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12-08-2008, 23:59
I run a mobile high elf army with the main hitting units being my dragon, chariots and Dragon Princes. My list is pretty much all comers with one element that changes. With infantry block to take. First here is the list:

Lord on Stardragon
-Lance, vambrances, calador armor

Lvl 2 mage
-x2 dispel scroll

Lvl 2 Mage
-Crystal that steals a Pd and turns it into a DD

10 Archers

10 archers

Lion chariot

Lion Chariot

5 Dragon Princes
-Musician and champion

1 unit of 20 Infantry with full command

20 phoenix guard w/ warbanner
20 Whitelions w/ Lion standard
20 Swordmasters w/ lion standard

Ill be playing two games soon one against ogres, the other against dark elves. With anchor unit should i take against each opponent?

13-08-2008, 00:05
I'd take phoenix guard against dark eldar (to survive shooting and magic with that nice 4+ ward), and take swordmasters against ogres (frontage of 10) to slaughter the poor fatties.

13-08-2008, 03:18
In a big unit, the PG own. Very few opponent can kill 5 with a 4+ ward.

Can u drop mages in lion chariots? This list would b a lot better if the chariots were US5.

13-08-2008, 10:45
No mages cant go in lion chariots,

As for against ogres, I also figured swordmasters cause of the extra damage potential and the fact that ogres are very light on shooting. (baring my opponent doesnt take an army of leadbelchers) Which i doubt, but ive never seen or played against his army. he is also newish to fantasy so a mistake here might not be that devastating.

My real concern is the dark elves. I have played a couple games against him. Each being a draw. (Mainly my dragon saved the day and ate half his army while the rest of mine kind of ran away) Forgot about the rule of reroll psych test and took a dragon mage which died very early on (They have too little survivability for 400 point guys).

Anyway, I expect to see an uber unit of black guard, lots of cold ones, lots of repeater crossbows, not too many mages, and i Think some bolt throwers and an MSU of executioners, with an assisan most likely. So I figured Swordmasters are out, cause of the shooting. So the question is can my phoenix guard handle cold ones or black guard on their own, long enough for my dragon and chariots can eat through the rest of his army? Or are stubborn whitelions a better option, They might actually kill something but i almost expect them to loose because of their glass jaw.

13-08-2008, 11:41
You don't really need to take Helf elite infantry in box of 20, 15 is allready very good and a tough nut (Ok mayby Guard could need size of 20 to fearbreak.) and saves a lot of points. Anyway if your looking for just a one unit I would go for White Lions because they can survive from Delf shooting and smash anything your opponents will throw on them.

Also change the overpriced princes champion to a flag and Lion Chariots to Tiranocs.

14-08-2008, 01:24
no way, lion chariots have been amazing for my army, even if i just park them and go come on then try that flank, the enemy avoid them like the plague, that edge is priceless, but you do lack the one thing that screws ogres completely, static CR, spears will do well against ogres and d elf, would give them a run out instead of elite and use points saved for RBTs, but then again i wouldnt take dragon, so we prob have well different play styles, good luck either way