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18-08-2008, 11:45
What's the difference between the 'Lost and the Damned' and 'Legion of the Damned'?

I know the 'Legion of the Damned' was once a SM legion (The Ravens or something) that was lost in the warp and continue to support the Emplorer in the currrent form (of sorts).

But I haven't read a clear discription of 'Lost and the Damned'.

Lord Izrael
18-08-2008, 11:47
I think that the Lost and the Damned are Chaos Cultists, while the Legion of the Damned are the ex-Fire Hawks.

18-08-2008, 11:54
The lost and the damned are all damned humans who are not space marines.

So, there's the Dark Mechanicus, the cultists, the traitor guard, the mutants, the magisters, and all other kinds of traitors, poor people and mutants who have fallen to chaos...

And should be edradicated...

=][= Suffer not the unclean to live =][=

The glade wanderer

18-08-2008, 11:56
some more info if you haven't seen it yet:

18-08-2008, 15:31
The Lost and The Damn rules just represent the ill fated men of the imperium who have fallen under the sweet promises of Chaos (the usual power, wealth and of course the women), but on the other hand the rules could represent a rebel army corps with "stand in" models to represent for example a defiler (article regarding this was with a enemy formation known as the blood pact who use a vehicle "AV-7" which can be represented by a defiler"

Whilst the Legion of the Damned have multiaple rumors, mine favoured being the vengencful sprits of fallen space marine coming to reap revenge on there enemies, but a more logicial explanation (well in 3000k terms) would be that they were the Fire Hawks who disappeared only to come back as creatures plagued by some warp anonamy.

In summary Lost and the Damn are usually bad and The Legion of the Damned are usually heroic savouirs only to disappear as eerily as they came

18-08-2008, 17:51
i think the legion of the damned, who used to be the fire-hawks were a '13th' cursed founding chapter according to chapter approved. if i remember correctly there was a problem in the fire-hawks geneseed that caused a few individuals to burst into flames during battle. not sure if they were able to continue fighting while on fire, or if they survived. i think they went missing and reappeared as the legion of the damned.

Rabid Bunny 666
18-08-2008, 18:03
@straightsilver, that was a different chapter, can't remeber their names though, they burst into flames, the flames didn't hurt the marines as they saw it as the Emperor's fury incarnate. The Inquisiton on the other hand did not :evilgrin:

The lost and the Damned are the miscreants, mutants, turncoats, traitors and ne'erdowells that have fallen to the lure of the Chaos Gods.

The Legion of the Damned were the Fire Hawks Chapter. The entire chapter went missing in the Warp and were infected with a contagion that wasted their bodies away but kept their strength. Now they materialise whenever a battle needs to be won, before disappearing without a trace; no dead from their side or anything.

One ex Fire Hawk was found though. In Legion colours in a coffin in space, it was entirely wasted away.

18-08-2008, 18:16
Rabid Bunny, you're thinking of the Flame Falcons. They were based on Lethe and were celebrating the Emperor's Gift, manifest, when the Grey Knights killed the vast, vast majority of them and scattered the rest.

The Legion of the Damned is assumedly the Fire Hawks (21st Founding, same as the Flame Falcons) who were lost in the warp and return at key moments to save their brothers-in-arms. It's highly possible if the first assumption is true, that other Cursed Chapters, such as the Flame Falcons, or others, to have joined them at some other point in time and be afflicted/blessed by the same warp anomaly, or other plot-device :p

The Lost and the Damned are, as has been said, the various non-Astartes who have fallen to Chaos.