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20-08-2008, 14:25
Hi, I'm an ogre Kingdoms player, and I was just wondering if Gnoblars are important in an army.

20-08-2008, 14:26
Expendable blocks of cheap troops are useful in any army. Blocking LoS, redirecting charges, disrupting enemy movement, and generally being a pain are all important tasks.

20-08-2008, 15:10
As ogre back-scratchers.

20-08-2008, 15:17
They are generally very useful. A block only costs 40pts, about the same as one ogre.

Even if they get horribly killed it still means that your ogres got one less enemy unit to deal with, since the killers spent turns chasing 40pts of gnoblars.

Also, if your opponent has a large target with T5 or a rider on it you can do a sort of area denial with%0wyour gnoblars since he will be hit by a ton of sharp stuff if he goes near them.

And so on...

20-08-2008, 15:25
gnoblars are solid gold. plain and simply. being able to add any kind of static cr to ogres is amazing. and at their cost i cant imagine why you wouldnt take them. they are perfect for tipping a balance in an extended combat where your other units really hurt

20-08-2008, 16:00
Gnoblars always outkill there points...

And yes i'am serious :)

20-08-2008, 17:38
this is true... even if the gnoblars only kill one or two models... chances are that's them getting their points back.....

i either use them as a tarpit or use them for cr.... screening doesn't work that well because you get stuck behind them... because of the bicker i'm a fan of combined charges with them and an ogre unit


The Anarchist
20-08-2008, 17:43
if you ask a Ogre if Gnoblars are important it will jsut laugh and sit on one of the green buggers before looking at you as if a steak for dinner.

as for on the battle feild i hate the little blighters, my friend always brings 4 units worth of them and even if they dont make their points back, they do cause me some grief!

20-08-2008, 17:54
Seeing as I use 120 in 2k games I think you know my answer.

There are some that just like to take units of bulls and rush the enemy, and they hate gnoblars like bret players hate men at arms, but those that used mixed list or use them as a screen (like I do) have many uses for them.

Think of this: If you do NOTHING with them but leave them in the back corners as your ogres run up, just to hold your own table quarters, they have made back 250% of their original point cost.

20-08-2008, 18:54
Re: Are gnoblars important?

Terribly important - I consult mine every day.

I really can't envision an Ogre army without trappers. Big block of gnoblars is 50+/- pts and will kill far more than you think.

20-08-2008, 19:20
The gnoblar models are also pretty brilliant as far as I am concerned. I don't see any reason why someone wouldn't include big blocks of expendable troops who happen to look good at the same time.

20-08-2008, 19:28

i would say that they are one of the most important units i your army. they perform the tasks a bull unit would not dream of doing like charge directions just to cause mayhem i the other armies line. they work well at taking away ranks when you charge a flank with them, they don't have to do **** when they attack just taking away the ranks of a RaF unit is devastating and all the other reasons of that have been presented. they are worth their weight in gold for you.


20-08-2008, 19:29
Re: Are gnoblars important?

Terribly important - I consult mine every day.

I really can't envision an Ogre army without trappers. Big block of gnoblars is 50+/- pts and will kill far more than you think.

20-08-2008, 19:39
Eh, what just happened?

Oh and yeah, gnoblars are awesome. Ablative wounds, ranks, the package. + Table quarters.

20-08-2008, 19:47
So the general consensus is yes, gnoblars are an important part of Ogre Kingdoms tactics. Since I agree, and have nothing further to add, I'll just move along now...

20-08-2008, 21:19
Consensus, yes, but if you look at any of the (tournement) successful OK builds you will not see basic Gnoblars. Basically as many Iron Guts as can be squeezed in with a Tyrant and Butchers.

Oh, and I use ~120 Gnoblars, 2 units of Trappers and 2 Scraplaunchers every game! Too fun. I even knocked Asarnil out of his saddle in one shooting phase before!

20-08-2008, 22:51
What about trappers? they aren't cheap (pt-wise).

21-08-2008, 00:32
Visit www.ogrestronghold.com, you'll be able to find a ton of hints and tricks for the Ogres.

Gnoblar Fighters have always (for me) been fun to field, though I don't consider them a necessary unit. They are cheap as anything and have a variety of uses (most of them end messily for the gnoblars). A solid choice, get some when you start your Ogre army and you won't be disappointed, except perhaps by the quality of the models themselves.

As for trappers, they perform decently for me and I take them every game. I must confess however that while I normally try to take units and items that aren't generally considered "optimal" (ugh), Trappers are the one unit that I take mostly because EVERYONE SAYS TO TAKE THEM! Seriously, searching any Warhammer forum you will find every Ogre player singing high praise for the Trappers. Some people take the Hunter (not a great choice) solely for the ability to take another unit of these little woodsmen. They add variety and even if they fail you, they're what, 48 points?

23-08-2008, 17:17
trappers... march blocking.... enough said.....

23-08-2008, 18:10
Gnoblars are very important... it's just that Nobody Cares ;)

23-08-2008, 23:02
The big drawback is Move 4, whilst the rest of your army is going to close the distance between you and the enemy very fast (within 1 or two turns) your big blocks of Static CR generating gnoblars are not going to hit at the same time as the ogres.

Also bear in mind that to a shooting based army, each ogre is really just 4 orcs at over twice the price and their shooting isn't anywhere near the levels where you can dictate who is attacking and who is defending. This means that having multiple small units (the MSU strategy common to most elite armies) of ogres backing up large numbers of gnoblars providing the normal +5 CR is going to get torn to peices by anyone with average shooting.

Claiming table quarters is a good idea, cheap unit keeping out the way with the wonderful combination of being cheap and feeble enough that neither of you really care if they get involved with the battle but resilent enough that bored scouts and war machine hunters aren't enough to drive them off. Tar pitting units and adding static CR to the ogres are excellent ideas, but exceedingly hard to put into practice as ideally to do this you need them up at the front or possibly even ahead of the main wave - something their little legs don't allow them to do. Besides, do you really want Goblars being the thing that dictates your army strategy?

Trappers are something else all together, but the basic Gnoblar fighters don't mesh that well with the rest of the list in my opinion. A huge amount will depend on the local metagame and your own personal playing style, Ive seen them used quite effectively in order to radically change a way an ogre army plays at minimal extra cost - but other than throwing someone off balance I don't think the tactic was worth it (essentially Gnoblar screens a few inches ahead of the main horde, so any charges against the gnoblars results in them fleeing and leaving you out in the open for the ogres - however not charging gets you hit by gnoblars and charged by ogres next turn)

Gorbad Ironclaw
24-08-2008, 04:57
Hi, I'm an ogre Kingdoms player, and I was just wondering if Gnoblars are important in an army.

Depends on how you play really. They can be very useful, but you don't really have to use them.

When I were using ogres I used a min. sized units of them, and trappers, just so I could have two scrap launchers. I find the models atrociously bad, and just generally didn't care for them.

24-08-2008, 05:28
Scraplaunchers are kindling if hit with STR 7 correct?