View Full Version : Bretonnian Men-at-Arms

13-08-2008, 16:17
For all loyal knights out there: do you run your men-at-arms in blocks of 15, 20, 25, or 30? This would be a hypothetical unit acting in support of knights, not as a peasant army.

13-08-2008, 16:19
IF I was to use men at arms (and I haven't for years) I would use them in units of 25.

The point of them is to add ranks, and 25 means you can take a few losses and still give full ranks to your knights.

30 obvioiusly would be better but I don't think you need to go that far (save the 25 points to get another knight).

13-08-2008, 22:01
20 works grand, a lot of the time ppl just ignore them (only the first few games tho, then they realise their error) to concentrate on knights, ideally i prefer 25 tho, just in case

13-08-2008, 23:09
I'd have a couple of units of 25/30 (or bigger the better :p), IF I was going to do a bret army it would have to have a couple of units of M@A, Bowmen and a Relique, none of this boring all knight charge charge charge guff some bret armies are. ;)

14-08-2008, 00:45
TBH i found a mixed army is more fun to play with and against, also more effective as it isnt a one trick pony, and on top of that, the peasant models and background is so cool who wouldnt want them, always take the empathetic knight too :)

14-08-2008, 04:04
20 for me. Ideally, they're not going to be in a protracted combat as their knight buddies will be in a flanking position...

14-08-2008, 06:04
I have 2 lists. One fields them in 20 and the other 25. They usually act as my damsel's body guard,(with praying icon, they are the poor men's grail pilgrims. ) I task them with multiple tasks... First would be shielding my lvl2 damsel(which is effective against harrying fast cavalriess with wild lore spell), capturing table quarters, and support knights when needed.