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18-08-2008, 03:04
So whats the history on Khaine? I know he got his butt kicked by Slaanesh and was split up into shards, and these are the avatars. But what about with Vaul and way back when, like Eldar mythology? In other words... Who, what, why and how(As in came to be, exist) is Khaine?

Oh, and if Dark Eldar are anything like Dark Elves, wouldn't Dark Eldar worship Khaine?

18-08-2008, 04:32
Khaine is the Eldar war God.....he did not "get his butt kicked" by Slaanesh but divided himself into shards to avoid said butt kicking.

As far as Eldar Myth goes he kicked Vauls and the other Eldar gods in the "butt". See the war in Heaven fluff and the to do about the swords of Vaul for details.

No..Dark Eldar would not "worship" much of anybody....they merely drink souls to replenish their own from the constant leehing from "She Tho Thirsts"....and it seems ...she is MIGHTY thirsty~,

18-08-2008, 05:09
Khaine was defeated by Slaanesh, but instead of being devoured, he was shattered.

Don't get Warhammer Dark Elves confused with 40K Dark Eldar. WFB Dark Elves worship Khaine, who is the god of Murder (and possibly an aspect of Khorne). 40K Dark Eldar don't worship anyone, but use slaves to keep Slaanesh at bay.

18-08-2008, 05:33
Khaine is Asuryan's brother. (Note the play on words-- Cain and Abel?)

WD 127 / Warhammer 40,000 Compilation says Khorne and Slaanesh fought over Khaine. Khorne wanted the warrior side of the Eldar psyche, while Slaanesh was eager to devour another Eldar god. When Khorne and Slaanesh were worn out fighting, Khaine was already split into shards, which fell into the wraithbone cores of the Craftworlds.


In the Eldar dance called "The Dream of Asuryan," the goddess Lileath has a dream. She sees Khaine defeated by a mortal. So Khaine goes on a rampage and kills many children of Kurnous and Isha, the Eldar race. Asuryan forbids all further contact between gods and mortals, expelling the Eldar from the heavenly realm.

Vaul the Smith God takes Isha's tears and creates the Spirit Stones. By using them, the Eldar maintain communication with Isha despite the separation. One day, Khaine overhears Isha whispering through a Spirit Stone, so he goes to Asuryan to report the disobedience. Asuryan gives Kurnous and Isha to Khaine.

Vaul makes a deal with Khaine to release Kurnous and Isha from imprisonment. In exchange for 1000 magical swords, Khaine agrees to release Kurnous and Isha. Vaul works day and night for a year, but near the end of the alloted time, only 999 blades are completed. Vaul takes a normal sword and hides them among the others. Too pleased to spot the deception, Khaine uses the blades against Kaelis Ra (Nightbringer) and the Nectontyr, but he is defeated when he attempts to use the unfinished sword, and part of Nightbringer becomes infused into his being, creating the Dark Reaper Aspect of his personality... and later, by bringing Death into the Eldar soul, the eventual Fall of the Eldar.

In his anger, Khaine fights with Vaul, chaining the Smith God to his own anvil. Vaul had the unfinished sword reforged to fight Khaine, which he called Anaris. As time passed, Anaris came to be in the possession of the hero Eldanesh. In order to prevent Lileath's prophecy from being fulfilled, Khaine murdered Eldanesh.

Asuryan cursed Khaine for his vile deed. For eternity, Khaine's left hand was to drip with the blood of Eldanesh (hence the Bloody Hand on the Avatar model.)


Waking the Avatar is a huge ritual. All the Craftworld's Exarchs gather in front of the Avatar's throne room and sing. The Aspect Warriors cover their bodies in runes of blood. An Exarch chosen to be the Avatar's sacrificial victim, the Young King, stands in front of the huge brass doors. When the ritual is almost complete, the doors fly open, and the Young King enters.

At the moment the Avatar emerges from the throne room and walks, the Aspect Warriors put their masks on, filled with Khaine's warrior energy. Of the Young King, there is nothing left.

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He also fought the Necrons,


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Wow, didn't know he was tainted by the nightbringer...