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Hattori Hanzo
20-08-2008, 05:56

This is Part #3, the Quarter Finals for our little game,

I just wanted to say thanks for everyone who has voted in my polls, and a special thanks to those who have given me some extra imput into why they made thier decisions. Now on to the voting...

I am going to start playing 40k after having watch in the shadows for almost 6 years. I have read the rule book for 5th and most of the codices, as well as a lot of the fluff surrounding the armies that I want to play. My problem is I have army choice paralyses, so to combat that I thought I would ask you guys/gals. However rather than make it one of the bland choose my army for me threads I thought I would do it a little like March Madness. I will be counting poll votes, you can vote multiple times but please only vote once per game if you will. If you vote and you want please let me know why you voted for what army. Wednesday will be the Quarter Finals, Thursday will be the Semi-Finals and Friday the finals. Sunday or possibly Saturday I will post the army. I will update the brackets with the winners voted on by you guys/gals after the day is over. Hopefully we will have a winner by Games Day LA so I can pick up my army there. Also when I get done at GD I am hopefully going to create a Log for the building of the army.

Quarter Finals

Iyanden Vs. Iron Warriors
Combined Chaos Vs. Raven Guard
Ultra Marines Vs. Crimson Fists
Bad Moon Orks Vs. Necrons

Semi Finals


I thought I would tell you guys how and why I would want to do a specific army so you can better judge who you would want to win. I would also like you to add into your decision what army you would rather play against as well.

Crimson Fists
With all the new Space Marine stuff coming out, including a great new Pedro Kantor model, Space Marines looks like a really good option. I love the new Sternguard and Vanguard models and the fact that his rules allow you to take Sternguard as scoring units is cool. Also I like the feel of an army that almost gets wiped out and survives, especially since Pedro basically said no Iím not going to let my chapter fall into legend. Iím going to retreat and fight again is kind of interesting.

Again itís an army that was almost completely destroyed, but this one is still dying which adds another level of depth. Also I would want to do like 20 wraith guard in a 1,500pt-2,000pt army to really give it the feel. My main problem is I really donít like painting yellow, and wraith guard are expensive.

The main reason I like these guys is their army is cheap to buy, easy to paint, and well that it really.

Raven Guard
Now this is an army that I just realized I wanted to play today. I finished Fulgrim and I liked the books description of Corax, so I said let me look into them. Turns out I really like their fluff. I like the tactics they use, I like the fact that the new Space Marines stuff is coming out and that there is a Drop Pod now. I like bikes, assault marines, scouts, and speeders and I am really not that big of a tank guy. However they donít have either FW nor GW shoulder pads and I really hat putting on decals (at least Flames of War ones). Plus they seem to be like the forgotten chapter, by most.

Iron Warriors
You know these guys never really appealed to me until like a month ago, I had a really bad day at work and was drinking and reading fluff, for some reason donít ask, and came across the IW. I realized that they are really the unappreciated office workers of the 40k universe (I made a thread about this on another forum which got shutdown). Anyway I realized that I empathized with the IW, but never wanted to be like that so as Iím reading Storm of Iron it helps me to not be bitter about not getting my raise I asked for. Anyway I see this one as a really big army that could have everything in the Chaos range plus FW dreadnoughts. Then I could do a Chaos IG army to support it and get tanks, heavy weapons and Bane blades.

Combined Chaos
Or Crazy Chaos as I like to call it would be an army that had IW, 1k Sons, EC noise marines, and Night Lords in it. It would be full of FW bits and GW upgrade bits and the like. The good part is that it had everything I want in a Chaos army. The bad thing is I donít know if all of it will mesh well.

Bad Moon Orks
I have always loved the orks, the kind of funny side of the GW universe. I like the customizability of the army and the hordes of boyz coming at a person. I got to see this guyís army a while back and it was amazing. In addition to the Apocalypse deals (Green Tide being awesome) the new AoBR box looks to add a lot. I love the diversity of the range too, and squigs with bombs on them never hurt either.

Ultra Marines
Like all of the other SM armies that I have on the list, the Ultra Marines benefit from all the positives, plus the new character models coming out. Also I would want to do a fluffy Ultra Marine army with Tyrannic War Veterans and possibly Marneus Calgar. On the down side they are Ultra Marines, the scourge of 40k to a lot of people, so they say on the forums. However I have yet to meet a person who would complain about it on the table top.

First Round

East Coast
Daemon Hunters Vs. Iyanden
Iron Warriors Vs.Thousand Sons
Combined Chaos Vs. Steel Legion
Witch Hunters Vs. Raven Guard[/COLOR]

West Coast
SoE/Lamenters Vs. Crimson Fists
Ultra Marines Vs. Blood Angels
Imperial Guard (Cadians) Vs. Bad Moon Orks
Tau Vs. Necrons

Acheron,Bringer of Terror
20-08-2008, 10:23
i advocate for crimson fists and bad moon orks.

crimson fists are space marines with unique history, that unlike ultramarines are not spammed over and over.

bad moon orks are just orky - join the Waaagh!

20-08-2008, 14:23
Here are ==My== picks and why.

First off, it isn't a MEQ army, so kudos for diversity. Second, I love the color scheme. Third, Iyanden is easily ==My== favorite craftworld fluffwise, their story is tragic and echoes the problem with the Eldar. They try to oppose the darkness, but there just aren't enough of them, and they lose more and more each time they go to fight. Iyanden went from the most successful craftworld to a ghostworld, slowly circling the drain and being forced to dishonor their warriors' sacrifice to bring them to war again. Also, I love the look of Wraith constructs and the army itself would be fun to play.

Raven Guard
A first founding chapter that isn't used very often, I like them. Their doctrine of hit and fade combined with a sleek color scheme makes them very appealing. The only problem I have is the potential for them to be overdone with the new marine Codex, but if you do them well they will definitely stand out.

Crimson Fists
Another uncommon chapter, with a fantastic color scheme to boot. The Crimson Fists are the ultimate hardasses, taking massive losses and continuing to fight it out.

Bad Moon Orks
Orks is the best, there I said it. Tons of conversion opportunities, great flexibility within the list, and some of the best models/fluff in the game. Orks ftw.

20-08-2008, 14:48
Orks because they are fun but they also may become as common as ultramarinies now with the new starter set

20-08-2008, 19:52
I love orks and would recommend them to anyone with a sense of humor....BUT...if you want to be different you definitly want to look at another army. There are literally 10s of brand new ork players at the two stores I frequent....at least 3 because they liked mine so much... >< .

20-08-2008, 20:34
Raven Guard - they are easy (except chapter badge) painted - Something you seem to want quite highly,
Cool background and almost wiped out as well, another thing you seem to like over a few choices.
As ==Me== pointed out, quite a rarely seen army, not *another* Utramarine army!

Also - just for that awesome pic of the raven guard tearing through a warlock.. ;)
(i dont have pic on pc, but its in chapter approved article or a quick google-fu might find it)