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13-08-2008, 21:51
Greetings all. Today was an exciing match. The Forces of chaos attempted to assail an empire city and came upon a host of undead led by a menacing vampire. The herald of khorne bellowed a challenge but then stood down as the warbands leader the Tzeentch herald Ankhanar stepped forward and offered to assist the vampires in the slaughter. the empire rose quickly t defend its territory and a squad of lustrian suarous and skinks appeared as well (no clue how lol). and thus good and evil will clash once more.

My army consisted of:
Ankhanar: Lvl2, flames of tzeentch, and spell breaker.

Herald of khorne: fiery blade and armor of khorne.

14x bloodletters (FC)
19 horrors FC
4 flamers +pyro caster
5 flesh hounds
3 screamers

my ally had

a unit of skellies with the vamp general and another vamp

2 units of ghouls (the 2 attack ones)

a LARGE unit of bloodknights.

and a 3rd vampire (i think with knights)

as for my opponents the empire player had 2 captains
2 units ofknights
1 wizard
1 big block of swordsmen and a detachmen of gunners
5 pistoliers.

as for the lustrian general

he had a skink priest, a saurous hero, mounted saurous, slamander, a skink unit, sauros unit, and 6 skink scouts

both allies played side by side and combined magic and dispel pools and the forces of evil won first go.

Turn 1:

Moved up all my units and casted 3 spells (boon of tzeentch), glean magic, and flickering fire. and all were dispelled by scrolls and dice wich let me chuckle with delight (hes out of scroll in first turn!) then my young ally casted one of his spells and killed 2 skinks (nice one man ^_^). and the other opponent dispelled (with scroll) my ally's second spell.

Shooting phase : I LOVE FLAMERS the 4 flamers and pyrocaster shot at salamander and killed the 3 skinks with him and did 2 wounds on the salamander. it rolled a 4 so it cannot move (HAHAHAHAH!)

Enemy turn 1:

skink scouts appeared to do nothing and he moved his army forward shooting and taking down 2 skellies. could not cast due to massive DD dice from us
Empire player moved his units closer and shot at me killing 2 bloodletters and 1 horrors.

Evil cupcakes turn 2:

charge empire big unit (a captain with stuborn banner and wizard in swordsman block) with me blood letters follow by a charge to his unit of knights on the flank. others moved forward (except flamers they were in range of owning). i casted the boon and used glean magice wich was dispelled. but i pulled off flickering flame killing 2 pistoliers. screamers flew over the scouts (killing 3 ) and killing the remaining pistoliers.

Shooting: FLAMERS SHOT AND DID 15 HITS!!! and killed about 8 saurous warriors (helping my ally alot).

Close combat!: bloodletters were challenged by his captain with the banner and then (through some thinking) the herald yelled: YO! ma lil homie will ride on yas! and thus the unit champion accepted the challenge and surprisingly killed the captain and the bloodletter+ herald did 5 wounds causing the empire regiment to break i ran after them but ran into his detachment of 5 handgunners (hehehhe). and as for the flesh hounds so far it was 2 for 2 (2 knights dead and 2 flesh hounds dead).

my saurous opponent was decimating the skiellie unit and a ghould unit and charge the bloodknights with both the remaining saurous and the cavalry.

opponent phase:

the crafty empire general had a plan he took his unit of knights and positioned himself to charge the vampie general and what was left of the skellies. then combat : his hand gunners were decimated and my bloodletters overan into the fleeing unit with his wizard thus killing them. and his other unit of 3 knights took the hounds down to 1 hound.

at this point vamp and saurous general were bickering about something.

Turn of Evil 3: the could not stop my magic this time as i casted glean magic to cast the Casanova meteor thing! and put it right behind his saurous units. and i moved my flamers in position (between vamp general and emoire genereal) to block the charge. and shot his lone skink priest killing him. myscreamers finished off the scouts. and my hound was killed :(.

Turn 3 empire (sarous and vamps still locked in combat) knowing he only had his other unit of 3 knights he knew it was up to his general and 5 knights to attempt to slavage this battle. he NEEDED to kill my flamers before my horros and screamers and bloodletters got down there. so with a valiant charge he galloped with his bodyguards at the 5 flamers of tzeentch. they stood firm and shot killing 2 of his tin can buddies. and in the charge they wounded and killed 1 flamer. and in return the flamers killed one of his knights. he won combat due to banner and i rolled a 2 and a3 so i was good (ld7-1= 6). the vampire was delightied and began break dancing.

Enemy turn 4: my meteor landed killing his saurous, hurting and killing 3 skinks and killing 2 bloodknights and the last 3 ghouls of one of his ghould units. (woops).

not much the empire general could do but fight he did one wound which was saved. and then the flamers killed his buddies. leaving him alone. he fled and was caught by the flamers and killed.

Turn 5:

both vamp and saurous generals began to harass one another and then were finally boh Disquallified and mustleave it to me and the empire player (who had nothing but 3 knights left) this i ended it with flickering fire killing the 3 amigos.

It was a nice victory although i was displeased that the other two could not stop fighting. it is a game and fighting takes the the fun out of it. Heck the empire geneal and me were making rude joke and both laughing are hearts out. at least we 2 had fun ( minus his army being killed to a man). and just for show i marched my bloodletters and screamers towards the remenants of the sourous/ vampire battle. (it was unclear who was winning but the vampire general was safe thus i would have sacked the remaning saurous cavalry with my near full 2 units of infantry and sceamers and flamers.
Hope you all enjoyed. i really had fun (until the two gentleman began fighting) and am glad that the forces of evil managed to subdue their opponents with very little casualties:skull:.

16-08-2008, 06:00
I'd like to show your behind my Casanova meteor if you know what I mean? :p

I liked the battle report, even if it was somewhat unluckily spelled at times. I assume this was a 1000 points battle? I also love the reason for the fight.

16-08-2008, 10:22
I'd like to show your behind my Casanova meteor if you know what I mean? :p

I liked the battle report, even if it was somewhat unluckily spelled at times. I assume this was a 1000 points battle? I also love the reason for the fight.

hahaha and i would steal it with glean magic ^_^. yeah my keyboard tends to get ahead of me (sorry for spelling errors). this was a 1250 battle (ish) and which fight were you referring to? the fight (as in why evil teamed up?) or the fight between the two other generals?lol it was sad:o over tiny little things which i encouraged the vamp general to just let is slide ( i was almost done with the empire general thus could have flanked the saurous guy and pummled him into a pile of smelling dino poop :evilgrin: