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12-08-2008, 23:27
This will be a guide/tutorial for fully magnetizing a tau army.

Devilfish Hammerhead Skyray

As many smart Tau players are aware the Skyray kit comes with the components to build all three versions of Tau armor. This is especially important if you want to build a Warfish as the SMS are only included in the Hammerhead or Skyray kits. The increased price of a Skyray over a Devilfish is only very minimal. This guide makes use of 2 Skyray kits 1 Hammerhead kit and 3 Devil Fish. The reason I have some odd numbers is because I have purchased 2 Tau battleforce boxes and 1 Tau megaforce. If you ever have the option and need a Tau skimmer always purchase the Skyray.

Tools and Materials
Here are the Tools I will be using during this guide. The Dremel tool is nice to have however not required. Most jobs I use the Dremel for you can use hand tools and accomplish the same effect. CA is a must as you will need it to bond magnets to plastic and metal parts. I prefer CA + which is a thicker formula and has a longer cure time than thinner versions. A word on plastic glue, I use Model Master Liquid Cement for joints that are in two halves and need to be joined. I use the Plastruct glues and Tenax 7R for joints that are already assembled. You only need Plastruct Plastic Weld OR Tenax 7R, you don't need all 3 glues. These style glue will wick into the assembled joint and bond the joint. I also used some clamps I for holding parts together while they dry. These are really nice to have and you will see them in several photos. I mainly used them during the build because I was building 6 tanks all at once. You don't need these but they are nice to have.

You will also need an Xacto knife for cutting sprue and plasticard. Some hobby sanding films come in handy (but are not required) to smooth any glue joints over. Finally you need a hand drill. Pictured is the Gale Force 9 drill. If you can grab the whole GF9 "pinning kit" you will want to use the included pins later. You will need a 1/16th inch drill bit and a 1/8th inch drill bit (the 1/16th bit is included in the GF9 pinning kit).

Materials I used during this build are Plasticard, green stuff, and 1/16" pins. The magnets I will be using are mostly 6mmx1.5mm disks these are just the right size for most applications. I also will be using 1/8"x1/16" and 1/16"x1/32" magnets. Epoxy coated magnets are more expensive but stick better to plastic and greenstuff. I use regular magnets and just sand them lightly to give CA a nice surface to bond too.

Once you receive your magnets you will want to make a "keying magnet". This is simply any magnet with one surface painted red and the other surface painted black.

12-08-2008, 23:30
Skimmer body

On to the build! You will want to partially assemble your Skimmer bodies. I've found the following order the best way to assemble a Tau tank. First bond the seats/landing gear bays to the bottom hull. Then bond the upper hull and lower hull together. Once this is dry glue in the center upright piece. At this step we will start adding magnets.

First we need to build a base for the turret out of Plasticard. Cut a 34mmx41mm rectangle out of your plasticard.
This piece should be glued under the turret on the inside of the tank hull.
You want this piece to be very dry before continuing the rest of the build.

At this point you can finish building your skimmer body. Glue in the rear most piece let it dry then glue on the two side pieces. Leave the hatches off until the very end.

Before you continue you want your skimmer body to be dry, so wait about 30 minutes to continue.

12-08-2008, 23:32
Turrets and Tribulations

You'll want to locate all the turrets their should be 3 included in the kit. A Skyray turret, a Hammerhead turret, and a Devilfish turret. I will also show you how to turn a gun drone into turret.

Begin by attaching your keying magnet to 1 other magnet. I keep the red side up whenever attaching anything to the hull of the vehicle. This ensures that all your hulls will match all your turrets and accessories. Rough up the bottom of the magnet and apply a drop of CA to it. Glue it to the center of your skimmer turret body.

13-08-2008, 01:17
I found the Skyray turret is the easiest and most secure turret to assemble. I use this turret to key ALL MY OTHER SKIMMER HULLS. This is very important when your building new tanks to make certain everything fits together. Mix a small ball of greenstuff and mash it into the center of the turret.
Don't overfill this area, I push my thumb into the body to mash out any excess. If you overfill this you will make a mess later so better to add too little and beef it up later than to add too much and make a giant mess.
Next place 1 magnet onto the skimmer body turret.
Roughen the top of this magnet and add a very small drop of CA to it. Push the Skyray turret firmly down onto this magnet and twist around the body one or two full turns, then hold firmly for about 20-30 seconds.
Remove the turret and you if everything went as planned you should have a perfect depression and a magnet stuck firmly in the middle.

13-08-2008, 01:18
The depression on the hammerhead turrets is a little bit wider so you will need a bit more greenstuff here.

To create the Devilfish turret you have two methods. One is to cut the included turret, and the other is to modify a gun drone. Cut off the bottom half of the Devilfish turret so that it sits flush on the skimmer body.

13-08-2008, 01:19
From here you can either add a plasticard deck or use the greenstuff method you used previously. If you add a plasticard deck you can glue in a modified tank commander.
If you prefer this turret to always be closed then just use the greenstuff method and glue the top hatch shut. http://i511.photobucket.com/albums/s355/Linkdead27/devilfishturret4.jpg

13-08-2008, 01:20
To modify a gun drone simply cut out the center of the drone with a dremel tool (or a cutting tool). Add a small ball of greenstuff and using the above method glue in the magnet.

13-08-2008, 01:20
Rail Heads and Ion Cannons

In this section we will magnetize the two weapons to the Hammerhead turret. Glue a magnet to the top of the weapon mount, try and center this as carefully as you can.

The rail head assembly begins by first cutting two pieces of sprue to glue into the top of the hammerhead to create a deck.
I also glue in two 1/16 inch brass pins at this time to keep the rail head straight.

13-08-2008, 01:21
Glue together the two rail head halves. Once dry mix up a ball of greenstuff and place it inside the rail head mount.
Stick one magnet to the turret side, roughen it up with some sandpaper, then add a small drop of CA. Push the rail head straight down onto this mount and [b]hold it in position[/b for several seconds. You should be able to remove the rail head and have the magnet stuck inside the weapon.

13-08-2008, 01:21
The ion head is a little more difficult due to how deep the mounting cavity is. Again cut a deck out of sprue and glue it in place before joining the ion cannon halves. Then repeat the above process.

13-08-2008, 01:22
Front weapon turret

The front weapon turret requires 1/8th inch magnets and the 1/8th inch drill bit.

13-08-2008, 01:22
Removable seeker missiles
This section uses 1/16th inch magnets and drill bits.

13-08-2008, 01:26
Reserved: One more page of pictures to post.

Also some write ups are coming for the seeker missile and front turret sections. I'll also be magnetizing some Rhinos and Tyranids in future posts.