I'm buying a small rulebook off a guy whos getting several of the AoBR sets for taking to games and such.

11-08-2008, 14:44
i havn't bought the hardback copy because im skint :P

but i think i'll wait for AOBR just so i can get a load of cheap models, my chaos army doesn't have termies and the deffkoptas will make interesting jetbike-count-as-bikers too plus i need new templates and extra dice are always handy

11-08-2008, 14:49
im waiting for aobr cos i need to start an army of 40k and decided to get space marines.

11-08-2008, 14:49
with the hardback in the bathroom for toilet reading. :D

Ah good, nice to know i'm not the only one who sits on my own 'Golden Throne' for inspiration for my marine army and the hobby in general! :p

Going back on topic, yea I think i'll get the box too, then rid myself of the Orks, the little short hand rulebook could be quite handy. ;)

11-08-2008, 15:29
Ebay will have an influx of people selling either the orks or marines

11-08-2008, 15:35
I have the hardcover book for fluff and backgroung purposes, and Ill gonna get AoBR (once at least, maybe twice. I intend to start both a small Marine and Ork army) for the minis and the mini rulebook to take it with me when I play.

By the way, I did play last when 3rd Edition was new, and is was purely this set that brought me back ^^

11-08-2008, 16:51
I wont be buying the AoBR as I just dont like the models...apart from the dread and 'copters, so at some point I'll be after the big rulebook. Not yet mind you, too poor for now.

11-08-2008, 16:56
I got the hardback on day of release and will get aobr when it comes out, might get a second at gamesday uk for more deffcoptas and a second cheap dread and termies, will give the second mini rulebook book to my mate.

11-08-2008, 17:07
a few years ago when i had more disposable income i would have bought just the RB, but right now AoBR is a godsend, since i i'd like to have the rules, but have been wanting to further my ork and new DA Felled armies, so this really works out.

Captin Korea!
11-08-2008, 17:11
AoBR, cheap orks and sm troops, whats not to love?

11-08-2008, 17:17
for me its easy , got the hardback in german and will get the box in english:D

11-08-2008, 17:44
I bought the BGB for the kill-team and campaign rules and missions, since I don't think the BRB has any of that stuff I will be waiting for the box set. The rules and a bunch of models vs. the rules and some fluff is a no brainer to me

11-08-2008, 18:10
Bought the book and will buy AoBR for two reasons. 1. I'd rather not use the larger hardback for game play purposes. It's so much easier to have a smaller rulebook that lacks all of the non-rules related fluff when you need to reference something quickly and easily. 2. AoBR is a great box set and I just can't ignore it.

11-08-2008, 18:17
I am waiting for the box set. I have limited cash flow at the moment and the truth of the matter is I can sell on the figures I don't want from the box and have a set of rules rather cheap.

11-08-2008, 18:22
for me its easy , got the hardback in german and will get the box in english:D

Funny, for me its exactly the other way around. Compared to the german GW prices I get a great discount in british shop I found, and I want to award the great deal this box offers, so I preordered my first AoBR box from GW directly. ^^

11-08-2008, 18:23
I should have waited, I can get 2 black reach boxes for the amount I payed for my hard back rule book. Oh well... Next time :).

11-08-2008, 18:53
It seems like many people have already purchased the big book nad are getting two sets of AoBR, just like me! Wooohoo! I'm giving my two smaller books to my kids and friend so they have their own legal book for tournies.

11-08-2008, 21:05
Hmmm me and 2 friends are going to get 2 boxs of aobr.

im taking the marines, one friend is taking the orks and a rule book, the other friend is just too into his eldar so just wants the rules, as we only have one book between us atm

on the plus side there a great shop in sheffield thats doing 10% off, so 2 sets = 72 divide that by 3 = 24 each so prettty good price for what were getting.

Most of the marines will get painted and sold, but im liking the idea of 2 more dreads to go with bjorn, and the sm venerable dread

11-08-2008, 22:45
Well I've got the book and I've got 2 copies of AOBR on order...............and I haven't actually played since 1st edition:D I bought the book because I like to have a good read, and I'm getting the AOBR sets for the cheap models.

Seconded. I'm gonna use some of the Nobz to make Nobz bikers and some of the boyz are gonna be used to get the most out of the lootas/burnas boxes. Also, I'll be buying lots of bits, mostly power klaws, armor plates, glyph plates and bosspoles to make the Nobz fancier. That's the slippery slope/domino theory in action.:evilgrin:

12-08-2008, 05:50
Simply put I can't afford both a big book and AoBR, so I picked AoBR.

12-08-2008, 06:36
Will probably get AoBR first for the rules, and the hardcover later for the fluff and art.

12-08-2008, 06:44

I have Assault on Black Reach on pre-order, and I'll probably pick up the hardback rulebook if and when I decide I need a second copy of the rules - unless it turns out that a second copy of the boxed set is a better idea.

There are so many places online to read about the background of the universe that the setting information in the hardback is a luxury, as far as I'm concerned. I also already have an old Ork codex my wife can dip into if she wants to know more about the army she's going to be using. :)

12-08-2008, 06:52
Already have the hardback, makes for a good read. Will be getting 2 box sets like so many others, I'll probably just keep the spare booklet as you never know when it might come in handy.

12-08-2008, 07:21
Meh... I'd rather pay 75 bucks for AoBR than 70 bucks on the big red book. Just makes more sense to me.. especially with school starting right away.

When will they ship btw? A week before? This is my first purchase off GW Online.

12-08-2008, 07:23
Bought the hard-back. No regrets, good read :D

12-08-2008, 12:51
Bought the collector's edition of the hardback, absolutely lovely book, love the art and fluff but the pocket version is fantastic as it's so much easier when gaming to carry and it's lighter (also means my collector's edition stays in good nick!).

I've also ordered 6 boxes of Black Reach (after i got Green Fever) off ebay for 176 and i've managed to flog 6 boxes worth of marines and a rulebook to my friend for 80 (once they turn up of course but it's all sorted). Will try and shift the other spare 4 rulebooks.

120 Orks, 30 Nobz, 18 Deff Koptas, 6 Warbosses and 5 pocket rulebooks for 96, BARGAIN!! :evilgrin:

12-08-2008, 14:16
I got the hardcover book, it has nice little campaign thingies and background stuff in it. I will probably get one AoBR box, the small rulebook, templates, dice and generally every awesome-o-2000 model in that box will come in handy :)

12-08-2008, 14:26
Ever since I first heard about 5th ed I thought no hardback rulebook for me, I'll get the starter mini rules.. Knew they would try to get me to buy both, but so far I have been able to resist :cheese:

Still haven't played a single game of 5th, so can't wait to get the box!!

12-08-2008, 17:17
I love the fluff and all that, but I am not quite ready to invest in a $50 rulebook if I don't find the rules good enough to play regularly.

As a Gamer, this cracks me up. I spend $50-100 a MONTH on new rules sets, MOST of which I dont end up playing, but because they looked intriguing enough to take home with me (like the puppy in the window).

My FLGS is FEEEEE-nominal about staying on top of the latest rules/games/models etc, and theyre downright EEEEEvil about displaying them at the front of the store. But I can honestly say that there have been very few purchases I have been disappointed with - and my library has some cool reading material in it!

So yea, Ive got the hardback, and 2 AoBR coming :)

12-08-2008, 17:32
I've picked up a copy of the hardcover ( for free) as I run all the games at my flgs . I also have 2 boxes of black reach coming in. However both of my small rulebooks will end up going out to friends. It's ok though, as I may just get another AoBR. For the price why not ? As well it'll give me a smaller copy of the rulebook to bring around and I can probably move the orks in the set.