View Full Version : The Ghoul Stars

Burning Star IV
16-08-2008, 05:22
The Ghoul stars: whats up? What happens there? Anything notable located in the region, etc? I'm intrigued by this locale because its on the very edge of the galaxy, incredibly far from Terra, and someone saw fit to name them "ghoul stars" after all. Sounds like a neat neighborhood. Also, the planet Desperation located nearby (relatively)- Any info on it? I'm thinking of basing my chapter there if there isn't any pre-existing fluff.

16-08-2008, 07:19
well theres that mutant race that lives there. BRB is not with in reaching distance and i already in bed.

umm. google what ever the hell race it is and it will tell you that there are some extremely aggresive creatures in there. were talking about something that makes an ork look like a tree hugging hippie. but umm.. i guess you could make your chapter around them. sending your scouts and recruits and what not up against them and reward the survivors with some power armour