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17-08-2008, 03:46

Long story short: I wanted a titan, something to hold out against the multitudes of baneblades and forgeworld titan out there. Problem was, I didn't nearly have enough to buy one. So I assembled one out of things out my house + plasticard. The assemble time up to this stage is about 4 hours. There are probably better stompas out there but I have yet to see one made out of a milk carton.

Items: Milk carton, plasticard,(thick and thin,) three thin long boxes, one wide long box, three toilet paper rolls, broken end off toy gun,a stick,metal glue, PVA glue white cardboard, hot gluesticks hole puncher, drill and wire.

I cut the top end off the milk carton and glued white cardboard sheets on the front. I cut two hols for the arms and shoved toilet paper rolls in each hole. I cut a circle out of cardboard to tightly place inside the right arm and cut two holes for two gulesticks.

The titan close combat weapon is a box with one long side and two short sides cut out. Cardboard 'teeth' are glued inside for the chainsaw.

The deth cannon is simply a wide and long box opened with a toilet roll inside and the broken end of a toy gun glued inside.

Feet are boxes with hole puncher nails made out of plasticard. The feet are attached vis holes in the carton and boxes, two holes in each foot and four holes in carton. Wire is threaded through and tied, it was the best I could do because PVA glue refused to stick. A small box was placed at the back to stop the stompa tipping backwards.

The banner is a stick through the hande of the milk carton with a cut out orky symbol held on by wire, because PVA glue didnt work so well.

I'm still making the supa-gatler, big shootas, an improvement for the deth cannon, boyz climbing over the stompa, supa-rokkits and have plans for the head.

WIP pictures of stompa with parts and a pic with an boy for size comparison-

17-08-2008, 10:12
Looking good, remember to add smaller 40k bits to him to give a sense of scale.

Hmmm Watermelon frost, thats an ol Chinese remedy for sore throats isn't it?

17-08-2008, 11:09
It's ok atm. I'll be interested to see the final model though.

24-08-2008, 03:51
Looking good, remember to add smaller 40k bits to him to give a sense of scale.

Hmmm Watermelon frost, thats an ol Chinese remedy for sore throats isn't it?

I'm going to add some ork models to it, I happened to have some watermelon frost boxes lying around, and yeah it's for sore throats.

I built the head out of plasticard, it kept falling apart in the beginning but if you apply lots of PVA glue to the sides it becomes quite durable. The original face was more goofy with a huge mouth but I changed it into a skull because it looked more sinister.

I attatched an easy-way cup to the top by cuttign the sides of the straw attatched to the stick and applying a heap of PVA glue, to hold it in place when it was drying I used sticky tape.

I built up the neck inside the carton with layers of cardboard.

24-08-2008, 07:36
Id place the feet more apart. Would look more orky and stable.

Hive M1nd
24-08-2008, 10:15
Looks good so far though I have some comments.

Looking closly at his eyes, you may want to go back and fix up some of the foamboard cuts. They look a little rough, though you may want that because it sorta looks orky.

You're going to have to fix his weapons up. That toilet roll 'aint working mate. Sorry if it sounds harsh though. Look for some bits and maybe scavage some bits that you cna make look more menacing.

Overall though it looks great. Its gonna look pretty sweet once its finished. Keep it up.


-Hive M1nd

24-08-2008, 10:15
Getting better

24-08-2008, 12:07
I agree with the Orky eyes being tidied up. Maybe a bit more angry looking, so I think chunky eyebrow bits would go a long way to helping this.