View Full Version : 1000pt Orcs and Goblins force

16-08-2008, 05:55
Hi all,

I'm thinking of running this in a short campaign I'm taking part in soon. How does it look?

Night Goblin Big Boss "Zigzub Gimwit Skarrat, Big Boss of the Eight Peaks Expeditionary WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"
-Martog's Best Basha
-Mad Cap Mushrooms
-Enchanted Shield
-Light Armour

Night Goblin Shaman
-Level 2
-3 Magic Mushrooms

Orc Shaman
-General (Not fluffily though)
-Level 2
-Waaaagh! Paint

29 Night Goblins
-Full Command
-3 Fanatics

24 Orc Boyz
-Full Command

20 Night Goblins
-Short Bows

20 Night Goblins
-Short Bows

5 Goblin Spider Riders
-Short Bows

5 Squig Hoppers

6 Power Dice
4 Dispel Dice
109 Models
998 Points


16-08-2008, 11:45
Id swap squig hoppers for squigs, and mabey tone down the big boss for some wolf-riders or more fanatics?

16-08-2008, 15:41
Also you may want to think about army your goblins with hand weapons and shield instead of spears to get the armor save bonus. Even if you have to trim off the spears and replace them with HWs it is worth it.

Two shamans might be alot in 100 points. If you are going magic heavy the staff of sneaky stealing is always funny.

Oh and don't take a champion for your NG unit it doesn't really add anything useful.