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14-08-2008, 21:11
This is my first attempt at running a campaign for 40k and I've developed a prototype rules set that I wanted you folks to look at and tell me what you thought.

My goal with all these rules is to affect the stratagey of the game and not the tactics. I'm hoping that comes through. Please let me know if you think something is too powerful, broken or too weak as well as your reasons why.

The map is going to be broken up into 40 areas, each area given a point value as well as a classification.

20 areas will be given troop classifications and will range from 250-500 points.

15 Areas will be given vehical classifications and will range from 100-200 points

5 areas will be given wargear classifications and will be at 200 points each.

The points generated from each area can only be used in that catagory.

Troop area points cannot be used to buy tanks or wargear for HQ or Sergant upgrades.

Vehical area points can only be used on vehicals and vehical upgrades.

Wargear area can only use points for wargear on HQ units, unit leaders and special characters.


1. An area can provide it's point total to a controling player per turn.

2. If a player uses an area for it's points in purchasing units/upgrades, it is considered "tapped". (Too much MtG, I know)

3. Areas that are untapped are able to generate an army size equal to the points they can generate for defence. A new army is not formed, this is only a defence force. If an army is already on the area, the area may not be used to generate more troops. They are guarding fortifications and what not.

4. If an area is tapped, it is unable to defend itself without an army in the area and may be taken control of by another player's army.

5. A player may tap an area at the end of his turn to put 1/2 of it's total point value into a resource pool. The player may not tap an area on another players turn unless his army gives him the ability to do so.

14-08-2008, 22:11
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