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12-08-2008, 18:22
Hi, Iím sure not many of you know me, but Iím a longtime troller who recently started collecting Chaos Daemons, and after having read through the codex I was left with a few questions buzzing around in my mind. Anyways here they are:
When in real-space, do daemons actually function like mortals do? Like, do they breathe? If yes then what do they do when fighting on a moon etc?
Also, do they need sleep food or water?
I think I had more questions but that will do it for now.
If any of these questions are actually answered in the codex, then I apologize.
Thank you in advance.:)

12-08-2008, 18:50
Daemons pretty much spawn in and kill/follow orders...

A question that I've always had was would be do they do any of that stuff in the Warp, in their own little way?

12-08-2008, 19:59
I don't think Daemons require anything like food, water or oxygen. Whilst they may be actually flesh when in the material world, they are basically made of warp-stuff, and as far as I know don't have any particular bodily requirements to survive. What they do need is sufficient warp energy/disturbance/whatever to allow them to maintain their physical form before they go howling off back to the warp.

Khaine's Messenger
12-08-2008, 20:35
When in real-space, do daemons actually function like mortals do?

They don't have the same requirements, no. However, they may have some esoteric "feeding" requirement, and some aura/field/prevailing feeling/ritual might have to be present in order to keep them "alive." Think about a normal human's bread and butter and then shift things into more esoteric territory. Some daemons may like to breathe as a symbolic act of "living," while others just grin and act like they are breathing in order to enhance the horrible effect of striding across a moonscape while butchering men with bubble helmets and gyrojets.

There's also the matter of possession, o'course. I would think that unless a daemon took particular caution, a vessel would be killed by vacuum. But then animating a corpse can be easier than possesssing a living mortal, so column a, column b.....

12-08-2008, 21:29
I wouldnt think eating breathin etc really matter, what would matter is how they kept them selves on the plane of existence.

Khorne Daemons - Combat and bloodletting, the more frenzied the stronger the power.
Tzeentch Daemons - Magical energies from casting and the fates, aswell as the inherent pyscers around them
Slaanesh Daemons - The exultaiton of the senses that come from a) being there, and b) killing stuff/feeling pain.
Nurgle Daemons - The strength of the disease's around them, the worst the illness the stronger they are.

Kinda like food i guess

12-08-2008, 23:10
With daemons nothing is really that certain. Some may seem to breath, some may breath, others wont. Just because they do breath does not mean you can kill them by drowning however. Daemons dont really seem to have strict rules on form and function, just what they need to power them i.e. warp energy. They may also seem to feed and enjoy it or seem like they have real hunger but it really is no indication to their actual needs.

12-08-2008, 23:55
According to DH, they don't need their eyes, since ALL daemons have psychic senses... I think that might be indicative of their general behaviour.

13-08-2008, 14:26
I think if you toss a daemon out of an airlock, it'll suffer some sort of catastrophic malfunction. Large ones might withstand it by sheer awesomeness, but little ones are sure to burst open/burn/freeze/what ever happens to living things in vacuum of space.

14-08-2008, 00:03

Please read the end of flight of the eisenstein, daemon seems pretty strong when tossed out of an airlock, or indeed in the middle of the book when exposed to the life eater bioweapon, and the vacuum, get straight back up (though you have to wonder if its worth virus bombing nurgle daemons when they are planet side, surely it'll just gives them ideas...)


14-08-2008, 00:15
What daemon was in question? I think that if you can set a daemonette on fire and shoot it dead with few arrows (in Daemon World), I think it's weird that other sources don't affect them. A large daemon is sure to resist, but if something that would kill a human for sure can also kill a quite basic daemons... Maybe the daemon won't die straight away from things like lack of oxygen, massive trauma and traumatic amputation (aka. something goes missing by force), but I'm pretty sure vacuum has nasty affects to its body and would sooner or later trump over the daemon's struggled to hold its body together.

I mean, aren't Nurgle daemons already hissing with gasses from rotting flesh that are erupting where ever they can? They're just fleshy balloons. Imagine something like that in vacuum. If only space had sound... Would make a great pop tune.

14-08-2008, 08:39
the deamoon codex quite clearly states that they are made not of matter like other creatures, but pure warp energy given form. therefore you can kill them with fire, bullets, cold steel etc. but they cant be drowned, suffocated, frozen or starved like people because those are all depriving him of the things a living creature needs to exist. problem is deamons are not living creatures so i think if you chucked them into a vacuum they would be just fine.

14-08-2008, 09:02
It's not about depriving them of things they need to live. If you sink a steel cube deep enough, It'll collapse under the pressure. How will a daemon counter this effect? Sure, it's unaffected by the cold and lack of air, but it's still a physical being and if a metal box will get knocked around, a daemon's body is sure to suffer the same fate. If a daemon is to survive such forces, a tank rolling over it wouldn't do a think to it. And if that won't do a think to them, we're screwed.

14-08-2008, 13:12
I've always held the opinion that a Daemon's 'summoned' form is a trade-off between its natural state in the warp (pure no-rules-applied chaos) and the requirements by the Material realm for everything that exists within it to make some sort of sense (like having an atomic structure for one, and perhaps obeying gravity sometimes). In other words, their biology probably makes absolutely no sense (cutting open a Daemon might have a great a chance of spilling candy as buckets of blood) but they fall over when you trip them.

14-08-2008, 13:17
or do they?:eek:

14-08-2008, 16:27
So far daemon physiology has been quite analogous to most humanoids in basic function and durability. I think daemons follow more of a zombie physics than actual real life ones. So they can loose a limb and be set on fire, and still function somehow. But I think that large amounts of physical damage will render them unable to function. So if you roll over a daemon with a tank, its body might be an oozing sack of ****, but there might still be life in it even if the body doesn't obey the user anymore.

14-08-2008, 23:36
I think we can look at the Vampire Counts codex for an explanation: The energy of the warp basically mimics "real" tissue--but it is not. So if you stab a skelly in the chest, it will die, because the warp energy is only mimicing a human-like structure.

With the chaos daemons, they are generally unstable as it is. A vacuum would kill a basic lesser daemon on its own. But if said daemon was next to a greater daemon or leeching energy from an icon, the warp energy itself would most likely maintain shape.

I think that is what their invulnerable save represents. Their "daemonic essence" can be disturbed by physical characteristics, but depending on the will/amount of warp influence around the daemon that daemon has a chance to survive.

A pack of 30 horrors would be more stable than a single horror. Catch my drift?