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19-08-2008, 01:21
That's right - first game of WFB -ever- (used to do the 40k thing) and my little pack of autumn wood elves will be going head to head with my just as new friend

WE Noble 116
Bow of Loren
Great Weapon
Light Armor

10 Glade Guard 120

6 Glade Riders 144

10 Dryads 120

500 even

i know 500 is not much to work with; but look at the massive horde he's about to fling at me leaves me a little worried; i was all set to rock the Alter Noble i've read so much about until i found out he can't be a general; damn

Needless to say I feel rather outnumbered; he's got something like 36 minis on the board including chariots and bestigors and all kinds of horrific stuff!


19-08-2008, 01:48
That's not bad at all for a first try!

As far as possible changes goes, I would suggest dropping 1 glade rider and adding a musician to the unit.

I am not sure whether the Bow of Loren is worth it on your Noble - I'd suggest the Hail of Doom Arrow. At 500 points, that can completely change the battle for you.

With those two changes you have 20 points free. I'd consider spending that on a Helm of the Hunt for your Noble.

19-08-2008, 01:50
It would be helpful if you included the points values for all the individual units. But from what I can tell, it looks like a decent army. You shouldn't let your enemy's numbers intimidate you. If you have better units and tactics then there's nothing to worry about.

22-08-2008, 21:56
We just finished the battle and it was quite the success on my part.

Here are both of the lists.

WE Noble 111
Hail o' Doom Arrow
Light Armor
Great Weapon

10 Glade Guard 120

6 Glade Riders 144

10 Dryads 120


Wargor 64
Great Weapon

Beast Herd A 115
9 Gor
5 Ungor - Shields

Beast Herd B 115
9 Gor
5 Ungor

10 Besitgor 120

Chariot 85


We set up with one hill and one small forest on either side of the board. I set my archers up on the hill with th lord besides them on the left flank of the board with the dryads and glade riders holding the middle. He more or less mirrored me going from my left to right; beast herd A - chariot - beast herd B - bestigors with his wargor amongst their ranks. I won the roll to go first.

Knocked 5 ungor out of herd B; they failed their panic test and rallied in his next turn. The lord fired off his Hail o' Doom at herd A with some rather pathetic results; 2 dead ungor... a 10 point return on a 30 point arrow...horray? He moved forward. My glade riders moved forward to begin the business of preventing marches.

More shooting. Nothing of real note panic wise; but the glade riders did manage to prevent the march on the Bestigor unit; drawing them a little off course on their path towards my line of archers. (or dryads as i would later learn)

I moved my riders out right between the bestigors and beast herd A. More shooting and i think by this point most of the ungors were nailed to the battle field with arrows. It was here that i began to get rather lucky; Herd A was more or less a turn away from charging my line of archers when they had a lapse in reason and failed their unruly test; and went on the warpath across the front of my archers towards my riders who then legged it.

TURN 4 - one turn to rule then all; one turn to bind them
My glade riders nailed 4 bestigor with absurdly accurate shots and sent them panic stricken across their own front line - right through Herd A who has just taken the worst part of my glade guard's close range volley; they subsequently turn and ran for safety; which apparently was off the board edge. This rendered Herd A out of the game; the bestigors running for the hills; Herd B somewhere in the distance still miles behind from their turn one lapse of courage. The chariot however was still bearing down on me.

The glade guard; running low on targets; decided that Herd B needed a revisiting and sent them panic stricken towards whatever hell hole spawned them; only to have the glade riders run them down. The chariot charged my archers and trampled 4 of them. The bestigors rallied (although they weren't in range to actually add to the battle in anyway)

By this point my dryads had decided to attempt to grace my army with their presence. Up until this point they had been backing up in order to prevent a charge from the bestigors way back in turn 3 - as a result they were no where near the action of the battle and didn't actually get a single thing done aside from stride about looking deadly. My Lord charged the chariot; which eventually resulting in the chariot fleeing; but not before it killed my lord in the process.

It was a pretty clear victory for the elves; the beastmen left with a fleeing chariot with 1 wound remaining and something like 7 bestigors including their wargor standing about taking in the scenery about one inch from the board edge.

I was left with 4 archers; my riders and dryads totally unscathed