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16-08-2008, 02:50
Here is the first prototype list for my Assassin's Guild.

Please rate, comment, and feel free to change it!

Oh yeah, and this is my first list...so it may be kinda bad!



x10 Warriors

x10 Warriors

x10 Warriors

x15 Witch Elves

x10 Shades

x7 Shades

x15 Witch Elves

x10 Executioners

x 7 Assassins w/ Rending Stars, Dark Venom and Manbane.

Everything except the Assassins have nothing on them, so I might be yelled at for that. My logic is that they are Assassin platforms so they can sneak up and jump out of them.

Feel free to criticize to your hearts content, I'd really like an army with some bite that is competitive.

So yeah, please help out with this list, I am really looking forward to playing a Assassin heavy army!

16-08-2008, 04:13
You're over your allotment of Special slots. You've got 5 special units listed after all. I don't have the DE book so there may be some rule about it that allows 5 specials, I dunno, I don't have it yet.

An all-assassin army is certainly an interesting idea, but I can't help but think you're shortchanging yourself. No magic, no magic items for the Dreadlord, no command for the warriors, no great weapons for the shades, no command for the executioners or witch elves...

Kind of a one-trick pony. How are you going to deal with heavy cavalry, for example? You've only got the one unit of Executioners, and your Assassins don't have the strength or KB to knock down a charge from even regular T3 Knights.

A neat idea, but really ineffective in a competitive sense. I'd really just try it out in a friendly setting once just for laughs, but then move onto something a bit less specialized.

Having said that, this may very well annihilate any HE players you run into :)

16-08-2008, 11:57
This is actually quite an interesting idea, the changes I would make if I was playing it myself are as follows:

1. Get the Ring of Hotek and Seal of Ghrond (if they're not in the same section, can't remember off the top of my head) on your Dreadlord - that'll give you three dice to stop that shade-killing magic missile and the fear of miscasts for anything directed at your lines.
2. Drop one unit of WE (because of special slot limitations) and bring the other unit to 14 (fielded 7x2) as well as bumping the execs up to 14 as well (also 7x2). Make sure they both have champions so the assassins can kill rank and file and I'd also swap the rending stars and dark venom on 4 or 5 of the assassins for the D3 extra attacks.
3. Give both units of shades GWs, even if it means dropping one or two from the big unit
4. Get some basic gear on the dreadlord and mount him (he can still join infantry as normal) - giving him a steed, sdc, h/a, enchanted shield and a lance will make him quite useful at killing small units, tipping combats, etc.
5. Give every unit musicians, cheap but can tip combats or stop that assassin-laden units from fleeing off the board.
6. Get some harpies, they're fluffy and they can be send to stop shooters ASAP

Good luck with this, I'm actually tempted to try something similar some day soon. I'm sure many people would disagree with these suggestions but there's my 2 cents anyway.