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14-08-2008, 14:06
Hello all, decided to come back for a bit...

Anyway, heres a list I tried out for a fun 1000 points game (against elves...):

Abbot "Evil Scum don't ***** with me" Murphy
Warrior Priest
Hammer of Judgement
Enchanted Shield
Barded Warhorse
Heavy Armour

Gnarl, the Grim
Battle Wizard
Lv 2
Van Horstmann's Speculum
Power Stone

26 Swordsmen
Full Command

11 Free Company

10 Archers

5 Knights
Inner Circle
Full Command
Standard of Arcane Warding



Power Dice: 4 (With 1 bound Spell)
Dispel Dice: 4

What do you think?
Any obvious errors?

14-08-2008, 15:57
Just for the sake of argument - you could drop the mortar, 2 swordmen, the marksman and 2 militia for 10 flaggelants? They'd could shore up a flank, protect your cannon and archers or simply dive into the face of something nasty so your priest-led knights could flank them?

Plus they'd be fluffy and the models are great

14-08-2008, 22:21
With their special rule im not sure 10 would be a good investment, especially skimping on the protection for myother squads IMHO.

Whats the point of Unbreakable if your gonna kill yourself anyways...

Besides that I don't have any flaggelants! :p But it does have prospects...

15-08-2008, 06:40
dont bother taking the mortar, one of my friend has taken it like 30 games in a row and i didnt even ONCE make in its point. Take another cannon instead

15-08-2008, 12:23
Whats the point of Unbreakable if your gonna kill yourself anyways...

You can choose not to martyr though

15-08-2008, 13:49
Mortar's are a "punch's in bunch's" Type weapon. In a 1k game, it can have its uses..O&G or undead will definatly outnumber you, so it will help you there. Against elves, while it can do well. I honestly think you would do better with another unit.

I think you will be facing alot of Fast Cav with any of the elven races, or small units of elite troops. So the Cannon will be good for the Cavalry (as most will take a unit of heavy cav for punch) I think another unit will help you more then the mortar will

15-08-2008, 17:15
Well, in my first game with the mortar i hit 19 guys :D (Only killed 7 of the elf spearmen though, curse you dice gods!)

The second time I got a direct hit on a Pheonix Guard unit! I love them so much :D

Still, by taking it out, i get 75 points to play around with. Personally I like the chance to reduce the odds of a combat in my favour. The main problem I think the army will have is, is that it can only really take on 1 unit at a time. Knights flanking on their own is a bit risky.

Another thing that would be cool is to buy the scout rule for my archers, to try and slow down the enemy so i can thin out their strong units with my artillery. Thoughts?

15-08-2008, 17:47
To be honest I much prefer my scouts to be expendable, 100+ points makes killing them too worthwhile IMO. BoC, Woodies, spider-riders, or anything else that can move through woods will most likely win in a fight at a lower points cost. Maybe if you were very shooty and it was worth it to slow them down, but not so much when you actually want to get stuck in.

How about pistoliers? If you drop the mortar and one or two swordmen you could fit in a unit of 5 - they can do all the stuff huntsmen can, plus tip a big combat in your favour while still be fluffy as well.

16-08-2008, 05:39
Hate to nreak it to you, there not much "fluffy" about this list (until i make up some fluff ;))

Scouts in a 1k game could be a nasty surprise. Your right though, they would be best protecting the artillery...

Pistoliers could harass units, and could take down enemy artillery or shooting units, or even kill rogue wizards... Still I think dropping the mortar would be a heavy price...

Better for killing archers/artillery

Expensive (By comparison)
Unreliable (A lone unit will usually acheive nothing)

Has incredibal Potential
Less Support needed for it.

Unreliable (Misfire Dice...)

Meh... Any other ideas?

09-09-2008, 20:34
dont bother taking the mortar, one of my friend has taken it like 30 games in a row and i didnt even ONCE make in its point. Take another cannon instead

True enough Mortars are not as reliable at killing enemies as cannons but can be fantastic against horde armies and even fat units of heavily armoured infantry and are 25point cheaper. I do tend to take one in 2k along with 2 cannons. In a recent game against Chaos (mixed beast/warriors) I had a Mortar depspatch 7 Chaos Warrios from a unit of 15 with one shot, breaking it and making them run for the board edge. Lolzors! :D Now granted that was it for the whole game from the poxy thing but it made me smile and my opponent cry so well worth it! The 2 cannons did take out at least 3 times their points each but they lack that one turn magic that the Mortar CAN bring to the field.

09-09-2008, 21:55
Remember the Mortar is the large template, as I discovered after a good 15 games with my Empire force...after having slagged them off for so long...suddenly they become so spiffing I run two in my 2k list now - they are worth 75 points, Str 3 AP1 is excellent when you consider range and the template.