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19-08-2008, 21:37
Hey Folks

This is the army list i've been putting together for friendly games of fantasy down at my local club, while i'm planning daemons for my competitive tournament play. When the vampire book came out i decided to use it as an excuse to start playing fantasy. I've always wanted to do a pure ghoul army, but the models and skirmisher rule always made me slightly afraid to do such an army.

I've been playing this rmy over a couple of months, slowly removing the elements that didn't work and reworking the all important character selection. Finally i've found a basic core that i'm happy with - which is listed below.


Vampire Lord: Level Three, Master of the Black Arts, Ghoulkin, Summon Ghouls, Flayed Hauberk, Skull Staff, Biting Blade
Total: 440


Necromancer: Extra Spell, Book of Arkham
Total: 105
Corpse Cart: Balefire
Total: 100
Necromancer: Extra Spell, Two Dispel Scrolls
Total: 120
Corpse Cart: Balefire
Total: 100
Wight King: Barded Steed, battle standard bearer, sword of kings, night shroud
Total: 165


20 Ghouls: Ghast
Total: 168
20 Ghouls: Ghast
Total: 168
15 Ghouls: Ghast
Total: 128
15 Ghouls: Ghast
Total: 128


Black Coach
Total: 200

Power Dice: 9
Dispel Dice: 4
Dispel Scrolls: 2
Model Count: 76

The basic tactic of the army is simple: each character joins a unit of ghouls which will then power forwards with the use of ghoulkin. The rare choices then move forwards to aid the clump of ghouls with more vampire special rules to keep the army moving.

The Ghasts are there to protect my own characters from unwanted challenges.

Magic is used to keep the ghouls moving and revive any dead ghouls. The reason for the corpse cart mounting is so that the ghouls don't out place the ASF bound spell and to move my balefires into range of the enemy wizards. The vampire lord is the classic magic heavy vampire who specialises in raising ghouls.

The wight king acts as a reliable fighter (ASF with a 5+ killing blow, with a reasonable army save of 3+) and provides all important BSB for a fraction of the cost of a simular build vampire.

The black coach is very hit and miss, sometimes it does wonders, other times it does little. I'm pondering replacing it with another varghulf (which are great) to provide faster vampires and general killyness.

My one concern is a distinct lack of vampires, making the march net quite small around my vampire lord for the original ghoulkin move. But hero level vampires never did anything except die in my test games - the two necromancer/wight king combo has proven itself time and time again to work.

any comments?

Thanks in advance

19-08-2008, 22:51
Generally thumbs up on the army list, seems solid.

Few things I'm wondering:

1) Why the extra spells on the Necromancers? Do you go with IoN+VDM in order to get a bit more raising power before hitting combat? Are the 30 points spent well enough?

2) Do you need 2 Dispel Scrolls? Your army gets into combat quite fast, and I'm wondering if a Power Stone for a crucial VDM or a Black Periapt might be better?

3) You're considering replacing the Coach for another Varghulf. Have you also considered replacing it with a unit of Black Knights and some Wolves/Fell Bats? Or maybe 2x5 Wolves and 2x3 Bats?

4) Have you had IoN removed from your Lord by a Seal of Destruction or similar? If so, how bad was it, and were you able to keep fighting anyway? I always field a secondary caster Vampire in order to be prepared for this.

19-08-2008, 22:56
I too find the necromancers a bit odd, and worry about the seal of destruction in an army like this (it's caught me 3 times so far, but luckily I had other casters).

I would replace the black coach for sure. If it was US 5 then ok... but without that it's isn't that great of a flanker.

20-08-2008, 13:14
i admit, i have never come across a seal of destruction - thanks for the tip, it never actually crossed my mind.

On the necromancers: good point about the extra spell - i normally go invocation/VDM on each just to provide me with more flexibility. The problem with VDM is that it requires one of the spare dice, but it has worked for me.

I've never had any success with hero level vampires, the problem is that you build up a magic heavy one (master of the black arts) but then your stuck with a fragile vampire (i am loathe to remove the 1+ armour save from my vampire) - in my test games whenever my army hits the enemy line (which is normally by turn 2 at the latest) the vampires just tumble.

On the scrolls: its there just for security, i would love to get a pariapt into the army but the plan doesn't always work (no plans ever do!) and i have had a unit of ghouls looking down a very angry slann.

Necromancers might not be as beefy, but they are a fraction of the price (i took 2 corpses carts anyway as i like the models).

Interesting idea on the black coach replacements, i will give it a thought.