View Full Version : Mum's Dark Elves with Malus @ 2250pts

Your Mum Rang
19-08-2008, 20:19
Hey all! Let me know what you think!

Supreme Sorceress: Lvl 4 - Dark Pegasus - Focus Familiar - Pendant of Khaeleth - Lifetaker @ 400pts
Malus Darkblade @ 275pts

5 Dark Riders: Repeater Crossbows - Musician @ 117pts
5 Dark Riders: Repeater Crossbows - Musician @ 117pts
5 Dark Riders: Repeater Crossbows - Musician @ 117pts
5 Harpies @ 55pts
5 Harpies @ 55pts
5 Harpies @ 55pts

9 Cold One Knights: Full Command - Ring of Hotek - Banner of Hag Graef @ 343pts
10 Shades: Great Weapons @ 180pts
10 Shades: Great Weapons @ 180pts

Hydra @ 175pts
Hydra @ 175pts


I decided to drop the Dragon!

Little Aaad
19-08-2008, 21:56
Not enough Cold Ones!

20-08-2008, 05:11
I like it.

Why Hag Graef when you won't suffer from stupidity w/Malus and Spite? Maybe go for the Standard of Slaughter instead (unless of course you'll be facing High Elves)? Don't have my book handy, but I think that is within the points limit.

20-08-2008, 08:45

To be honest you aint got solid fire power nor solid combat skills too many dark riders and shades your losing alot of rank bonus in which it will cost you the game if your playing armies with fear because you will be broken due to there numbers and ranks.

Sorry but id invest in some warriors so you can lock the bulk of the army up while hapies go cannon hunting

20-08-2008, 09:01
Unless this is a list for a tournament, I think it's excellent. The kind of army I'd like to both face and use, it looks like a lot of fun. Kudos

20-08-2008, 15:08
I love it! Lots of fast things to distract while the COK's and Hydras fight.

20-08-2008, 15:20
I don't like the huge units of shades, split them into 3 units; is much more effective and take longer to kill.
I also don't like (actually hate) the lack of dispell scroll, magic could eat you alive.
Finally i am not a big fan of large cavalry units, speacially since you got malus there screaming for enemy firepower, but if you like them go for it.

vinny t
20-08-2008, 20:59
A fun/annoying thing to do is ditching 5 shades from each unit and 5 Harpies and instead getting 2 asassins with rending stars and manbane. Put them in the shades units and reveal on turn 1. You will (likley) need 2s to kit with BS9 and 2s to wound with manbane modding your strength and rending stars adding +1. That will SHRED units with Shades combo fire. They are also not bad engaging the lone skrimish unit or fast cav.

Your Mum Rang
23-08-2008, 08:34
I think that Shades are the best firepower/shooting unit in the army because of BS5! It is amazing.

However, I agree that I need some Scrolls, and that I could probably split the Shades without too much hassle.

On holiday atm but will post a revised list soon!

PS: Those Assasins sound mighty tempting!