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18-08-2008, 20:22
Have been thinking up some datasheet ideas for Witch Hunters in Apocalypse as they dont have any!!! and I was wondering what you thought about them.

The 1st is a twist on the Eldar Spirit Host.

Name: Ecclesiarchy Choir

1 Priest with Adeptus Arbites bodyguards and 3+ units of Seraphins

Special Rules:
Strike Force: All models in the Ecclesiarchy Choir must be deployed within 12" of the Priest Unit, or, if coming on from reserve, they must enter the table within 12" of the point entered by the Priest Unit.

Angelic Sound: The sheer beauty of the sound of the Ecclesiarchy Choir on the battlefield is enough to turn any sister into a killing machine. Every Adepta Sororitas unit within 12" of the Ecclesiarchy Choir is Fearless.

The 2nd is also another twist on the Line Breaker squadron.

Name: Exorcism Squadron

Formation: 3+ Exorcist
One Exorcist must be designated as the command tank

Special Rules:
Strike Force: All models in the Exorcism Squadron must be deployed within 6" of the command tank, or, if coming on from reserve, they must enter the table within 12" of the point entered by the command tank.

Combined Fire: If three or more Exorcists in the formation fire at the same target, resolve the shots as an Apocalyptic barrage firing XD6 missles at STR 8 AP1. X being the amount of Exorcist firing at the same target. So first roll to see how many missles are fired then roll that many dice to see in which positions are hit by that missle. If more than 5 missles hit in the same area this will then get ungraded to a single destroyer hit in that area. This Destroyer hit may not be moved to another sections of the Apocalptic barrage template.

Please leave comments below. Was told by a GW staff member that Sisters wouldn't field a large tank squardron but he couldn't tell me why.

18-08-2008, 20:52
The Ecclisiarchy Choir is interesting, though I don't get the Priest with Bodyguard part. I would change it to a Sororitas Heroine and Seraphim Bodyguard. The Formation should probably be 150 points + Units since the units will all automatically be fearless, as well as any units which are within range of the formation.

The use of Blast Markers for the Exorcists, however, is completely without basis. Exorcists fire missiles, not barrage rockets (like a Whirlwind). They don't normally use a Blast Marker (like Vindicators), so having them combine into an Apocalypse Barrage is strange, especially considering the stats you have given the Appocalypse Barrage. Immagine just how powerful three (the minimum number you have listed) Exorcists would be when using Combined Fire. That would give you a S8 AP1 Apocalypse Barrage (3-18) weapon for a very cheap price. Too cheap unless the formation costs 300+ points (IMO). I suggest that you leave the Exorcists as direct fire, non-Blast weapons and perhaps add to the strength of the hits when multiple Exorcists fire. Perhaps the Combined Fire rules should be more along the lines of "The formation will fire D6 shots resolved at S8 AP1 (+D3 Strength for each additional Exorcist firing). Perhaps a threshold of if the total Strength is 20 or more, the shots are Destroyer.

18-08-2008, 23:26
I've also kicked around an idea for an Exorcist-based datasheet which would read something like this:

Formation: 3+ Exorcists
One Exorcist must be designated as the command tank. During the owning player's shooting phase, roll for the command tank's number of shots as normal. On a 4+, all other Exorcists in the squadron may use that result to determine their number of shots if they fire at the same target as the command tank. If they fire at different targets, other Exorcists in the squadron may only use the command tank's die result on a 5+.

I'm thinking this would be in the neighborhood of 75 points+the cost of the models, but I freely admit that may be too cheap.

19-08-2008, 03:49
75 points doesn't sound too bad for the ability to use the same die roll. You would be sacrificing the ability to roll higher 50% or 33% of the time.

19-08-2008, 04:11
I think an exclusive Superheavy would be great, a couple of Sanctum Imperialis Kits and a Baneblade, throw in half a dozen SoB Rhino/Immolator sprues for good measure and you've got a rolling shrine :D :D

If the models weren't so gosh darn clunky and expensive, I 'd suggest a massive wave of Penitent engines.
Do a Green Tide style formation with Repentia? Cannoness with 3+ Repentia squads ect ect (applause and a free psych evaluation for the guy who can field 100 repentia models!).