View Full Version : Rejigged Animosity

13-08-2008, 19:22
Ello chaps,

I was looking through the Orks codex and noticed how, in spite of all the background, they don't actually have a rule dealing with infighting. That stays firmly in the backgrounds, and yet the army gets that random, ramshackle Orky feel to it.

And so, I was thinking about massively tuning down the power of Animosity for the Fantasy Boyz. However, this has been in the rules for a long time and so it didn't seem right to cut it out, but it can certainly be toned down, alot.

The General is always da biggest, meaning he has a pair of lungs on him and can shout out both orders and abuse to nearby Greenies. Units within 12" of the General do not need to test for Animosity. You can still roll if you want, you just don't need to test...

Units further than 12" must roll a dice before your movement phase. On a 1, the unit immediately moves their full move distance towards the nearest visible enemy unit. This may not be a march move, but if it contacts an enemy it counts as a charge. They may move as normal and declare charges during the following movement phase.

Units led by a Boss, Big Boss or Warboss will roll 2 dice, and the player may choose which one to use. Units containing a Black Orc will not test.

On the turn a WAAAGH! is called, all units must test even if they are within 12" of the General. All units will test with an extra dice, and may add their rank bonus to the roll. Goblins may only count 1 rank for this. If any of the dice are a 1, then they must move as detailed above.
All Black Orcs, and units led by a Black Orc character will automatically count as rolling a 1 during a WAAAGH!

This makes the army-wide rule into a positive one rather than a negative one. Players have some control over it as well, from the Bosses beating some sense/enthusiasm into the nearby Greenies.

Whatcha reckon?