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16-08-2008, 15:47
hej guys as you can see from my name i play wolves.
what i was wondering, would gw make faq's for the other chapters. like

and what would it contain?
would relic blades be enabled for all?
seeing as the sw have a frost blade that is s5 and their the aussalt army.

just curious what you guys think will there be a faq,who knows

Templar Ben
16-08-2008, 16:03
The will not use FAQ generally to adjust points or to add units to an army list. They expect you to ask your opponent and if he (or she) agrees you just use it.

GW tries to be very "hands off".

16-08-2008, 16:14
Bell of lost souls said that they'd release a FAQ for those chapters, so at least something will probably carry over. I really doubt relic blades, but things like 3+ storm shields I'd think are a little more likely.

16-08-2008, 16:21
Has anyone noticed the Dark Angels FAQ has a completely blank page attached to it? Maybe its all the new options waiting to be put on lol.

In all seriousness, I'd only want to see the new vehicles and so on- points I think are balanced as they are. Oh, and feel no pain apothecaries- my Ravenwing would enjoy that!

16-08-2008, 16:39
FnP apothecaries, storm shields working for everyone, and maybe even the LR redeemer and scout speeder.

Deus Mechanicus
16-08-2008, 17:10
<--- Wants FnP for his Deathwing Apotechary.

16-08-2008, 17:12
^ oh dear! that would not be fun - poor death guard termi's with no FNP though!