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15-08-2008, 11:31
Hello has all, Voila as a lot of you must know it the white dwarf proposed rather regularly since its creation a column named the choice of weapons.
This column proposes has several players to make an army at time defined with a final value of 1500pts.
With the return of this column in the WD of August some players one decided to dash inside and to announce you the evolution of their army.
The purpose being for each to play in the final with a painted army which he doesn't know.
In the participants we have the 3membres staff of the store GW tours (france) and 2 customers.
Every painter of this choice of weapons are correct painters what promises to give very nice armies.

Eric with a tau army
Loïc with a dark angel army
Julien with a necron army
theo with a SM army
And myself Anselme with a renegade army

The armies must be painted for a period of neighborhood 2mois (that is 3mois at least than the reality choise of weapons).
These armies will give places to conflicts, which will indeed be on estate afterward.
And which know can be that final said armies has will exceed 1500pts And that we shall arrive one has an apocalyptic choise of weapons, but we are not there there.
I let to the players in question make you discover their strategies and their armies, with advice of painting has supports for those the desirous.


Sorry if the translation is not exceptional I am going to do my best.
If you have questions of paintings I shall ask in for concerned painters and it would be pity to deprive you of this article which is a small challenge in painting.

17-08-2008, 09:49
i beginning by me^^
" The mist gets up murmured the captain Erguer or at least what was formerly a captain "
Finally all this to say that I begin to make my renegades, my objective for the moment is to take up, to convert and to paint the equivalent of a pack of the imperial guard. There is in this pack:
1leman russ,
20 guards,
3heavy weapons which will be for me of missile launchers.

20 guards already rose, 2 squads are equipped with radio, with grenades launcher, and of a leader of squad.
I have however one can cheated with regard to the normal group of guards of GW because I added has my squads an autocannon and a heavy bolter.
My first squad is equipped with rifles lasers and my second of automatic rifles.

The very simple leman russ simply equipped with smoke (which are very useful with the new rules), and of a heavy bolter of hull.
And a team of 3missiles launcher which will later be affiliated has my HQ.

I do not have more than to reboucher holes with greenstuff and to sculpture quite the bottoms of tunics to mitigate in highly-rated clean of cadiens.

This part of my army represents 421points

05-10-2008, 09:42
For loic’s dark angel

In my collection of the choice of weapons I thus chose dark angels and I got ready a list of armed with 1500 points in a 1st time has to make and has to paint:

-master of compagnie Armaüs:
plasma pistol, energétic sword 130

-escouade de commandement:
1 champion of compagnie
1 plasma
1 standard bearer
1power sword 190


- tactical squad
10 spaces marines:
melta, power sword 190

-tactical squad
10 spaces marines
plasma, power sword 195


- devastator squad
4 missile launcher 170

las canon
twin las canon 165

fast attack

-ravenwing attack squadron
6 bikes, 1 assault bike, land speeder
power sword 335


heavy plasma launcher 125

Total 1500

And this evening I attack the assembly of my attack squadron of the ravenwing

05-10-2008, 09:55
for the djou's necrons

Check in these tarés 4 there is 3 staff GW and an idiot, it is me... (Whatever the others are so more or less glandus but that it is another story) as Anselminus announced it I participate in this choice of weapons with the beautiful of the big person of the sturdy man of the boring of the vindictive … Of the nécron. List of not still totally established army, I am already going to make with the figurines which I have at home, before being supposed to be in the purchase for the rest of my troops

My army has already not bad advanced, (who said that that reflected fast nécrons???? How's that it's a cheat?? But Kal will show that I put a sense of honor has to paint my nécrons as a slug).
I thus have at the moment there gone up / painted / playable of...
1 Lord (equipment has to define) min: 100 pts, max 210

2 x 10 warriors 360 points

3 Spectres 123 points

3 Destroyers 150 points

3 Scarabs 36 points

1 heavy Destroyer 65 pts.

What gives us minimum 834 points, maximum 944 points... A priori my next stage will be mecarachnides 1 or 2, 1 or 2 heavy Destroyers, of the scarab has profusion (méca oblige) I met myself 16 Warriors in my mess (among which 8 unsuspected which they did behind my books??? As if I knew how to read) thus possibility of adding of the metallic skeleton later....Later, has to see at the level of squads it is not defined yet. I thus have not bad job on the board for ébarber and to paint all this beautiful small world, but normally that should be good for September for me...
it's for my contribution.