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04-11-2005, 06:34
I have started a little whaagh, and as alway I have written som fluff to explain the background for the army. Any comments are very welcome both regarding storyline, fluff errors, and language (english is my second language).

The blood axe warboss stormed into his mad doks hut, flanked by a couple of his most trusted boyz. Their latest raid had ended in a particular humiliating defeat to the soft pinkskins, and he knew that some of his boyz was beginning to question his leadership. To make matters worse, his right arm had been torn of by a battlecannon shell as they retreated, and although it was in no way a fatal wound, some upstart would without a doubt try to take advantage of it, and claim leadership for himself.
Inside one of the mad doks grot assistants jumped behind a crate in fear. Trembling he found the courage to speak:
“I’m afraid da dok ‘as ‘ad an accident, boss. When ‘e returned ‘e unfortunately dropped a choppa on is ‘ead, boss. Most unfortunate, boss”
Pointing towards the body of the mad dok, whose head had been cut clean in half by the huge choppa, the assistant scuttled further down behind the crate.
“But I know ‘ow ter perform serjery boss. I’ve seen da dok do dis many times, no problem boss”
The warboss felt decidedly uncomfortable at the thought of a grot stitching him back up, but realized that it was his only option if he was to remain in command. Ordering his boyz to stand guard outside, to prevent anyone interrupting the surgery, the huge warboss laid down on the operating table, giving the grot assistant a few encouraging words:
The grot grinned ominously, as he lifted the huge hammer used for anaesthetics.
“Don’t worry boss, I knows exactly what I do”


Twelve hours later almost the entire clan had gathered around the mad doks hut, shouting at the boyz guarding it. Just as “Y” the biggest nob in the clan had rallied enough boyz behind him to dare push the guards aside, the door to the hut was opened. The grot assistant, now pale and sweaty from the many hours exertion peaked out. Seeing the gathered mass of orks about to storm the hut, he quickly slammed the door shut again. This was too much for “Y”, and smashing the guards aside, he threw himself at the door, only to be thrown back from the fortified wood. Pulling out his huge choppa, he started beating at the door, however as he lifted the choppa to deliver the fifth strike, the door was smashed open, throwing the unprepared nob off his feet.
The hulking shape of the warboss pushed through the doorway, but his appearance had been transformed dramatically during the surgery. In place of the arm that had been torn off, was a huge power klaw, but it was apparent that the entire body had been operated on, with crude operating scars crisscrossing all over it. However the biggest change was at the warboss’ head. The entire head had been covered in metal, and one eye had been replaced with bionics. The only opening in the metal was at the top of the head, where two control levers protruded from the skull. Handling the two levers was the grot assistant, sitting at the shoulders of the warboss.
“Y” quickly got onto his feet shouting wildly at the grot:
The answer however didn’t come from the grot. The bionic eye of the warboss lit up, and in a booming metallic voice he yelled:
“Y” continued unabashed:
He bellowed raising his choppa as a challenge.
As the two combatants circled around each other, the boyz gathered exited around them. This was exactly what they needed to take their mind of the last battle. “Y” was the first to attack, swinging his choppa at the head of Grotnob. Grotnob seemed to have difficulties operating his new powerklaw, and only blocked the blow in the last second, while the grot on his shoulders held on for dear life on the levers sticking out of Grotnobs head. “Y” followed up his attack, with new strikes with the choppa, forcing Grotnob backwards, frantically warding of the torrent of blows. However as the fight went on Grotnob seemed to get a feel for his newly attached powerklaw and his movement became less abrupt, while at the same time the grot seemed to calm down his wild jerking in the sticks. Slowly the fight turned and now “Y” was pushed back. The fight was resolved when Grotnob caught “Y”’s choppa in his powerklaw and broke it. As Y desperatly reached for his knife Grotnob caught him with the powerklaw and clipped him clean in half, which caused great cheers - first amongst his loyal boyz but soon all the boyz chanted his name and fired their weapons into the air.
Raising the bloodied klaw above his head Grotnob roared:
All around him the boyz looked down and started to back off. However his most trusted nob, who had been his second in command for most of his time as warboss, cautiously stepped up to him.
He was cut short by Grotnob, who with a roar launched himself at him, while the grot on his back struggled to keep his grip on the levers. A vicious strike with the powerklaw, send the nob flying to the ground, but his assailant did not relent. Jumping at him while still on his back, Grotnob pounded the unfortunate nobs head with the closed powerklaw, until everything resembling a bone structure had been smashed beyond recognition. Still not pausing Grotnob continued to beat at the unconscious nob, sending splatters of blood to all sides at each blow. Finally Grotnob seemed to cool of, but at this point the nob was already long dead. Getting to his feet again he once again yelled for anyone else to challenge him. This time no one did, and the excitement of the last fight had been replaced by an uncomfortable silence. This kind of punishment was excessive even for ork standards, and not something Grotnob would usually have done. However no one felt like raising the point. Satisfied that his leadership had been properly reinstated, Grotnob retreated to his hut, sending for a group of grot servants to waiter on him.


04-11-2005, 06:38
+++ RECEIVED: Commissar HQ +++
+++ TELEPATHIC DUCT: Astropath-XXX +++
+++ AUTHOR: Commissar Jarvine LaRoche
+++ DATE: XXX.M41 +++
+++ TITLE: Preliminary Report on the High Death Rate of Commissars in the XXX Sector


Mylords after a thorough investigation it has become clear that the death of so many fine commissars in this sector is indeed attributable to pirate force of orks that has plagued the system for many decades. It is therefore my recommendation that Lt. Marshall Eisenstein, Major Irengad, and Captain Werez is post humtly awarded the silver cross for their service to the Emperor and together with the rest of the 251. XXX regiment (now penal legion) be redeemed of the charges laid against them for treason, cowardice and causing the death of 17 commissars.


The reason that the greenskins of the sector has taken to the practice of targeting of commissars is as of yet unknown. However a clue may be found in the fact that many of the lesser greenskins is now wearing the bloodied uniforms of the deceased commissars. The first gretchin to have been reported wearing a commissars uniform, was seen riding the shoulders of the warboss leading the orks. However since then an ever increasing number of sightings have been reported and it appears that by now almost every squad of orks is followed around by one.
Curiously this practice of targeting commissars and furthermore allow the smallest of the greenskins to wear their fine uniforms, which is unheard of in all former encounters with the greenskins, has coincided with a dramatic change in the battle style and fortune of the greenskins in the sector. Only years before the first sighting the orks had been little more than an annoyance, and though they had proven impossible to eradicate, the ork population had been kept small by frequent raids, and even their piratical activity was without much consequence. However since then the ork population in the sector has increased dramatically and they are now much better organised and attack with much more determination than ever.


Based on these observations I strongly recommend that a strike force of either Adeptus Astartes or Alien Hunters is brought in to investigate further, and to make sure that the threat of these greenskins is dealt with once and for all.


+++ Attached note by Lord Commissar Johann Wentzel:

It seems that the young commissar has shown a regrettable lack of good judgment in his investigation. The acceptance of such ridiculous nonsense as a satisfactory account of these incidents, and furthermore suggestion that charges be dropped based on them, implies that Jarvine LeRoche has been scared into this out of fear of ending like his 17 predecessors. The mere thought of this goes against everything we know about the orks, and this absurdity in it self demonstrates the arrogance of the perpetrators, expecting as they are to get away with such a thinly veiled lie. Even at a short glance the severe effect of LaRoche’s conclusion on the security from mutiny for the commissars fighting with frontline Imperial Guard companies all over the galaxy becomes apparent, and the fact that he has not given this a thought only demonstrates the absurdity in his report. It is therefore my recommendation that he is to be stripped of all his titles and be executed for cowardice in the service of Our Holy Emperor.


As for the problems in the xxx sector, it is apparent that the problems reach even deeper, than we had previously anticipated. I therefore strongly recommend a thorough investigation led by a Lord Commissar accompanied by a strong task force to ensure the full cooperation of all military and civilian officials in the sector.


I have yet to decide on a name for the nob rebelling and Grotnobs second in command. Also the sector they operate in is undecided.

So is it worth a read, or should I stop pestering everyone with badly thought out and poorly written fluff?

As I said all comments are very welcome.


04-11-2005, 06:55
And just for anyone interested a few pics of Grotnob and a few of his boyz. The pictures aren't very good, but then again neither are my painting or converting skills. Comments are welcome, but my main interest is in peoples view of my fluff.

Work in progress:

Almost finished (still need to add levers):

The grots has been made by using the old speargobbo's that can be seen in the first pic, and a bit of greenstuff.

A couple of converted assault weapons:

A few of his kommandos:

04-11-2005, 07:12
A couple of shoota boyz (or flash gitz depending on my mood):

A couple of slightly converted bikes:

Although you can't see it in the pic, the big shootas has been moved much closer to the bike, which improves the look a great deal.

A scratch build zzapgun:
The old GW one is far to expensive and ugly.


04-11-2005, 09:49
Very nice. . . .

For ork names I would suggest. .. Ratgrab, Nozgrut, Nuzzgrond, Fester, Arik, Gitsnik, Skraga, Skumsnik.

06-11-2005, 12:41
Very nice. . . .

For ork names I would suggest. .. Ratgrab, Nozgrut, Nuzzgrond, Fester, Arik, Gitsnik, Skraga, Skumsnik.

Thanks Dakkagor. Good suggestions I think I'll run with a couple of those.

Ideas for a sectorname are also very welcome, as is comments on the fluff.


06-11-2005, 13:08
Good work on the models, the Big Boss and the Grot in the peaked cap, and the converted Warhammer goblin is terrific - good to see the Blood Axes back. Great job on the Zzap Gun as well, at first I thought it was a Hop-Splat gun. Story's pretty good, too.

06-11-2005, 13:14
Totally awesome stuff you got there man! Love the whole 2nd edition feel and especially since they are Blood Axes.

Check out the PM I send you! You might be very interested:)

Hideous Loon
06-11-2005, 19:48
This sounds like good fun, and very Orky. Dem modulz looky good to. 'Speshuly da Warboss.

07-11-2005, 08:23
Thanks for the comments all. It's always nice to know that people like what you do. I take it that I haven't written any fluff inconsistancies which is good.

07-11-2005, 11:11
looks very good, i love the zzap cannon as well

09-11-2005, 05:59
I'm glad that you like my zzapgun - I was a bit worried that it was too far from the original to be wysiwyg. However as the only artillery I use is two zzap guns, and one is original I hoped noone would mind as there can be no misunderstandings.


09-11-2005, 14:18
We want more stuff!!!

10-11-2005, 06:33
We want more stuff!!!

Unfortunately Real Life has my hobbytime in a strangle hold at the moment so I'm afraid I wont be able to post any new stuff for a while. I do hope it will get better by December - but then again it might not :(

I will however continue work on Whaagh Grotnob for a long time to come. I have accuired parts for a truck I'll scratchbuild from toys and military models. I also bought a toy tank that will be converted into a battle fortress when I get the time. Also I need to make a lot more grots - and find new ways to make distinct models out of the old speargobbo.

Thanks for the support all.


Hideous Loon
10-11-2005, 15:24
Tip of the Day: Since you're using some elements from the Imperial Guard army, then why not convert open-topped Chimeras to count as Trukks? Just don't forget the bolt-on armourplates, the BIG big shoota, and the shiny, red paint.

10-11-2005, 16:18
Perhaps make them look more like those German APCs from WWII

11-11-2005, 07:09
Good ideas both. I have seriously considered making the trukk into a halftrack, however I haven't been able to get my hands on the bits I need, so I think I'll have to settle for a six wheeled truck - where the front wheels are a different size than the two pairs of wheels at the back just for looks.

As for converting a chimera it would be sweet, but I just can't justify buying a chimera to chop up, when I can get the parts for a trukk for free (I know a guy who sells military hobby models, and get quite a bit of great stuff for free through him). Again RL is to blame:(