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19-08-2008, 22:01
Did I dream this or was there some Tomb Kings update aeons ago where a bone giant got an additional hand weapon? If so then why the devil can't I seem to find it anywhere. And did they get any other changes?

19-08-2008, 22:25
This was not easy to find. Took many searches.

Download all the FAQ you can, many will be disapearing soon as this page isn't even meant to be up still.


Had to trawl results in google for: tomb kings site:ca.games-workshop.com

Danger Rat
19-08-2008, 22:35
I have got the rules for the bone giant with different weapons i found it on the australian website, not sure if its still there.

19-08-2008, 23:07
Yep, here it is: The Giant Warriors of Khemri (oz.games-workshop.com/news/oz/journal/assets/GiantWarriorsofKhemri.pdf).

Nephilim of Sin
19-08-2008, 23:29
How did I miss this before, that is awesome! I think I may have to alter my TK to include a 'Bone Giant' Liche.....

If only these lists were official, it would make the game so much better to play.

20-08-2008, 07:11
Damn I was tired when I wrote this... I meant hand weapon and shield :p. But thanks for helping out. I had a real tough time finding it myself

20-08-2008, 08:34
That's just brutal!
Bone Giants with bows.. =P