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Ambull Tau
04-11-2005, 17:27
Have seen this around on a few forums, and it looks good:

A fine blend of Inquistor and WHFRP. Anyone tried it?

Ambull Tau
07-11-2005, 13:45
Deadlyreg ran an Imperial Guard game last night using Imperium.

Combat is utterly devastating, though it led to a fair amount of 'Sharpe' style heroism. System seems fairly balanced. Psykers are balanced out by being pariah sand poorly equipped, Ogryns by being stupid etc.

And all the cool toys? Unless the GM is running Space Marines, forget it. Just the Flak Armour and the faitrh in the Golden Throne to protect you.

Game play is smooth and suitably dark. No suprises really, but I thought I'd share.

Jo Bennett
07-11-2005, 19:36
It was written by a friend of mine, I was involved in one of the playtest campaigns and it is mighty fun. I think it is more suited to the WFRP style, ie avoiding combat like the plague.